The Top 10 Highest Mountains in Wales and Where to Find Them

The Top 10 Highest Mountains in Wales and Where to Find Them

Today on our tour of the highest mountains in the UK we take a look at my own country of Wales. From my own bedroom window I can see mountains as far as the eye can see, but yet none of those makes it onto this list. But there are some in Wales that definitely do…


Pen y Fan Mountain, Wales

10 – Pen y Fan – 886m (2906ft)

We start off in the Brecon Beacons National Park that is home to most of the mountains on this list, but not all of them. Pen y Fan is part of the twin summits with Corn Du (873 m/2,864 ft) being the other summit. You can find out a lot more about this amazing mountain by clicking on this link: Pen Y Fan: Ascending A Majestic Welsh Peak

Cadair Idris Mountain, Wales

9 – Cadair Idris – 893m (2929ft)

Located near the town of Dolgellau, Cadair Idris is one of the more popular walks within Snowdonia National Park thanks to the town having quite a lot of parking for any visitors.

Y Lliwedd Mountain, Wales

8 – Y Lliwedd – 898m (2946ft)

Y Lliwedd is often passed over by anyone walking (or climbing) the Snowdon Horseshoe which is said to be considered by many as “one of the finest ridge walks in Britain”. Having walked it myself I can tell you it is indeed pretty impressive.

Aran Fawddwy Mountain, Wales

7 – Aran Fawddwy – 905m (2969ft)

Aran Fawddwy gets the claim to fame of being the only peak in Wales outside North Snowdonia that is still above 900m! (only just, but it is!) Located on the eastern ridge of Aran Fawddwy is a memorial to Mountain Rescue team member Michael Aspain who was sadly killed when lightning struck him in 1960.

Tryfan Mountain, Wales

6 – Tryfan – 918m (3011ft)

Located in the Ogwen Valley it is part of the Glyderau group of mountains located of course in Snowdonia. Its name is a representation of it having 3 humps, so a “tri” backed mountain.

Elidir Fawr Mountain, Wales

5 – Elidir Fawr – 924m (3031ft)

Located again in Snowdonia in North Wales this northernmost peak as a small lake on its summit called Marchlyn Mawr which is also used as a reservoir for a local power station.

Y Garn Mountain, Wales

4 – Y Garn – 947m (3106ft)

One of 15 “Welsh 3000s” (mountains over 3,000 ft) it has a gently sloping side that goes down into the Nant Peris valley. And the other side of it is deadly steep being classes as a cwms (an amphitheatre-like valley formed by glacial erosion).

Glyder Fawr Mountain, Wales

3 – Glyder Fawr – 1001m (3284ft)

Right up until 2010 Glyder Fawr would have been much lower down this list, but thanks to a recalculated via GPS it comes in at the 3rd. The word “Glyder” means “a heap of stones” so it’s lucky its such a high heap of them!

Carnedd Llewelyn Mountain, Wales

2 – Carnedd Llewelyn – 1064m (3490ft)

This mountain massif located in the Carneddau range in Snowdonia is the highest point of the Carneddau and it lies just on the border between Gwynedd and Conwy.

Snowdon Mountain, Wales

1 – Snowdon – 1085m (3559ft)

Called “Yr Wyddfa” in Welsh is mount Snowdon which is, of course, the highest mountain in Wales. It’s been designated as a national nature reserve for its rare flora and fauna. There is also a rather nice cafe at the top of the peak for all the tired walkers and climbers.

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