Ten Things You Need To Know Before Getting Started With CS:GO Betting

Ten Things You Need To Know Before Getting Started With CS:GO Betting
CS:GO is an online game well-loved by many- and with reasons. As Esports tournaments continue to thrive, so does the betting industry serving as a strong pillar on why it continues to grow. To this date, Esports betting on games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is expected to reach $17 billion- an unsurprising figure as almost half of the adult population in the US is either engaged as a player or bettor of said games with many similar competitors, you might wonder what sets CS:GO apart from the others and why it remains one of the biggest esports games in the world.

This article is for beginners looking to learn the basics of CS:GO betting before placing a bet or long-time bettors needing a refresher on the basics. Before you place any bets try to put these ten things to memory…

Understand The Game Itself

It’s no good betting on a game you don’t understand or have never played before. The old saying goes “Knowledge is power” and the more you know and understand about the game itself the better at making bets you will be. CS:GO is the fourth instalment of the Counter-Strike series. It is a multiplayer first-person shooter game with two teams competing referred to as terrorists and counter-terrorists, there are various game modes played however the most commonly played one that you can bet on will be the bomb defusal gamemode.

Try to Understand How CS:GO Betting Works

Before you place a bet on the outcome of a game make sure you know what you are betting for. There are many bets out there that are not for the winning team, but a set number of points, first kills or even team kills over the whole tournament! Read all the small print and fully understand what you are betting on.

Don’t Understand Something? Just Ask!

If you don’t understand a piece of lingo or an acronym don’t be afraid to ask someone! Terms like “Pinn Series” and “Divisions” can leave you scratching your head and might lead you to make an unwise bet.

Know Your Teams

By understanding the team you are betting on (and their past results) you can serious maximise your betting potential. Once you understand the game and what you are betting on all there is to know is what are the odds of the outcome being in your favour and knowing how your team does/did you can be sure each bet you make is as wise and knowledgeable as it can be.

How Do I go About Betting on CS:GO?

Once you’re comfortable with the game format and which teams interest you, it might be time to consider betting on some games for a bit of fun. You must first find a betting platform, commonly referred to as a bookmaker or “bookies”, sites like these allow you to make a monetary deposit to open different cases and bet on games to win different weapon skins which can be worth a lot of money.
Ten Things You Need To Know Before Getting Started With CS:GO Betting

Betting Real-Money or Something Else…

You can bet real money on CS: GO and that goes without saying, but some bettors also bet CS:GO skins, but this is somewhat discouraged as scammers are notorious for scamming high-value skins off of bettors.

Know Those Odds

Once you understand the game itself and the bet you are making the next thing to do is to study the odds. See what is the projection of the possible win amount and see if you can better those odds on a different site.

Enjoy Yourself or Stop Yourself

If you are not enjoying yourself there is no point in betting on a game. A side bet should always be made in understanding and enjoyment of the bet’s outcome, not gaining joy from the bet itself. If you don’t enjoy watching E-Sports tournaments this kind of betting really isn’t for you.

Never Go Tilting

The term ’tilting’ originated on the poker tables of Texas and means to chase the losses, or tilting into the cycle of negative betting. This goes hand in hand with our previous tip and is something you should never do and if you catch yourself doing it we suggest you stop betting immediately.

Find a Good Betting Platform

The key to a great CS:GO betting experience is to find a platform that offers the best features to aid in your betting activities. Thunderpick offers fast livestream access and covers all major CS:GO events. They love CS:GO and understand why it is often considered as the best variant out of all the Counter-Strike series.

Betting on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for the first time can be nerve-wracking as it may seem complicated. Choosing the best betting platform can not only improve your experience but also allow you to use features that can help you make more solid decisions and turn those into wins.

If you have any other CS:GO betting tips and tricks do let us know in the comments below.

Author: Gus Barge

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