Top 10 reasons to buy a VPN service

Virtual Private Networks or VPNs are highly resourceful services that effectively meet the needs of travellers, video streamers, online gamers and a lot many other kinds of people on the Internet. there are many VPN providers to choose from and a VPN is by far the best means to protect your privacy and secure your Internet connection whenever you go on the Internet. However, you just can’t pick the very first provider you come across! The selection of a VPN should be done with a lot of thought and after carrying out a thorough VPN comparison between various providers. Let’s take you through the top 10 reasons you should buy a VPN service…


Protection from hacking

10 – Protection from hacking

A good VPN service can encrypt your data and provide you ample protection on public Wi-Fi platforms. These Wi-Fi hotspots are easy targets of hackers who often set up fake networks to disguise potential targets.

Privacy protection

9 – Privacy protection

In many countries, including Australia, UK, US and others, ISPs are allowed to record people’s online activities. They can even sell your data to advertisers and other parties for profit. A good VPN service can protect your privacy, always keeping you anonymous during your online activities.

Hiding your true location and identity

8 – Hiding your true location and identity

Browsing the Internet without at least a free VPN service is like swimming with the sharks! Your IP address is broadcasted everywhere and anyone can find your actual identity and location. When you use a VPN service, your IP address gets replaced by the VPN provider’s and thus your identity, as well as your location, is always hidden.

Cheap hotel reservations and flight tickets

7 – Cheap hotel reservations and flight tickets

The prices of all such services can vary greatly from country to country. The exact NY to Dubai flight you book from the US may be priced differently when you book it from an Asian country. This is where a VPN can come in pretty handy, as it can allow you to change your IP address and tell the booking platform that you are indeed based out of a different location.

Access to blocked YouTube content

6 – Access to blocked YouTube content

YouTube is well known for blocking videos at various locations. A VPN service allows you to geo-spoof your location and gain are uninterrupted access to any such YouTube content.

Safe torrenting

5 – Safe torrenting

A good number of Western countries still have outdated copyright infringement laws. It’s very important for people who use P2P file sharing services, for example, torrents, to be careful when using such platforms. TV networks have armies of lawyers who can reach you and sue for infringing their copyrights. A good VPN service comes as an obvious solution to this problem and can help you download/upload torrents in a safe way.

4 – Access to geo-restricted content

Using an efficient VPN service, you can geo-spoof your location and access restricted content on platforms like Netflix, Amazon prime, Kodi, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO Go and others.

Review and comment anonymously

3 – Review and comment anonymously

Ever came across an online news story that you knew was completely false, but were afraid to comment on because you didn’t want any trouble? Using a VPN service can help you post online reviews and comments anonymously.

Discounted online purchases

2 – Discounted online purchases

Just as we saw in the case of US-Dubai flight example above, your electronics, books and other purchases can also vary in price depending on your location. This is often referred to as the shopping discrimination in the online retail industry. However, using an efficient VPN service can prevent you from such rip-offs.

Bypassing restrictions related to financial and banking transactions

1 – Bypassing restrictions related to financial and banking transactions

Getting locked out of your online banking accounts can be a nightmare when you’re travelling to a different country. The same is applicable to other services like PayPal, Payoneer etc. A VPN service can help you change your IP address to that of your home country and prevent such lockouts.

Author: Gus Barge

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