Top 10 Places to Explore with your pet in the U.S

Top 10 Places to Explore with your pet in the U.S

If there is one companion who never leaves our side, it’s our pet. With unconditional love by your side, it’s hard to go for a vacation leaving your furry friend behind, so why not bring them along? Contrary to popular belief, bringing your pets along on your vacation can be an excellent experience. You don’t even have to wait for anyone else to come along when you can go places with your furry friend as company.

There are many pet-friendly vacation spots in the U.S you can explore, so we’ve listed nine of the best places for you to check out and bring along your pet too.

1. Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Whether you have to see the tremendous Smoky Mountains or Dollywood, your four-legged friend can accompany you. Pigeon Forge is a mountain town east of Tennessee. It is the home of many vacation spots. If you have decided to explore the wonders of the Smoky Mountains range or take rides in the Appalachian theme park, you can take your pet along with you.

To make it easier, there are pet friendly cabins in Pigeon Forge, TN, that you can rent if you plan on staying for a few days. This way, you’ll have space for your pet, and you can explore the great outdoors too.

2. Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon, is a city surrounded by beautiful thick forests, the Deschutes River, the alpine lakes, and many extinct volcanoes, making it the perfect vacation spot for outdoorsy people. Bend, Oregon, is on this list because 49% of all visitors bring their dogs along. Keeping this percentage in mind, the city adjusted its outdoor parks and trails to accommodate pets and their owners. 13 trails are off-leash areas, so your pet can roam and run around freely.

You can also enjoy the walk along the river and jump in for a refreshing swim if you want. Or, you can go on a hiking trail in the National forests to enjoy nature. If you’re visiting during the winters, you can ski around the trails in the national parks.

Wilmington, North Carolina

3. Wilmington, North Carolina

Wilmington is a historic city near the beach and known for being a pet-friendly vacation spot. You can enjoy the walking trails of Halyburton Park with your canine friend or play in the kids’ playground with them. If it gets hot, there is a pet-friendly beach near Freeman Park where you can enjoy playing in the sand and water with your pet.

When evening comes, and you crave a café experience, you can visit the Java Dog Coffee House to enjoy the ambience and café atmosphere. You don’t even have to worry about accommodation, as many suites allow you to keep pets with you.

4. Colorado Springs, Colorado

If you live in the city centre, you need a nature retreat to refresh your mind. But why leave your pet behind when you both enjoy the excellent hiking trails. These trails include the Manitou Cliff Dwelling, Garden of the Gods, Cripple Creek, Royal Arch Trail, etc.

5. Sedona Arizona

Don’t miss out on taking pictures of your pet in front of Sedona’s mystic red rock country background. If you’re bringing your pet along, they’ll love to play and run around in the Slide Rock State Park just outside the Coconino National Forest. This park is known for its red-clad rocky scenery, pine forests, and the famous alpine tundra.

You can take pictures with your furry friend in front of Sedona’s mystic red rock country background and choose to go on pet-friendly tours. These tours include backpacking, visiting the old Indian ruin sites, and camping trips to give you a little time out in nature with your pet.

Bar Harbor, Maine

6. Bar Harbor, Maine

Bar Harbor, Maine, is located a short drive from the Acadia National Park. This park consists of thousands of acres of wilderness with 120 miles reserved for pet-friendly grounds and hiking trails. These trails trace the beautiful scenery of the sculpted coasts, which both you and your furry friend can enjoy.

One of the most pet-friendly parks in the United States of America is Acadia. Here, almost all the hiking trails, except for a few dangerous tracks, are open to pets. And when you get tired, you can take the shuttle to see the other scenic views of the park.

The most significant benefit is that Bar Harbor allows pets on buses, making the commute easier if you don’t have a car of your own. And if you get tired of hiking, you can go on a cruise with your pet on a boat around Frenchman Bay.

7. Lake Placid, New York

Lake Placid is a good five-hour drive from New York City. It lies in the middle of the Adirondack mountains, and Lake Placid happens to be a famous romantic vacation spot. But no one said you need a partner to enjoy the romantic lake view and beaches. You can take your pet on vacation with you and enjoy the luxury of lodges that allow you to keep pets.

Lake Placid is the kind of spot where almost all activities are outdoorsy, making it perfect for your pet. You can enjoy biking, hiking, skiing, or fishing in the lake all in a single trip. There are also many shops, restaurants, and cafes in the west direction of the lake that welcome pets.

8. Sanibel Island, Florida

If your pet loves the beach, then the Sanibel Island in Florida is best for you to take a vacation in the sun. The balmy weather and warmth of the beach offer a welcoming change if you’re coming from a cold climate and make it an excellent vacation spot.

Here, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches, take a swim, and enjoy a warm sunset at the end of the day. An early morning jog with your pet along the beach can get you ready for the day. The benefit of visiting Sanibel Island is that almost all the beaches are open to pets.

Once you’re done with the beaches, you can explore the wetlands, spot migratory birds, take in the beautiful scenery and capture those moments along with your furry friend.

Austin, Texas

9. Austin, Texas

Austin is one of the most pet-friendly cities in the country. Here, you can enjoy parks and restaurants with your pet almost everywhere you go. Apart from that, the hiking and biking trails at Lady Bird Lake give you the perfect way to stretch after the city tour. If your pet loves water, you can even rent out a kayak or a paddleboard and take them with you to the lake to unwind and relax.

10. San Diego, California

The warm and sunny weather of San Diego, accompanied by miles of shoreline, makes it the ideal destination spot to enjoy the beach with your pet. You can enjoy the scenic views of the coasts of the Del Mar community and the La Jolla.

You can choose a new beach to enjoy every day. Once you visit San Diego, Enjoy the unleashed dog surfing competition held at the imperial beach. Then, take your dog to the Balboa dog park so they can play with other dogs while you socialize with their owners. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect vacation spot for you and your pet?


The most significant benefit of taking your pet along on a trip is the company and fun you’ll have more fun sharing an experience that’ll be memorable. You can do all sorts of activities with them and enjoy your time more than you think, without any inconvenience.

These scenic areas offer all sorts of activities, whether hiking, biking, or skiing, and when you’re tired, you can always sit down at a pet-friendly café and relax. The listed vacation spots are well known for their pet-friendly accommodations and restaurants.

You won’t have to worry about accommodation or getting from one place to another. These places offer pet-friendly cabins and buses that allow pets onboard, giving you an excellent opportunity to enjoy and share the experience with your pet.

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