Ten of The Latest Bruce Willis Movies Worth a Watch

Ten of The Latest Bruce Willis Movies Worth a Watch

Bruce Willis recently announced his retirement from the acting industry at the age of 67 years which shocked many of his fans as he wasn’t nearly close to the end of his career. His retirement came after he was diagnosed with Aphasia, a disease that affected both his memory and speech-making it hard for him to continue acting. Rumours of Willis’ poor health had rocked Hollywood for years especially after the prolific actor started appearing in many low-budget films whose ratings were way below his standard and his screen time was reduced to just a few minutes with minor roles. However, even in his last days on the screens, Bruce put in some great performances and these 10 films are a tribute to the action movie legend’s legacy.

Glass: 2019

Superhero films are not Bruce’s greatest legacy but Glass in which he stars alongside Samuel L. Jackson, Sarah Paulson and James McAvoy was just amazing. The film is a sequel to both the Unbreakable trilogy and Split. The film follows the lives of three superheroes suffering from dissociative identity disorder who need the services of a psychiatrist to unlock their superhero personalities.

Bruce Willis plays David Dunn, aka The Overseer who can see crimes that people have committed by just touching them. He is the key to stopping The Horde (McAvoy) whose 23 different superhero personalities include some evil crimes that law enforcement can’t handle. Dunn also helps put Mr Glass (Samuel L. Jackson) a mass murderer who uses a wheelchair in real life until his superhero powers are unlocked.

Survive The Game: 2021

Eric is a troubled veteran living out the rest of his life on a remote farm when a cop chasing two drug dealers shows up at his home. They are about to turn his life upside down as he takes sides with the first cop Cal when the drug dealers get reinforcements from their gang. The gang is holding Cal’s partner David hostage, so the outnumbered good guys have to take down an entire drug dealing mob and save poor David without losing any more innocent people. The action in the movie is intense but Bruce Willis who plays David only got a few minutes of screen time.

Survive The Night: 2020

This is another action thriller that shows how easily trouble can find you in your happy home. Two robbers, Jamie and Mathias bungle a robbery at a garage where the former shoots a hostage while the latter gets shot by the garage owner. The robbers end up in the house of Rich Clark, a disgraced doctor that lives with his family and whose father Frank also lives nearby and happens to be in the house when the robbers come in. The robbers take the entire family hostage forcing the doctor to treat the injured Mathias as per usual, someone always plays a hero and who is better than Franklin the patriarch of the family? Bruce Willis plays Franklin.

Fortress: 2021

Fortress: 2021

It is said that this happens to be one of Brice Willis’ last films because the performance was great but the script and the editing fell short. It goes down as one of Bruce Willis’ best performances in his last days as an actor as he played Robert, a retired US intelligence officer whose tranquil life in a fortress is turned upside down by a visit from his nemesis Balzary. Robert and his son retreat to a bunker secure with 30 inches of reinforced steel walls and all types of weapons, but can they hold out against an army of relentless terrorists?

A Day To Die: 2022

Being a villain is something Bruce Willis played well as long as intense action and a little bit of mystery were part of the set. In this thriller, Bruce Willis plays Chief Alston, a corrupt police chief at the centre of a kidnapping case. The victim in the case is Candace (Brooke Butler) kidnapped by Tyrone Pettis, a local drug kingpin. Her fiancé Connolly (Kevin Dillon) has to conduct heists for Pettis to get his damsel in distress safely back. However, both the villain and the victim in the case end up having the police chief as their biggest problem and bringing him down is not easy.

10 Minutes Gone: 2019

This is another action thriller by the legend that didn’t perform so well on the big screens despite having one of the best scripts ever. It is about an expert bank robber Frank Sullivan whose heist has never gone wrong until he is betrayed by a member of his crew. His brother gets killed while he is knocked unconscious and wakes up with no memory of what happened during the heist nor any of the loot. His boss Rex (Bruce Willis) doesn’t care about the robber’s personal problems and only wants his cut. The poor robber, therefore, has to go on a trip of finding his memories and recovering the loot to save his skin.

Midnight In the Switchgrass: 2021

Midnight In the Switchgrass: 2021

This is a film based on the true story of the infamous Texas Truck Stop serial killer which happens to be Bruce Willis’ best in 2021. Bruce Willis plays Karl Helter who, alongside his partner, Rebecca Lombardo comes across the serial killer’s murders while investigating a sex trafficking ring. Helter’s partner gets kidnapped by the serial killer while trying to catch him through a sting operation and now, all Helter has is the help of a local detective to track down the killer and save the FBI agent before it is too late.

Trauma Center: 2019

Madison Taylor (Nicky Whelan) finds herself in trouble when she is injured in a crossfire between corrupt police officers Pierce and Tull. At the hospital, she is put in the isolation ward under the care of veteran police officer Lt. Steve Wakes. Things go from bad to worse when the dirty cops come to the hospital to kill Madison as she has the only evidence that can put them behind bars. The poor woman has to fight for her life against the two gangs on a hospital floor before Wakes comes to rescue her.

Reprisal: 2018

Reprisal: 2018

What would cause a bank manager to lay aside his nice suit and pick up a gun to go after a bank robber instead? That is what happened to Jacob (Frank Grillo) after his colleague was killed during a heist at the bank where he managed. He enlists the help of his ex-cop neighbour James (Bruce Willis) to figure out who the robber is and how to take him down. The robber is smarter than the duo though as he ends up kidnapping the bank manager’s wife and daughter instead and now the poor bank manager has to go guns blazing to save his family and probably, the whole banking sector in extension.

Hard Kill: 2020

Can a group of Mercenaries save the world when there is nothing in it for them? That is the situation Derek Miller (Jesse Metcalfe) a mercenary found himself in when Donavon Chalmers (Bruce Willis) a former rival came to him for help to rescue his daughter Sasha from a terrorist. At stake is the code that unlocks a computer program developed by Sasha which has the ability to bring catastrophic consequences to the world if it lands in the wrong hands. Rival Mercenaries are forced to team up to save the world and the intensity of the action is just amazing.

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