Top 10 Helpful Websites Out There for College Students

Top 10 Helpful Websites Out There for College Students

Just before you might joke that the best website for any college student is Facebook or Netflix, it would be sufficient to say that the purpose of this top 10 is in telling you about helpful websites that will enhance your productivity or inspire you to do better. Of course, for the simple life of a student, he needs good helpers to make his life easier. One such helper is the online paper writing service , which will be useful for any student because everyone has writing assignments. After all, if you can spot something interesting beyond the textbooks, it makes even the most boring task interesting. Here are some ideas to consider:

1. Wolfram Alpha. A specific search engine focused on education. It helps when you need to do calculations and consult things related to science and engineering. It brings up good search results with data, facts, and good information that will help you. If you need to get even more creative as you write, check out the WritingUniverse to learn how to write and keep things unique as you learn about styles, formatting, and more!

If you are looking for a good quality essay writer online do shop around as there are many of them out there which makes it a very competitive market that is good for anyone thinking of using these kinds of services.

2. Efollett. One of the best websites that will help you to buy or rent the books that are required for your course. It is a great network that you should check. If you cannot find the textbook you need, consider essay writing service reviews to find an expert who can help you understand the grading rubric, find appropriate sources or proofread your paper. Just make sure to explain your problem as you seek the perfect solution.

3. The Purdue Owl Website. If you want to learn more about APA and MLA formatting rules, you can check the Online Writing Lab that many universities seem to mention in their grading rubric guides. You can check this website to handle your formatting issues.

4. Indeed. This website is like a great nationwide database that will help you to find available jobs that match your skills. It is reliable and lets you upload your resume.

5. TED Talks. It is one of the most interesting and inspiring websites that help you to learn about the way how things work. It deals with engineering, healthcare, science, education, and many other subjects.

6. RealCalc. It is one of the best scientific calculators that you can use both as the desktop version or for your phone. If you have Physics or Math assignments to complete, it is one of the best solutions for any calculation.

7. offers one of the best tricks and tips for surviving in the modern world with its challenges.

8. UnplugTheTV has a selection of scientific videos and interesting educational movies that will help you to learn beyond the textbooks.

9. Recipepuppy has great recipes that will be good for lazy students. Just watch for something delicious you can cook in five minutes!

10. MoneySavingExpert is a great website that helps to keep your funds safe and find cheap flights and interesting shopping deals for students.

The Communicational Aspect or Why Go Global?

Top 10 Helpful Websites Out There for College Students

While it is not really a website, you might enjoy it anyway as it is something you should try if you are interested in making new friends overseas and start learning a foreign language. The talk is about an app called HelloTalk, which is free and lets you communicate with people from all over the world via text messages, video conferences, or plain audio. You can talk to the natives and teach each other for free!


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