Top 10 Momentous Events In The History of Belmont Stakes

The latest edition of one of the most awaited horse racing tournament is about the unfold on 8th of June 2019. This is the Belmont Stakes 2019 which also serves as the final leg of the Triple Crown Series. The final test as to which horse racer will dominate the horse racing industry and emerge as the Triple Crown winner.

As the Belmont Stakes being considered as one of the highly anticipated horse racing tournament in the country, let’s take a quick look back on the top ten best moments of the Belmont Stakes history.


The History of Belmont Stakes
The History of Belmont Stakes

Secretariat, A Record-Breaking Win

According to TVG Network Belmont Stakes History, Secretariat tallied the historic and iconic win in Belmont Stakes. This took place in 1973 where Secretariat completed the 31-length triumph.

This horse racer has been a record breaker through the course of horse racing industry. This is also one of the reasons why Secretariat has been considered as an all-time favourite Triple Crown winner.

The History of Belmont Stakes

A Dominant Win By Affirmed

Happening in 1978 where Affirmed emerged a dominant winner in all Belmont racing history. It is inevitable that in a horse racing show, it is expected that every horse racer has a high level of running competency. This is due to rigid and high training they undergo before they run in big tournaments.

In this year where great rival of Affirmed which is Alydar had been working hard to snatch the Triple Crown. However, because of Affirmed’s determination, he dominated the show and emerged as the Triple Crown Winner for that Belmont Stakes season.

The History of Belmont Stakes

A Victorious Finish Line for Rags to Riches

A historic winning record of Rags to Riches in 2007 is considered to be one momentous event in Belmont Stakes history. This horse racer deems a winless record in all major horse racing events they joined until such a time that Hall of Fame jockey John Velazquez and trainer Todd Pletcher made their way of joining the Belmont in 2007 and this time they got the crown.

The History of Belmont Stakes

A Stunning Nostril Victory by Gallop

What a way to deny the win of all favourite horse racers in 1998. Everyone was looking forward that their favourite horse should clinch the Triple Crown, but Gallop has shut down the doors of all Triple Crown hopefuls. He stuns the world with an inch win by his nostrils. It was one of the most exciting and thrilling games of all time.

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The History of Belmont Stakes

Turning Tables Win By Easy Goer

It was in 1989 that the Rival of the East and the West had risen. Easy Goer and Alydar were the hottest rivals during this season. In the course of their matches, Alydar was always on top of his game not until Easy Goer has turned the tables in 1989.

It was then that the West Coast pride Easy Goer went back home giving a great pride to his hometown.

The History of Belmont Stakes

A Hoofing Mishap By A.P. Indy

In 1992, A.P Indy was one of the most favourited horse racers to win the Triple Crown in Belmont. He was even expected to get that crown because a whopping profit of $2.9 million was gained because of his impressive win in Breeder’s Cup. On the verge of want to win, the stars didn’t clearly align to his favour ended up a great mishap and losing the Triple Crown victory.

The History of Belmont Stakes

Danzig Connection Complements Stephen’s Winning Steak

The 1986 Belmont Stakes was one of the most extraordinary moments in Belmont History. Woody Stephens had a triumphant winning streak from 1980 to 1986 which made him a Hall of Fame trainer. Back then when he was dubbed as Mr Belmont Stakes comes Connection who is in the right time to continue Stephen’s winning streak.

The History of Belmont Stakes

Point Given’s Almost But Not Quite Secretariat’s Performance

In 2001, Point Given was seen as Secretariat’s follower as he is showing the same strength and greatness as Secretariat does. He made several wins in small horse racing shows, Until such time he decided to join the Kentucky Derby, but finished in 5th place. In 2001 also, he runs in Belmont starting a run like Secretariat but still fails to win the Triple Crown.

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The History of Belmont Stakes

Julie Krone, The First Female Jockey To Win Belmont Stakes

Julie Krone breaks down the winning streak of Bayou ended up as the first female jockey to win the Triple Crown in Belmont during 1993. Carrying symbolic colours of Centennial Farm, Krone was known for her remarkable and amazing horse racing performance.

The History of Belmont Stakes

Dominating Win By Afleet Alex

In the history of Belmont Stakes where the competition is tight, Afleet Alex smashed all his rivalries with a dominating distance win. There was no doubt when he reaches the finish line as other horse racers were too far from him. Even he placed only third in Kentucky that year, he still manages to be a dominating winner in Preakness and Belmont Stakes.

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