A List of Ten Effective Strategies to Write a Perfect Essay and Get an A

A List of Ten Effective Strategies to Write a Perfect Essay and Get an A

Writing a perfect essay is easier if you follow a certain strategy. By analyzing effective written works completed by thousands of students, we generated a list of ten effective strategies to write a great paper and get an A. By the way, if you face issues trying to create a college paper, you are not alone. Many students seek help with complicated written assignments and want to find a way to reveal stress. Ordering custom essays from trusted writing services will save your nerves and time.

Read more about the ways to write an A-grade paper in our article below.

1. Be informed

One of the main strategical moves to make when you want to be successful in essay writing is to understand the purposes and requirements of a teacher. Start by collecting information about the instructions for writing an essay. If you do not know what the topic and the deadline are, you will most likely not succeed in writing a paper. It means that you should properly read the manuals provided to you by a teacher and get all the information from them. Ensure that you understand the requirements on the tone of voice, topic, structure, word count, recommended sources for research, and other details that can influence the result of your work.

2. Ask questions

If you are unsure regarding the requirements of a teacher even after reading the manuals, do not worry. It all will clarify fast if you do not hesitate to ask your teacher questions about your paper. Write a message to a professor or ask them about a short talk to ask all you do not understand in terms of writing your essay. A teacher will appreciate your motivation, bravery, and effort. Showing a teacher that you are willing to do your best in terms of completing your assignment is a big plus.

3. Choose right topics

The inspiring topic guarantees that you will put effort into writing a paper. Do not agree to write an essay on a dull case, as you always have a choice. Be creative when selecting a subject and generating a topic for a paper. Successful essays are those which result from deep research and reflect the author’s individual vision and inspiration. An interesting topic will make you wish to research the case and write the best paper.

4. Research wisely

Looking for relevant and actual information is a crucial stage of writing an essay. Good authors who create successful papers always spend time gathering data from trusted sources. Remember to diversify information by types of sources. Please consider researching various types of sources. One should include in different research books, magazines, podcasts, scholarly articles, interviews, dissertations, databases, and other sources.

5. Draft patiently

Good essays require patient drafting. It would be best to create a first draft of a paper after you collect all crucial information and generate the main thesis. Write down all the core facts that support your main thesis. Depending on the type of paper, you must add a draft with various statements. Remember that essays must collect actual data and primarily reflect an opinion of an author. The first draft of a paper must contain all the core facts and be helpful in further writing.

A List of Ten Effective Strategies to Write a Perfect Essay and Get an A

6. Structure a paper

Any essay must contain specific sections: an introduction, the body, and a conclusion. These sections are an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. When you are writing each section, follow a certain algorithm to succeed. In this article, you will find out more secrets to correct writing of each section of a comprehensive essay. A combination of all three essential sections of a paper lets make it effective.

7. Catch the attention

A successful essay is only possible to imagine with an effective introduction that provides the core details on the topic, resents the main thesis, and catches the attention of a reader. It is crucial to write an introduction thoughtfully and explain to readers the necessity of reading the paper till the end. By making a joke, adding a fitting quotation, etc., you will entertain readers and interest them in your essay.

8. Make a text cohesive

The body of any essay requires several paragraphs, and each of them must provide only one core thought with supporting arguments. Make the text of an essay cohesive and readable by using specific words that make it easy to bind paragraphs of the body together. These words are different and depend on the context. For example, these could be the following words: and so on, so that, therefore, however, etc.

9. Get some help

Reach out to professional authors who collaborate with online writing services and get assistance with complicated essays. Writers with degrees and experience are always ready to write for you an outline, update a draft, or create for you a paper from scratch. Experienced authors collaborate with solid websites, and each student can be sure that ordering help on such services is effective, safe, and confidential. All you need to do is choose a reputable service you can trust.

10. Always edit texts

The stage of editing is crucial if you want to make your texts perfect. Do your best to polish an essay to perfection. It would take time to read an essay several times and reduce all mistakes but trust us that it will be worth it for sure. Editing takes not only time but also skills and attention to detail. By reading the text of an essay several times, you can effectively reduce all types of grammar and stylistic errors. Also, be patient checking dates, names, numbers, and other similar content. It will help if you give the text to a friend to read and see potential mistakes you might miss.


Creating a structured and readable essay is a challenging task. We are hoping that after reading our article about the ten effective strategies to write a perfect essay and get an A, you already know a lot about successful papers. By using these tips, you will become more effective in creating essays. We wish you good luck with your studies!

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