Ten Things Worth Knowing About the Modern-Day Gamer

In today’s digital era, more and more people are turning to gaming for entertainment. In fact, as of 2021, new studies have revealed that nearly 40% of the global population is tapping into the world of gaming in one way or another. However, how much do we really know about the hobby’s participants? Read on to discover some valuable insights about the modern-day gamer that may surprise you.

Not all Gamers are Hardcore Gamers

It’s common for people to assume that all gamers are involved in heated playing sessions all day long, committing hours of their time each day to the activity. The truth is that in addition to hardcore gamers, there are also people who would identify as ‘casual’ gamers, meaning that they are not investing as much time or energy into the games they play and are more than likely much less competitive.

A Great Gaming Set-Up Is Hugely Important

Even though not all gamers may see themselves as ‘hardcore’ participants, it doesn’t mean that gamers across the board do not value an impressive gaming set-up. This can mean a tricked-out PC, ergonomic swivel chair, multiple screen viewing, light-up keyboard, and a host of other personalized features. Not only do gaming accessories make the playing experience even more entertaining, but they also have the ability to enhance performance.

Gamers Have Lots of Different Gaming Preferences

Another misconception about gamers is that they all play video games, typically on a console system like PlayStation or Xbox. However, the fact is that gamers have different preferences when it comes to the types of games they may engage in. For example, many gamers enjoy strategic games like Chess, or tactical shooter titles made for PCs. Additionally, some gamers may even prefer to play online casino games like Roulette, Blackjack, or different themed slot machine titles. And because these casino platforms know their gaming audiences and their preferences well, promotions from providers are quite popular. For example, slot games will often boast free spins bonuses on certain eligible titles within a site’s library to motivate players to interact more with the games. Even though the image of a gamer in front of a console has been perpetuated for quite some time now, it’s important to remember that not all gamers only play the latest RPG titles.

Although console gamers are many, they are not the only types of gamers that exist

Streamers are Talented Content Creators

Perhaps you have heard of the term ‘streamers’ before but are not sure exactly what this word means. Well, in the gaming world, streamers are those who record themselves playing different games and upload them on streaming sites, some examples being Twitch and Steam. Gamers that take the time to stream their activity are really talented content creators who tirelessly edit their work and are always looking for ways to entertain and interact with their viewers. Next time you watch a streamer, think about how much effort it probably took to make that video you were able to consume in a short five minutes.

Gamers Value Community

Community is important in many senses, but especially for gamers, forming new friendships with people of the same hobby can make the activity even more enjoyable. This is also why games with chatting functions and social features are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Community is also forged with the help of streamers who publish content and get fans communicating with each other from all around the world.

Gamers Have Their Own Lingo

It’s often said that gamers have their own language, but rather lingo is the more appropriate word. This is because, throughout any given session, there are loads of commands, phrases, random terms, and expressions that could be applied to gameplay. Of course, the exact words used will differ depending on the type of game.

Not all Gamers are Fans of Esports

Mostly all gamers, whether casual or hardcore, know about the Esports industry and its global growth and massive influence in the gaming world. However, not all gamers are necessarily fans of Esports, meaning that they may not enjoy watching or attending tournaments as much as they enjoy playing other games that are not Esports-related.

Esports, or competitive video gaming, is an industry that is currently taking off worldwide

Gamers Have Incredible Knowledge of New Releases

Have you ever seen people camping out at night below the streetlights of a gaming or electronics store? Well, chances are some of those people were dedicated gamers planning their purchase of the latest accessories or devices. It’s true that gamers have a special knack for knowing when new releases are going to hit the market.

Subscriptions are a Must for Gamers

Just like many people are subscribed to streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, it’s common for gamers to have memberships on sites like Twitch and Steam or subscribe to YouTube accounts that populate gaming content.

Not all Gamers Listen to Music When they Game

Although many people associate listening to music with gaming, not all gamers prefer to jam out while they play. On the contrary, depending on the game it can be more helpful to play in silence as it helps the user concentrate on the activity at hand with zero distractions or noises.


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