Ten Strange and Alternative Mothers Day Gifts She Will Love

It was Abraham Lincoln who once said “All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” and that for me is what celebrating mothers day is all about. Giving your mum the day off and showering her with gifts that are sure to make her smile and not because you have to, but because you love her…



Fashion Based Mother’s Day Gift
Fashion Based Mother’s Day Gift

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Don’t think you are the only person who thinks your mum can dress a bit like a dog’s dinner, so what I say is why not make your mum feel she’s still young, and can be more fashionable with some trending clothes ideas from ShopSimple.com

Swimwear Based Mother’s Day Gift

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This is an area that most people will refuse to think about, but why not! It might well encourage her to go to a beach, or maybe enjoy a holiday. Just remember to make sure you get the correct size as if it is too small or too big it will not go down well.

Funny T-shirt Based Mother’s Day Gift

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Why not go for something that she might not expect and get her a nice new T-Shirt with a funny slogan on it! This is not as daft a gift idea as it sounds and is well worth looking into as even for one that is very high quality it will not cost you the earth.

Fun Jewellery Based Mother’s Day Gift

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You just can’t go wrong with some fun costume or designer jewellery, no matter what age they really can bring a smile to the face and I am sure no matter what ones you get your mum would love you for it. for me, this one is the most risk-free of them all.

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Fun Sunglasses Based Mother’s Day Gift

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Don’t shot this idea down before I have explained it, why not use some funny sunglasses as a sort of joke gift (before you give your mum the real one) or maybe an introduction/hint to a holiday! It is sure to make her smile and will become a bit of a running joke item that is sure to bring back many happy memories for years to come.

Perfume Based Mother’s Day Gift

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Buy perfume for your mum is not you saying she smells funny, it is your way of saying that you know she beautiful and likes to smell that way as well. But with such a wide range of them which one do you choose as a gift for mother’s day? Well, I say ask someone who is roughly the same sort of age and you should get a good idea of what to get.

iPhone cases Based Mother’s Day Gift

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Oh, how times have changed. When I was a boy dinosaur roamed the land! Well not really, but what I am getting at is that today’s mum can be well versed in using modern technology, so a funny, or wise worded i-phone cover might well be the perfect treat for her. I have to wonder what we will be buying for mother’s day in another 10 years from now!?

Jewellery Box Based Mother’s Day Gift

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This is one of the best things you can get that says “unique” all over it. So if your mum is a lover of jewellery this might well make a great gift, my advice is to try to find one that makes you smile and that way I am sure it will make your mother smile as well.

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Nail Polish Based Mother’s Day Gift

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Charlie Sheen once said this “What the World is not ready for is guys like me who can do their partners nails and choose what colour best suits them.” I think the World has been ready for that for a long time, so why not have a go at it and choose some (go for a range and not just one colour) bottles of nail polish that your mum will love, my hint about this is to look around! See what sorts of colours your mum likes and choose the same.

Chocolate-Based Mother’s Day Gift

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Ronan Keating once sang: ‘You say it best when you say nothing at all.’ Well here is a news flash for you…That is just not true! If you don’t do anything or say anything then it will not feel nice, did your mum forget you on your birthdays? NO! At the very least why not leave her a loving message to say “I love you.” or just how much you respect her. And you can do so by clicking on that image link above right now.

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