Ten Animals Disobeying Signs That Won’t Be Told What to Do

These are the animals that stick two fingers up to society and go their own way. Some do all the things they are told not to do by signs and others just destroy them. These are just ten of the worlds most disobedient animals and the everyday things they get up to…



Rebellious Goat
Rebellious Goat

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When you see a sign saying not to climb on the rocks it’s for your own safety, but this goat doesn’t know the meaning of the world safety and is called danger goat for a reason!

Rebellious Bear

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When this bear saw the sign saying No Bears allowed in the dumpster, he didn’t see the red line going through it and thought it was an open buffet.

Rebellious Kingfisher

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The classic no fishing sign and a kingfisher sat on top of it eating a fish. To be honest I’m pretty sure it has a permit and they are quite rare birds these days.

Rebellious Pigeon

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No-one tells this pigeon which way to go, it goes its own way in life and has even started to butter his bread before he eats it!

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Rebellious Dog

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There is clearly a dog beyond that point and that dog is breaking the rules! Maybe someone should call a park ranger to sort the matter out.

Rebellious Cat

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You are not allowed to pet this dog unless you are the family cat and then its alright. Maybe the cat is just trying to comfort the dog.

Rebellious Seagull

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I’m never sure if this is a photoshop job or not. The thing is the bird is the exact same shape as the one on the sign and I have to wonder what the odds of that happening are.

Rebellious Beaver

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No feeding the beaver because it often eats all the signs in this woodland park that tells them not to feed them! Then again I don’t think they eat wood at all, just use it to make dams.

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Rebellious Goat

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I’m pretty sure that sign read “don’t feed the goats” so it doesn’t go without irony that the goat has eaten the sign telling people not to do it!

Rebellious Turtle

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Yep, even this slow-moving turtle has decided to go his own way. Or maybe he lives there and has forgotten his key! It’s probably best to call the police anyway, just in case.

Author: Gus Barge

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