Ten Amazing Personal Hovercrafts You Can Buy

Welcome to the future of personal transportation! If you thought flying cars were just a figment of sci-fi imagination, think again. Hovercrafts, once relegated to the realms of military and rescue operations, are now soaring into the consumer market. In this article, we will explore ten incredible personal hovercrafts that are not only available for purchase but are redefining the way we think about travelling over land and water. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie seeking your next thrill or a commuter looking for a way to dodge the daily traffic, these hovercrafts promise to elevate your journey to new heights—literally! Strap in and prepare to be amazed as we lift off to discover the ten amazing personal hovercrafts you can actually buy today.

Top 10 Amazing Personal Hovercrafts

DeLorean DMC-12 hovercraft

This was originally a Kickstarter bid that thankfully got all its funding. Sure it might well be a one-off custom build, but the design of it is available if you fancy building on yourself. Let’s face it, anything based on the back to the Future DeLorean is cool, and this is no exception.

Top 10 Amazing Personal Hovercrafts

The Mercier-Jones Supercraft

As with a lot of these personal hovercraft’s they cost the earth, but mostly because of the technology inside them costs so much to make. This one from Mercier-Jones is the ultimate in luxury and looks simply incredible. So if you want the best that is a “Supercraft” above this rest, this is the one for you.

Top 10 Amazing Personal Hovercrafts

VW Personal Hovercraft.

Stylish, Modern and very very sporty looking. This is the stunning Volkswagen Aqua and it is, in fact, a redesign from a model in the 50’s and 60’s. But given a modern twist it really could well be the way we get about in the future. Or at least I would like it to be anyway.

Top 10 Amazing Personal Hovercrafts

Hurricane Personal Hovercraft

Just like the next one you are about to see, this is a very vintage hovercraft indeed. Made in the 70’s by Windcraft M&M Inc it is the perfect personal hovercraft. Small, light and very space age looking. Even now I think these looks amazing, let alone in the 70’s.

Top 10 Amazing Personal Hovercrafts

Curtiss Wright 2500 “Bee” Air Car

Sometimes you have to look into the past to see the future. I forget who said that, but whoever it was is absolutely right. This amazing personal hovercraft called an “Air Car” is what was being designed in the 60’s and that is why a lot of technology TV shows and books saw them as the future. But of course we know differentially now.

Top 10 Amazing Personal Hovercrafts

Flying Air Board – Personal HoverCraft

Did those old 80’s technology programs really get it so wrong? Well, after all, most of these machines are very real things, and the only aspect that they got wrong is that they are mostly used for recreational purposes nowadays and not the personal transport systems that they thought it would be. So a closer prediction, but certainly no cigar.

Top 10 Amazing Personal Hovercrafts

Lawn Chair Hovercraft

It’s not going to win any fancy design awards, it will not win a race or get review points for manoeuvrability.  But it might well be the closest thing many of us get to owning our own hover crafts. Said to cost under $500 it is an absolute steal and the perfect hobby build.

Top 10 Amazing Personal Hovercrafts

Audi Shark personal hovercraft

This concept designed hovercraft looks very much inspired by the Ghost hover ships in the Halo videogames. But this is no game, this was a well planned and expertly executed design that might well one day go on to be a real thing. But for now these designs are as good as it gets.

Top 10 Amazing Personal Hovercrafts

Golf Cart Hovercraft.

It didn’t make it into my post “Top 10 Golf Carts” but it would have if I had known about it. At just under $60K it is one very expensive round of golf, but if you got the money why not! And after all it hovers across the ground and doesn’t damage the grass like a cart does. Good for you and the green.

Top 10 Amazing Personal Hovercrafts

The Flying Hovercraft

Not only did a lot of early technology programs predict hovercrafts as personal transport equipment, but they also said we would all have flying cars! Well, this is an amazing combination of the 2. At a little under $200,000 it is not cheap, but words alone can’t tell you how much I would want one. Now all I need is a pilots licence and a lottery win.

Author: Gus Barge

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