Ten Amazing Houses Covered in Something Strange

For me, it is what is inside a house that makes it special. My own family home is fairly small and it looks like every other house on my street, but the things inside both me and my partner picked, designed, in fact, the whole inside of the house has the look and feel of our own personalities. But more and more people have started to express themselves by covering the outside of their houses with something. Wall vines, paint and whatever else you can think of that helps them be just as expressive as the inside. Here are just some of the best ideas…


House covered in snow
House covered in snow

10 – Will summer EVER get here?

We are still having some snow here in the UK (mostly Scotland) and many people are wondering if we will ever see summer this year. But when you end up with houses that look this amazing covered unintentionally in snow I think it is always beautiful to see.

House covered in money

9 – The cost of living.

This was in fact done for an advert for ArgosCompare.co.uk because they were trying to show just how much money they could save the entire UK if they used their market compare service. In fact, it turns out to be £12 billion and the entire house we wrapped in wrapping paper made to look like £50 notes. Shame it wasn’t real ones because that would have just been silly!

House covered in glue

8 – Spooky!

This rather odd building used to be a number of different things including a prison-house, school and even a funeral home! French artists Christophe Berdaguer and Marie Péjus decided that one year they would give this now family home a ghostly cloak of polystyrene and paint to make it look like glue or some sort of ghost. Strangely it is kind of cool!

House overgrown by plants

7 – I think we need a bigger mower.

When a homeowner decided that Cannock Chase Council was talking rubbish about his overgrown home (that he owned) he let it get worse and worse until it was at its peak that you see in the image. It has now been cut back but it does make you wonder if any sunlight even managed to get inside.

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House covered in mirrors

6 – “Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the best home of them all?”

The artist Harumi Yukutake agrees with me and thinks that the outside of a home does need to be seen and so he covered it thousands of mirrors with the idea being that it blended in with its natural surroundings. Did it work? I think so.

House covered in silage wrap

5 – I wonder what it is!

Having just returned from their honeymoon Neale and Alana Grant returned to find that the best man at the wedding was in fact wrapped the whole house in silage wrap! The wrap is normally used to wrap those large round bails of hay you see in the farmer fields so you just know it was ultra strong and took a while to get into their home again.

house covered in bottle tops

4 – This tops the lot!

This home in Russia is covered in over 30,000 bottle tops! The homeowner Olga Kostina spent several years taking the plastic tops on, but I do have to wonder where she got them all from because let’s face it, that is an awful lot of whatever liquid it was.

House covered in Dalmatian spots

3 – The perfect home for Cruella de Vil

This might look like a cool home but sadly it is a bit of a sad story, you see when Goran Tomasic and his wife came home one day their much-loved Dalmatian had sadly passed away. So out of respect, they painted their entire house in Dalmatian spots. Sure it is a little odd, but the home also looks kind of cool as well!

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House covered in flowers

2 – Who needs air fresheners?!?

This home in Scotland that is almost completely covered in flowers and hanging baskets is stunning to look at and well worth going to see in person. But let us face it! It would take forever in a day to replicate it and there ain’t nobody that got time for that!

House covered in Japanese creeper vine

1 – The ultimate green home.

Strangely these Japanese creeper vines might well look like ivy but they are definitely not. More commonly known as Boston ivy or Grape ivy, but they mostly well know because these vines grow like growth was going out of fashion and will cover a whole house like you see above in just a matter of months, yes that is from scratch! Super growth indeed, but also super cool because it might well be invasive but it does make a house look amazing.

Author: Gus Barge

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