Ten Gambling Stories That Are Absolutely Bonkers

Ten Gambling Stories That Are Absolutely Bonkers

Sometimes, it seems like gambling is a serious business. The image we’ve got is that of smart-dressed gentlemen sitting at a table, rolling dice, or receiving the hands they’re dealt. But why so serious? We have searched the World Wide (emphasis on wide) Web and brought about the most gut-busting stories of gamblers from all over the globe. After all, this universe of wagering (or no wagering) and strategy has quite volatile outcomes, and one of these outcomes might be laughter and the joie-de-vivre itself. If you don’t believe us, you should check these nigh-a-dozen hilarious gambling stories!

The Riverboat Gambler

Perhaps you thought that gambling humour would arise from a situation external to the player. But sometimes, the gambler himself might change the outside context into a humourous one. The best example comes from Reddit user u/dill911, who managed to coin a catchphrase at the casino temporarily he was visiting. As he was on a roll while playing Blackjack, he started calling himself the ‘riverboat gambler.’ Moreover, on each roll, he would use ‘chug chug chug’ as a battle chant. The whole clubhouse was in on his humourous ploy.

The Frisky Manager

This tale comes not from a gambler but a casino worker. He describes how he came across his manager, who was passed out drunk on the floor. We can’t help but wonder how this changed their manager-subordinate dynamic – maybe they went on more team buildings afterwards.

The Tricky 21

Another Redditor was nearing his 21st birthday (i.e., the legal gambling age in the United States). He asked fellow forum members what he should do for this life milestone, and someone suggested he goes play Roulette and bets on #21. And he didn’t. And the ball landed straight on 21. He thought he shouldn’t bet on this number on the second round either, but what were the odds? 100%, it turns out. Thus, he left the clubhouse an adult – a very, very jaded adult.

It’s Good Karma

Yet another user talks about that trying time in his life when he got a divorce. He went straight to a gambling house and reached winnings that equaled and even surpassed the amount he had lost while on trial with his ex-wife. He feels that this was the way the Universe was correcting its previous mishap.

Going Spiritual

We are going to exchange hilarious with wholesome in this lovely little story. A Reddit forum-goer describes how he visited a Kathmandu casino where a Buddhist monk joyfully gambled away all the funds he had on him at the moment. He left just as serenely as he had entered. The Redditor’s friend decided that the machine where the monk had played was lucky, and he received an instant jackpot.

Ten Gambling Stories That Are Absolutely Bonkers

The Don(na)

The story goes like this: a Blackjack player starts the game with a white female dealer named Donna. He takes a short bathroom break, and when he comes back, he sees that a woman of colour, also named Donna, became his new dealer. Dazedly, he asked, “What happened?”. And Donna gave her piece of quick wit with ‘I turned black!’

Now, For some Toilet Humour

Now it’s the time for some not-going-to-the-toilet-on-time humour. A casino dealer describes that when he dealt hands at poker and a very earnest man decided that he would rather soil himself than miss any moment of the game. He, however, missed it all when the guards escorted him out of the building.

True Love

Another casino worker narrates the story of a gambling power couple. Each of them went to a slot machine and proceeded to rock the house. Something happened, though, and the wife passed out. The staff rushed to her aid, while the husband leaned over and kept pressing the buttons on her slot machine.

Life is Unfair

A Vegas dealer recounts how a player managed to get a rare hand on Blackjack, which would result in a bonus jackpot. Overjoyed, he showed his cards to the friends that were assisting him. Doing such a thing disqualified him from claiming any winnings. Oof.

You Want it Darker

A player bemusedly tells the story of a few female entertainers in a Vegas clubhouse. After a long night in heels, they decided to walk barefoot, and each step they made on the casino floor made for dark, darker, yet darker soles.

So here you go: gambling can be crazy, fun, and exhilarating. It’s entertainment before anything else.

Author: Gus Barge

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