The Top 10 Highly Rated and Must-See Attractions in Guernsey

Guernsey is one of the main islands of the Channel Islands. Like all its neighbouring islands, it is home to many attractions and captivating sites. On this relatively small island, you can experience it all, everything from outdoor adventures to relaxing tours of its historical sites. Without a doubt, there is something for any type of person, whether you like to keep it calm or high-paced. Here we will list 10 highly rated places in Guernsey, so if you ever end up there you have some guidance and perspective on where to go. 

The Top 10 Highly Rated and Must-See Attractions in Guernsey

Guernsey, a British crown dependency, is a bright (well, relatively speaking) island with pleasant summers and moderate winters. If you wonder what to do in Guernsey, it is quite simple. This lovely Channel Island provides everything from coasteering to kayaking, windsurfing to gourmet foraging to outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. Guernsey is a wonderful site to go fishing and angling, but the mainland also has a lot to offer. Explore Neolithic ruins, the austere Castle Cornet, and ancient burial sites such as Le Creux es Faies, which has long been thought to be the entrance to a wonderful fairyland. Guernsey is the Channel Islands’ most densely populated island, yet it still boasts charming rural lanes, beautiful sandy beaches, and miles of spectacular cliffs in the south.

1. Candie Gardens

The Candie Gardens are a collection of historic gardens on the grounds of the Candie House that feature a diverse collection of plants, flowers, and sculptures. The gardens have walkways that go through a typical Victorian public flower garden with a diverse collection of species from across the world and antique greenhouses. There are also some unusual sights on the grounds, such as a Victor Hugo statue and a Queen Victoria statue with imperial regalia and a sceptre. 

2. Castle Cornet

Castle Cornet is a 13th-century island castle featuring gardens and outdoor performance space, as well as museums chronicling the fortress’s rich history. The fortress, which was built atop Cornet Rock, acted as a space defence and a barrier for St Peter Port’s port. Castle Cornet included a keep, courtyards, curtain walls, and a chapel and was built between 1206 and 1256. Other museums on the premises include the Maritime Museum, the Royal Guernsey Militia Museum, and the 201 Squadron RAF Museum. In the summer, you may visit the castle for a guided tour, view the historical gardens, or witness an outdoor play.

3. Royal Guernsey Golf Club

The Royal Guernsey Golf Club features a championship course, gameplay for all skill levels, from novice to experienced, as well as amenities such as a restaurant, pro shop, and locker rooms. The par-70 links course provides difficult play as well as breathtaking views of the surrounding environment and shoreline. A driving range, a pitching green, and putting greens are also available at the club. The Royal Guernsey Golf Club is a prominent Guernsey golf club where you may have a great golf day while on vacation.

The Top 10 Highly Rated and Must-See Attractions in Guernsey

4. Old Government House

The only 5-star hotel in the region is the Old Government House, a boutique hotel and spa in Guernsey. This hotel and spa feature excellent dining options as well as a unique swimming pool where you may unwind all day. It’s also a historic structure with beautiful architecture dating back to 1796. Even if you aren’t staying here, it is worth a visit to view the old décor and architecture, which transports you to another era.

5. Hauteville House

Victor Hugo lived at the Hauteville House during his exile in Guernsey, and it currently serves as a museum with many of his design touches and personal belongings. The house was designed and decorated to Hugo’s unique taste, in addition to being the location where he created many of his renowned works. The home contains distinctive details and items, such as a tapestry room, a photographic study, a workshop connecting to a garden, porcelain ceilings, an oak gallery, and Chinese curios, as described by Hugo as “an autograph on three levels and a poem in numerous rooms.”

6. St James Concert Hall

St James Concert Hall, housed in a historic military church, is a vibrant performing-arts venue that stages concerts and other events. The St James Concert Hall, housed in the old St James-the-Less, hosts a broad range of concerts, plays, recitals, and other acts in a huge theatre on the island. The Whittaker Facility for theatre and concerts, two boardrooms, a coffee shop, a smaller auditorium, and the Bailiwick of Guernsey Millennium Tapestry are all highlights of the hall. 

7. Bluebell Woods

Bluebell Woods is a magnificent woodland that is blanketed with brilliant bluebells in the spring, creating a lovely scene to explore. There are several hiking paths in the woods that allow you to see bluebells and other lovely natural landscapes, as well as a cliff walk that provides coastline views of sandy beaches and turquoise waters. All the walking will help you lose calories. The path starts near the Guernsey Aquarium in St Peter Port and runs all the way to Fermain Bay, with lots of sights to see along the way.

8. La Vallette Underground Military Museum

The La Vallette Underground Military Museum documents Guernsey’s military history via relics, memorabilia, and displays covering a wide range of topics, from World Wars to the island militia. The displays include real military uniforms, weapons and equipment, signs, and other wartime relics, as well as tunnels utilized by Germany for fuel storage during the occupation. The museum also includes a gift store where you can buy authentic military artefacts and vintage collectables.

9. Little Chapel

Little Chapel is a one-of-a-kind attraction that features a fully working tiny version of the Rosary Basilica as well as an example of French-style mosaic art. The chapel, which is located in the Les Vauxbelets valley, has a grotto and basilica made of stones, seashells, and shattered china to produce a duplicate picture from afar. The various materials used to create the appearance, which is in the manner of pique-assiette, a French mosaic style, become more visible up close. 

10. Victoria Tower

The site where Queen Victoria walked ashore from the port on her 1846 visit — the island’s first-ever visit by a monarch – is commemorated by Victoria Tower. The magnificent tower landmark at St Peter Port is a must-see on every trip to the city. You may also visit the Town Arsenal on the grounds, which used to hold cannon for the Royal Guernsey Militia and stroll the paths in a public park in addition to visiting the monument. Two German guns are among the weapons on display in the garden.

Guernsey undoubtedly possesses a lot of quality. The various attractions and scenery present what this little island can offer to tourists around the world. These were some attractions that we chose from but there is much more for the ones that are eager to see. 

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