Top 10 Gaming Genres That You Might Have Neglected

Top 10 Gaming Genres That You Might Have Neglected

Gaming is arguably bigger now than ever before, with a multitude of titles, styles, platforms, and genres to explore. However, if you’re someone who finds that you’re into video games, you might find that you stick to what you know, meaning that you’re potentially missing out on a myriad of games that you could well enjoy.

In order to start gathering a wider perspective, it might be worth your time to explore what these different genres have to offer to see if you can expand your love of gaming as a whole.

1. Casino Gaming

Casino gaming represents a digital equivalent of a gaming experience that you might have been a part of, in reality, making a point of entry into casino gaming easy and understandable. You can play a variety of classic casino games online, including poker, a variety of table games, and slots – which is perfect for those looking for fast, exciting gameplay. If you’re looking for somewhere to get started, consider outlets such as, where you can find out if this subset of games is for you.

2. Party Games

This might seem like a somewhat outdated genre to you, with notable examples being titles such as Mario Party that remain relatively unchanged since their inception. However, the genre has made a bit of a stealth comeback with Brands such as Jackbox which could be a fun opportunity for you and your friends, especially over long distances.

3. Multiplayer Shooters

While not exactly a niche genre, it might be something that you’ve remained on the outside of due to its representation in the media. That being said, there could still be plenty of fun to be had here, especially if you prefer more colourful titles like Overwatch over the classic military shooters like Call of Duty.

4. Metroidvanias

This is a genre that was incredibly popular for a certain period of time around two decades ago, before seeing a renaissance with indie titles such as Hollow Knight and Ori. In any case, they are certainly worth considering due to the subtle depth of content that is hidden within dense and concise map design.

5. Narrative-Driven

5. Narrative-Driven

Titles such as 2013’s The Last of Us truly expanded the public interest in games that can emulate the experience of a cinematic movie or TV show, and that is something that has continuously been explored since with titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 and God of War, which tell engaging and tightly-written character-driven stories.

6. Souls-Like

While not the first souls-like to hit the shelves, 2011’s Dark Souls popularised the genre and began the snowball effect that has resulted in the critical and commercial juggernaut that is Elden Ring. This latest entry might be the only example you need to delve deeper into the genre. Just be warned, these types of games are notorious for their difficulty.

7. Platformer

You might be familiar with these from childhood through classic video game icons like Mario and Crash Bandicoot. However, much with the Metroidvania style, this is a genre that has seen a bit of a comeback in recent years thanks to successful remasters and breakout titles like Super Mario Odyssey.

8. MMO

The standout example in this field is still typically World of Warcraft, but there are other options too, such as Star Wars: The Old Republic, that can give you a sense of being immersed in a world, but alongside friends, that can help the overall experience to feel that much more alive.

9. RPGs

If you want to have a solo experience discovering a new world, then RPGs are a genre for you. You may well find that the solitary focus and engagement with the game in front of you helps you to believe in the digital world you find yourself in. The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Disco Elysium, there is a number of worlds and stories for you to explore.

10. Experimental Indie Titles

10. Experimental Indie Titles

While this is less of a genre and might seem broader, it’s hard to distinctly label titles like Inside and Kentucky Route Zero as they don’t stick to a defined genre, instead of trying to convey something important to the player in a unique method that is less focused on the gameplay, and instead on the mood and message.

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