Poutine is a classic Canadian recipe that is often not much more than chips & gravy. But there are massive variations on the recipe and they all make for tasty evening meals when you are in a rush. But let’s slow down a bit for now and take the time to look at these recipes…



Top 10 Canadian Poutine Recipes

Lobster Poutine

10 – Lobster – www.marilyn.ca/Cooking/segment/Daily/October2011/10_24_2011/ChuckHughes2

Even Seafood like lobster makes a nice Poutine recipe when used in the right recipe.

Top 10 Canadian Poutine Recipes

Ramen Poutine

9 – Ramen – www.buzzfeed.com/tanyachen/ramen-poutine-is-a-thing-that-exists

People can make just about anything out of Ramen Noodles and it looks like Poutine is one of them.

Top 10 Canadian Poutine Recipes

Thanksgiving Poutine

8 – Thanksgiving – www.buzzfeed.com/christinebyrne/eli-sussman-thanksgiving-poutine

This is basically a Christmas dinner only eaten in Poutine form. But I’m not sure if I want to try it.

Top 10 Canadian Poutine Recipes

Iced Marshmallow Poutine

7 – Iced Marshmallow – www.where.ca/blog/montreal/must-try-montreal-poutine/slide/koko-ma-boule-iced-poutine

It seems you can turn just about anything into a dessert if you try hard enough.

Top 10 Canadian Poutine Recipes

Jalapeno Bacon & Beer Fries Poutine

6 – Jalapeno Bacon & Beer Fries – www.ironstef.com/2012/05/poutine-with-bacon-jalepeno-grav.html

This recipe sounds like it has a bit of a kick to it, but I’m happy to let it kick me!

Top 10 Canadian Poutine Recipes

Broccoli Poutine

5 – Broccoli – www.pinterest.com/pin/102668066477132825

This is as far removed from the original Poutine recipe as it is far to go! But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t try it.

Cheesy Avocado & Bacon Poutine

Cheesy Avocado & Bacon Poutine

4 – Cheesy Avocado & Bacon – whatsgabycooking.com/cheesy-avocado-bacon-poutine

Here is a right royal mash-up of foods. But I am not willing to knock it until I’ve tried it.

Top 10 Canadian Poutine Recipes

Poutine Pizza

3 – Pizza – www.food.com/recipe/poutine-pizza-509568

Now, this is what I call a pizza! No need for a separate bowl of chips here.

Top 10 Canadian Poutine Recipes

Guinness Poutine

2 – Guinness – foodformyfamily.com/recipes/guinness-poutine-for-the-soul

Irish dry stout gravy and chips are always going to get a thumbs up in my books. OR maybe I should say forks up!

Top 10 Canadian Poutine Recipes

Sweet Potato Poutine

1 – Sweet Potato – norecipes.com/sweet-potato-poutine-recipe

Served with thick gravy this Poutine recipe is a nice clash of the savoury and sweet tastes.


Which one did you like?

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