10 Best Video Games That Feature Gambling

If you love to wager on video games while playing them on console, there are few games that have a posh casino ambience. Earlier Hollywood blockbusters featured many casino-themed storylines, but now the trend is evident in the realm of gaming. It is not the trend that was new previously; in PlayStation 1 era, three games, such as 007 and the world, were not enough. Apart from the video games featuring gambling, if you want to taste real money gambling, then log on to the situs slot online. But you can feel monotonous while playing varied casino games; the game titles with casino theme gives you the sprite.

Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto is a saga of vice and gambling; gambling has been an integral part of the gameplay since Vice City, where you can bet on street race events. But in San Andreas, the latest version of GTA gambling has become more prominent; you can indulge in several gambling activities, including blackjack, poker slots, roulette, and horse racing. In GTA San Andreas, the theme is gambling centric, and there is a thrill in every corner; there is gang war and robbery. Carl Johnson is the main character of the game; a proficient gambler who loves to spend money on casino games.

The roulette table is tempting; the virtual horse racing is alluring, so you can be bankrupt as you flow with the thrill. Moreover, when your resources hit the bottom line, the casinos where you bet lend you money. You can run but not hide from the strongmen of Las Venturas if you do not return the borrowed money. They will keep you stalking and harassing until you pay back the loan.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is another thrilling video game with a gambling plot, publisher of GTA and this title are the same. So it is not a surprise both gameplay have a detailed element of gambling. There are many similarities between the two titles except in setting. On this video game, you can play an array of video games such as poker, blackjack, dominoes, and five-finger fillets. You can play these games either in single or multiplayer mode, but earning potential is more in the former format. The multiplayer is available only on the Liars and Cheats DLC pack; the daily budget for wagering stands out at $200; if you squander it, you need to wait for the next day to get the allowance.

For your excellent performance, trophies are bequeathed; good call, one die to rule them all, compulsive liar, and big bluff, to name a few.

Kingdom Come; Deliverance

Kingdom Come; Deliverance is plotted in the medieval 15th Century in the kingdom of Bohemia. Henry, the central character, has a sad background, and you play those games from his skin. Bohemia was the epicentre of culture and tradition in ancient Europe. The death of the monarch, Emperor Charles IV, plunged the kingdom into anarchy, war, and corruption. In the middle of this bedlam, you become Henry, the son of a blacksmith. Players participate in archery combat or in free-style hand-to-hand combat. But the most addictive part of the game is Farkle, a dice game; you can bet on it and roll it to test your fortune. There is a chance to win special dice and bet on it.

Fallout; New Vegas

Fallout; New Vegas

The setting of Fallout; New Vegas is plotted in post-apocalyptic setting gambling can still be useful. The game flaunts many casino venues like Vance Casino, Ultra-Luxe, The Tops, and PrimmVikki. In those gambling spots, multiple casino games are offered, including slots, roulette, and blackjack. Apart from the mentioned gambling houses, there is Sunset Sarsaparilla headquarter, where you can indulge in Lucky Horseshoes. You can win a jackpot and other rewards depending on the type of game and venue. Smaller booty comes in the form of appetizing Brahmin steak, beer, and vodka. Other freebies include combat and leather armour, absinthe, and complimentary coupons.

Always Sometimes Monster

If you like RPG genera games, then Always Sometimes Monster is the perfect match. The underlying story is full of fun and life-changing, which could shape the end result. The plot is about finding a suitable job for survival, and the fiancée is about to get married within a month. You have to earn the bread and butter, and one option is to gamble in a town called Los Vargas. In the town, there is only one casino hub and hotel where you can play games like slot, blackjack, coin flipping, cat race, and rock-paper-scissor.

The Sims

If you want to gamble without a financial stake, then this video game with a wagering plot is ideal. In titles like The Sims, you can enjoy casino games without losing a dime. But for real money games and real thrills, log on to slot online casinos. The virtual casino has released a mobile app compatible with android and iOs devices.

The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3

This is an RPG-styled game published in 2011. The theme of the game originates from Slavic mythology, and the key character is Geralt of Rivia; in many battles, he conquers numerous monsters. In between combats, you will find some entertaining mini-gambling sessions where you can enjoy a few hands of card games.

Final Fantasy

The game was crafted for the PlayStation console and released in 1999. The ecosystem of the game is plotted in an inhabited mystical world with futuristic elements. The name of the central character is Squall, who fights against a magician who wants to freeze time. In between the game, you will encounter with a card game called triple triad; the opponent is AI. If you win, you get access to higher-value cards.

Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64

This game is embedded with 3D graphics; the storyline is about combat between Bowser and the kingdom of Princess Peach. A video poker session is integrated into the title; you can venture into Luigi`s casino and play poker. The conventional poker symbols are reinstated by evoked world emblems like mushrooms and blossoms.

Watch Dogs

This is an action-oriented video game published in 2014. Due to its ongoing popularity, two versions were released in 2016 and 2020. The gameplay is from a third-person perspective, and you can traverse by foot or vehicle. Aiden Pearce is the chief character who wants to revenge for the killing of his niece. In the table games saloon, you have the privilege to play a few hands of poker. You need chips for the game, but it is worthwhile and exciting.

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