Top 10 Pros and Cons About AI Writing Tools Сompared to Professional Assignment Help

Top 10 Pros and Cons About AI Writing Tools Сompared to Professional Assignment Help

Assignment Writing Services Finish The Job Where Chat Gpt Cannot Fill In The Gaps

Being a student comes with a lot of hardship and tends to stress out many young adults. Many of them don’t feel ready when it comes to balancing their work life, academic life, and their social life. They tend to become overwhelmed or burn themselves out in the process. That’s why students seek help from an assignment writing service like Essay Reviews or try to use OpenAI’s GPT chat platform.

Students use these platforms so that they can buy some time. The time they typically desperately need to smoothen their workflow and give them leeway to invest their energy in other tasks. Many students use these to seek guidance as well. They wish to seek out a helping hand who can guide them in the right direction and offer them valuable insight and knowledge. It is tempting to believe that Chat GPT can solve all your academic problems, but we’re here to find out if it can actually substitute a professional service or if it falls short.

The Good And The Bad: GPT Chat

“What is Chat GPT?” If you’ve heard of it but aren’t sure what it is, then in the simplest terms, GPT chat is this: An AI-powered platform in the style of a chat box that lets you type in requests to which AI will respond to or do for you in the form of a message. You’re typing in your requests as chat messages, and you’re getting answers as chat messages in return. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this tech?


1.Chat GPT is free, which makes it an attractive solution for many students. It’s also easy to use and navigate since the design and the mechanics are intuitive.

2.Chat GPT can also respond to your requests in a matter of seconds. Generating content from thin air. However, no matter how fast and efficient Chat GPT is, it is limited.

3.Accessible 24/7, AI tools provide assistance whenever students require it.

4.Suitable for small tasks where content editing and modification are manageable.

5.AI tools can offer guidance and insights, helping students in the right direction.


6.Where Chat GPT makes up for speed and efficiency, it can lack originality and quality. An assignment writing service will always provide you with rich and deep content. 90% of the answers you get from OpenAI’s Chat GPT will easily be flagged as plagiarized when you run it through a plagiarism detector – and most of its answers will easily be detected by AI detection tools.

7.You will be spending a lot of time modifying the content you get from Chat GPT, which translates to you spending even more time on your work and not less.

8.We’ve also noticed that Chat GPT can make completely false or incorrect statements. The creators themselves outline this when you start using the platform.

9.Content from AI tools might not meet the standards of quality provided by assignment writing services.

10. AI tools lack the deep understanding and specialized knowledge that human experts possess.

The Good And The Bad: Assignment Writing Services

The Good And The Bad: Assignment Writing Services

We’re here to show you that you can fill in the gaps where ChatGPT falls short with an exceptional assignment writing help platform. A good assignment writing service is a game changer for your academic success and progress. Platforms like this can help you tackle an eclectic array of tasks. Whether you need a simple task done or a complicated and lengthy one done, you can rely on an expert from these platforms to do the whole job for you. Your only role is to send in the request with all the instructions. ChatGPT can give you fast content but won’t be able to edit it for you, modify it, or string it together. It can only take on a part of your task. In comparison, an assignment writing service will help you with all of it. It will take on the burden of the task for you from start to finish and meticulously refine the details.


There have been cases where students got expelled for using Chat GPT in university. This isn’t hard to believe since the content that the AI produces needs to be modified and changed altogether if it wants to pass a plagiarism detector tool or an AI content detector tool. You can use Chat GPT for a portion of your tasks, but you’ll need to put in the work to modify and enhance the content it gives you. So, in your search for a fast solution, you’ve already hit a wall. There’s also a character limit of 4096 words when using OpenAI’s Chat GPT.

Assignment help services will help you turn in the whole body of work and not just a portion of it. They’ve been around for years, and the experts that help you on these sites know the ins and outs of academic writing like they know the back of their hands. You can be reassured that the job will be done and it will be done in exceptional quality.


It’s safe to say that using an assignment writing service like Studyfy is the way to go if you want to succeed and submit quality content. These services will write, edit, and polish your tasks to perfection. You won’t need to do any of the heavy work once you send in an order. AI writing tools like ChatGPT are more suited for small tasks where you’ll have time to edit and modify the content, but it shouldn’t be used alone.

If you do rely solely on ChatGPT, you’ll soon find out the hard work you’ll need to organize your content, edit it so it’s not flagged as plagiarized, and fact-check it to see if the statements are even true. ChatGPT can help you fill small gaps, but a genuine writing service can help you do the whole thing.

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