Top World’s Most Well-Known and Magical Birds

Birds are part of nature and seeing their beauty we praise God for creating them as they are heart-hitting creatures. Birds are simply magical and awesome and arrest the breath flow in full. There are a tremendous amount of beautiful birds rather every bird on earth is simply catchy and gorgeous but since in this article, we have to name the top 10, we are going to do that. Let’s check out the list.

Bald Eagle

10 – Bald Eagle

This bird is not actually bald as the name suggests rather it is its name that has been derived from an old significance of the term ‘white headed’. The bird looks graceful, proud and distinguished. It is simply beautiful. Its population, which was once stabilized, has now begun increasing.

Red and Green Macaw

9 – Red and Green Macaw

The bird is a close relative of the scarlet macaw. It is colourful and its colours are what attract the eyes instantly. The difference between these two birds – Red and Green Macaw and Scarlet Macaw is the upper wing covert feathers. This bird is a famed pet.

Violet Green Swallow

8 – Violet Green Swallow

Violet Green Swallow is a small one but is the supremely beautiful bird in the world. Its gorgeous colour patterns make it catchy. This bird lives only in the U.S. One of the heart-arrestingly gorgeous bird, Violet Green Swallow is eye-catchy.

Crowned Crane

7 – Crowned Crane

Crowned Crane is found in the African savannah, it is a tall bird that is most appealing. The bird is famed for its alluring breeding ritual – dancing, jumping and bowing. The eye-candy crown consisting of hard golden-coloured feathers makes it more magical in beauty.


6 – Flamingo

This one is a super famous bird and almost all of us have seen it (most of the time in pictures) without any doubt, we all appreciate this bird’s beauty. Around 6 flamingo species are found in the world – four of them can be located in the Americas (Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Argentina), one in Africa and another one in Europe. Due to standing on one foot, this bird is famous a lot.

Snowy Owl

5 – Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl is found in the region of the northern circumpolar. The male bird is utterly white whereas the female possesses dark scalloping. An elegant and beautiful bird, Snowy Owl is magical and after leaving it, the people turn really astonished.

Rainbow Lorikeet

4 – Rainbow Lorikeet

Well, there is absolutely no doubt about it that Rainbow Lorikeet is called the world’s most beautiful bird. On this Australian bird, you can find all the rainbow colours and this is what appeals to the eyes and you cannot help getting dragged towards the bird. It is simply super gorgeous.


3 – Peacock

Peacock is India’s national bird and really has its role in their local traditions. Peacock, that is the male Indian peafowl, is famous for its beautiful tail. The peacock’s dances and its colourful greenish body attract the eyes and the souls.

Keel-Billed Toucan

2 – Keel-Billed Toucan

Although its look and appearance are quite weird, nonetheless majority of the people around the world consider it the most beautiful bird on earth. This is because of this bird’s wider and more colourful bill.

Paradise Bird

1 – Paradise Bird

Paradise Birds or Birds of Paradise are found in New Guinea. The significance of these birds includes the long ornamental feathers and the eye-candy colours. When you bump into them, you cannot take your eyes off them since they are utterly magical in beauty.

Author: Gus Barge

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