Ten Things You Might Not Know About Massage Therapy

Ten Things You Might Not Know About Massage Therapy

There are many types of massage therapy which can be utilized. And there might be times in your life when you will want or need a certain type of treatment or approach. You might find that if you have someone who becomes stricken with an illness or disease for example that they will need a certain type of massage therapy.

Intensive care sections in hospitals utilize massage to treat patients. Drug therapy programs often utilize massage therapy. Massage therapy is a great asset to pain control and as such is quite often made use of in clinics that deal with pain. On the other hand, does massage therapy cause pain?


With the advent of massage therapy into mainstream hospitals and even onto the list of therapies that insurance companies may pay for, qualifying as a massage therapist can be a profitable career choice. Especially as the patients are likely to come back again and again to experience the relaxing euphoria that a decent massage can provide. A massage therapist’s fees range from £50 per hour up to some self-employed therapists asking for £100 per hour, Plus tips!

Babies can Benefit From Them:

Infants and premature babies in particular experience great benefits from regular massage. Touch is very important to a baby and being given the level of attention a baby massage requires means that they also tend to grow up to be more confident and secure. A baby massage should be very light to the touch. Never apply pressure.

The Increase Blood Flow:

One of the basic benefits of massage therapy is the increased circulation of the blood in any area that is massaged. For example, if you rub an injured area more blood will flow to the area. This also means that massage will improve the recovery time after medical treatment.

They are an ideal anti-depressant:

This is because it increases the level of endorphins. This is also another reason why husbands should aim to give their wives regular feet and back massages. Endorphins are aphrodisiacs. Massage can bring about actual chemical changes in the brain which result in feelings of calm, relaxation, and well-being. It also reduces levels of stress hormones like cortisol, adrenalin, and norepinephrine – which in some people trigger depression.

They Can Lower Blood Pressure:

Massage in combination with for other therapies, instance Reiki, can help to lower blood pressure. The relaxing properties of a good massage have helped more than one person get permission from their doctor to fly. I have heard stories where people that have previously been turned down by their heart doctor for flights have the same doctor give permission because of the drop in blood pressure after a Reiki massage.
Ten Things You Might Not Know About Massage Therapy

They Can Help Improve Lymph Flow

A deep tissue massage, which is applied with a lot of pressure around the lymph nodes and the lymphatic channels helps to improve the lymph flow. This is also why pressure should always be applied in the direction of the heart. basically imagine you are moving all the waste to where it can escape, which in massage is thought to be the central region around the heart.

It Can Help Remove Toxins

Because we apply pressure when we massage the muscles it increases the bloods circulation. This is something that helps the body bring fresh supplies to the muscles as well as remove toxins. This is what relaxes us and envigorates us at the same time.

They Help You Relax For Ages Afterwards

Massage helps to relax the muscles, even between sessions. The muscles are warmed up and the increased blood flow helps the body remove lactic acid and other things that make the muscles feel stiff. This is also why it is very important to start any massage with long, slow stroking motions at pressure so that the blood can begin to flow to the muscles faster.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Full-Body

Giving someone a hand massage is a very simple way to help improve calm thinking and foster peace of mind. You can do this easily by massaging “up and out” which means you start with the knuckles and move up towards the wrist, and circle “out” and down to the pinky on the way back to the knuckle again, remembering to release as you move “out”. Don’t massage sideways, just “up and out”. Start with the middle knuckle by the way.

You Might Be Sore

Massage therapy does not normally cause a person to be in pain but there might be soreness for a couple of days. This can be alleviated with time and by drinking a lot of water helps. Drinking water is important because massage releases toxins built up in the body that need to come out. The water will help flush the toxins all the way out of the body.

Have you ever been to massage therapy? What did it feel like, and did it work for you? Do let us know in the comments below.

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