Top 10 Social Media Apps and Image Downloaders

Top 10 Social Media Apps and Image Downloaders

Our smartphones have become extensions of our hands. Many people start their morning by opening their social media feed immediately after waking up and turning off the alarm. And of course, we all have dozens of useful applications for all occasions that we use during the day. Every year, software developers add new software to the market. In this piece, we will take a look at the most useful online services for saving images.

Apps vs Web-services

Everyone has their own preferences, some like to utilize the programs on their smartphones or computers, while others prefer not to load RAM with unnecessary software and periodically employ web services. Personally, I like the Instagram image downloader, which is available in the browser 24/7. But each person decides what is more convenient for him. We hope the list below is helpful to you.

1. Inflact

The straightforward and user-friendly Instagram pic downloader is available online. No software or app downloading is necessary. One may simply copy a link to the desired post and paste it into the field on the main page. The original image will be available after 30 seconds in JPEG format.

2. FastSave

Probably the most widespread app with over 10 million downloads. You can download (one at a time or in bulk) any snaps and videos to your phone, as well as make reposts.

3. QuickSave

Another popular solution that lets you easily and quickly save images or recordings from IG to your phone’s gallery.

4. Insta Download

This program works without logging into Insta! You just ought to duplicate the link of the picture you like and paste it into the program. After that, the computer program will automatically download the file itself, and then you will only have to save it to the gallery of your phone or tablet.

5. Regrann (The Jared Company)

Regrann is more of a repost tool, but it can also save. It is interesting because it works in the background (no login needed!) and you don’t have to leave Instagram to repost. All you have to do is click on the copy link when you are viewing a snapshot, Regrann will activate and offer you to make a repost, save for repost at another time or share in one of the proposed social networks.

Top 10 Social Media Apps and Image Downloaders

6. Rapid Save Reposter by Tim Trinkies

This is a fairly simple program that saves images and mp4 files from Insta to the phone’s memory. With it, you can also make reposts. It is available on App Store for iOS owners.

7. InstaSaver by Xing Zhao

Well, the last application for iPhones, which so far works and saves photos and videos. InstaSaver app is a universal way to save shots and videotapes to your phone (Android or iOS) or computer


You can keep recordings, IGTV, Reels, images, and carousels. And all this with incredible quality, the best imaginable. The service is very concise and from this, it will be clear to any user. You don’t have to worry about security either, since the service does not store the saved files.

9. InsTake Downloader

Saving all types of content from social networks becomes easy with this program. This saver is easy to employ and helps you copy tags easily. This software will help you with downloading to reposting.

10. Saver Reposter

This application allows copying text, hashtags, images, and broadcastings from IG to your electronic device. You can also re-share the copied content. It not only helps you upload photographs and videos but also copy text or hashtags only.

To summarize all of the above, I can say that my favourite is definitely the Inflact online web because you do not need to install anything, and it does not matter what kind of phone you have (Android or iPhone – cheap or super-expensive). Besides, it is intuitive. Although the resource is available in English, even users from other regions will be able to understand this interface. In addition, it is legal, and you can access materials from public profiles without violating the privacy policy or copyright. Whatever method you select if there is any commercial intent to use pictures, please contact the copyright holder of the digital content.

Author: Gus Barge

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