Ten Tips for Choosing The Right Wood Flooring Underlay For Your Floors
A solid wood floor can last many years, especially if you apply the correct care and maintenance practices to keep it shining. To begin, you must understand the properties of the wood floor that you wish to have, as well as the finish to apply for protection. Different floors require different care regimens. Read on to learn how to choose …
Top 10 Curious Things Found in Attics
Although you might think that your attic is full of old Christmas decorations, clothes and the presents that you didn’t want, not everyone is the same. Some people have the most incredible gems lurking in the dusty corners of their attics. There have certainly been some unusual finds in attics over the years, here are some of the best ones. …
The Top 10 Best Selling Colours of Paint in the UK
Taking stats from various DIY stores I have compiled a small list of ten of the nation’s favourite colours. While the classic colours are right up there in this list there is still a few choice of colours that might surprise people… theverybesttop10.com
The Top 10 Most Popular Home Improvements in the UK
You might think this is a list that hasn’t changed since the first B&Q shop was opened. But you would be truly surprised at how much it fluctuates. Things like weather and regional variations mean year-on-year this is an ever changing list. But for this year these are the ten most popular home improvements people are making… theverybesttop10.com