The Top 10 Family-Friendly Destinations In Bahrain

Bahrain is a nation of many contrasts. The traditions of this country have a long history and coexist with its contemporary culture. It is a desert nation with an illustrious past, topped with oriental influences and distinctively colourful, hip neighbourhoods.

This is the reason you should book a trip to Bahrain and include it on your bucket list. So reserve your seat on one of the top airlines, like GulfAir, and discover Bahrain’s true beauty.

1. Al-Muharraq

There are additional attractions on the island in addition to the fort. Bahrain’s former capital and the hub of the pearl trade was Al-Muharraq. You can fully immerse yourself in a world from a thousand years ago in the historic souk. Allow the aromas of the spices you can buy here to enchant you.

You can see a few old houses that have managed to survive the building boom of the modern era right close to the souk. Here, there is still a hint of the Orient. There are a few eateries that serve beautiful traditional cuisine in the third-largest city in the nation.

2. Al Fateh Grand Mosque

The Al-Fateh Grand Mosque is another name for the Al-Fateh Mosque. It is situated in Bahrain’s capital, Manama, in the country’s northeastern region. The enormous, imposing structure hosts more than 7,000 prayers daily, making it the largest mosque in the nation.

The mosque was constructed using components from all across the world, turning it into a true work of art. Imprints from around the world are found in this one building, including flawlessly shining Italian marble, impressive doors from India, and high-quality Irish carpets.

3. Arad Fort

The fort was built by the Portuguese and was initially on a separate island, but it has since expanded to become Al-Muharraq Island. You have a vast panorama of the surrounding area and Manama from the fort’s battlements. The fort is close to the airport and now serves as an amphitheater for musical performances. There have even been Eric Clapton performances here.

4. Beit Al Quran

Beit Al Quran

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Beit Al Quran is housed in the Islamic Arts Building in Hoora, Manama. This Islamic Museum is a well-known and significant institution of its kind. It contains a sizable and priceless historical collection of Quranic manuscripts and other important works from various eras. The oldest Latin translation of the Koran, dating from 955, is also safely stored in the museum.

5. Qal’at al Bahrain

The Bahrain fort, known as Qal’at al Bahrain, is situated on a ruined hill in the northern part of the island. A tale from 2,300 years before Christ is tucked away on the historical site.

6. Tree of Life

We now arrive at a natural landmark in Bahrain called the Tree of Life. In the middle of the desert, this gnarled mesquite tree is thought to have bloomed for 400 years.

The Arabic name for the tree of life, Shadjarat al-Haya, suggests that it can survive without water. It is a factor that has sparked several tree-related legends. In the visitor center, you can learn about the history of the tree of life after debunking some common misconceptions about it.

7. Bahrain National Museum

Bahrain National Museum

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Do you wish to learn more about Bahrain’s customs in addition to its past? Afterwards, we advise going to the Bahrain National Museum. One of the biggest and most established museums in the nation On 27,800 m2, you can find artifacts from the past that are almost 6,000 years old.

8. Reef Island- The unique man-made tropical setting.

North of Manama, a new island has been developed that combines habitation, leisure, and tourism. On an artificial reef, homes, hotels, and beaches were constructed. A sizable marina and an esplanade that welcomes you to shop and stroll are also present. This opulent tropical paradise is characterized by modern architecture combined with Arabic elements.

9. The Hawar Islands

The Hawar Islands are close to Qatar’s border. Particularly among divers and snorkelers, they are well-liked. You can find animal entertainment on the beach. Along with pink flamingos stalking through the water and cormorants soaring over your head, this area is home to turtles and lizards. Wonderful relaxation awaits you on the pristine beach.

10. Dive Bahrain

Are you a passionate diver who wants to learn more about Bahrain’s underwater environment? Then you’ll love this Bahraini attraction! The largest underwater theme park in the world, Dive Bahrain, is 100,000 m2. It features locations that will make any diver’s heart race. The 70-meter-long Boeing 747, which was scuttled here as an artificial island and can be discovered during dives, is a particular highlight.

For a family trip to explore this area, Gulfair airlines provide the best flying experience. Plan your trip, visit Bahrain’s top attractions, or compile a list of the places you simply must see. Visitors to Bahrain can enjoy a variety of attractions that will last a lifetime!

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