Ten Illnesses and Conditions That Could Be Fixed by Getting New Glasses

As the age-old popular adage goes “The Eyes are the Windows to Your Soul”, but they are also the windows to your brain. This means when you have poor eyesight you could start to feel ill or develop various conditions because of it and at first, you might not link the two things together. For this post, I name ten of the most common illnesses and conditions that can often be contributed to poor eyesight and could be fixed, simply by having your eyes checked in at a local opticians…


A Dog Wearing Glasses
A Dog Wearing Glasses


This is often caused by constantly straining to see the computer screen of distant objects. It is essentially overworking the brain and is often called “Eye strain”. This constant improper focusing could easily be fixed by simply getting a new pair of glasses. But do be aware that it could also be something much worse, so do act fast if it happens and maybe consider seeing an optician before your local GP.

A Dog Wearing Glasses


This is often called Chronic fatigue syndrome and is a well-known cause of exhaustion often linked to the eyes, or indeed eye strain. Much like the headaches before it, this is caused by overworking the brain by straining to see things clearly either at close distances or farsighted ones.

A Dog Wearing Glasses

Poor Sleep Quality

Your eyes are shut when you sleep so you might not think this condition is related to your vision. This is once again linked to CFS (Chronic fatigue syndrome) and also related to the first two things we have covered in this post. While it has to be said there has been little research done to understand exactly how your eyesight effects sleep disorders people often report to their opticians and doctors that they sleep better once they have the appropriate glasses and lenses.

A Dog Wearing Glasses

Lack of Balance

Balance is all about hand and eye coordination and that means poor eyesight could be causing you to lose balance now and again. While there needs to be a lot more study linking poor vision to vestibular balance there have been tests done that pitted clear vision people against people who wear glasses and even with their eyes closes the people with good vision still had better balance than those who wore glasses. So if you find yourself feeling a bit wobbly now and again maybe get those peepers checked out!

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A Dog Wearing Glasses

Lack of Hand & Eye Coordination

This condition is linked to the previous one of balance. Just the mere act of pouring a cup of coffee, or using your mobile phone might be slightly impaired by vision problems. The weird thing is you might believe you see these things quite clearly, but even if you have problems with far-sightedness you might still have troubles with your hand-eye coordination even on close up things like your cup or smartphone. So if you find yourself having troubles in this area maybe you should start fixing it with a trip to the opticians.

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While this doesn’t happen as much these days thanks to early intervention by opticians in schools by testing pupils eyesight there was once upon a time a lot of people misdiagnosed as having dyslexia when it was just their poor eyesight that was causing it. Let me be clear in saying that vision problems don’t cause dyslexia, but they can co-occur in the same child and can be the reason for their learning difficulties. Still today there have been lots of children classed as having Dyslexia when it was little more than difficulty seeing the chalkboard or test paper in frount of them.

A Dog Wearing Glasses


This is also linked to Chronic fatigue syndrome as a person who is constantly suffering many of the things on this list all at once (things like headaches, exhaustion and loss of balance control) can start to suffer from depression. While this isn’t directly linked to a loss in clear vision it is a factor of the things that are.

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Sore Neck, Shoulders or Back

Are you constantly getting a sore back, shoulders and neck? Do you find yourself rubbing these areas constantly? If you do it might be because of increased sensitivity to light! The reason this happens is that it causes people to have ill postures. This this is not caused by the eyes-strain alone it can be a major contributing factor.

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Believe it or not, Photophobia (fear of light) can be caused just by suffering from light sensitivity in the eyes! And this can be caused by something as simple as eyestrain! Yes, you really can develop the fear of light, just by staring at your smartphone for too long, especially if your phone doesn’t have a blue-light filter.

A Dog Wearing Glasses

Lack of Concentration

If you find yourself struggling to be proactive at work it might be down to CVS (computer vision syndrome) this is because we have a tendency to blink less often when using a PC screen and that in turn makes our eyes tired and that then breaks our concentration because we are constantly suffering from several of the things on this list. So next time you fancy a day off work tell them you have booked an opticians appointment, but do make sure you go and have your eyes checkout out anyway. What might be a lack of passion for work, could simply be down to those tired, overworked peepers of yours.

Author: Gus Barge

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