Top 10 Dental Products

Top 10 Dental Products

If you are looking for the top ten dental products, we have a list for you right here. You may be a dental professional in search of upgrading your practice with the latest equipment. You can order these from a wholesaler like Kent Express.

It’s always a good idea to make sure you have everything you need to keep your practice running. Because your patients need preventative or restorative care depending on what exactly your diagnosis calls for. Whether you are a general dentist or specialize with children, these products will be useful every single day.

Let’s take a look at the following list of dental products your practice may need right now.

1. Apron with collar

This is something that will come in handy whenever a patient needs x-rays. Find one that is of excellent quality and fits within your budget. It can be light, compact, and will be great for frequent use.

2. Luminary and LED curing light

This will be useful when you are performing filling procedures. This will make the material harden within seconds rather than allow you to wait a while (making it a long dental visit). Efficiency and speed is the name of the game in today’s world.

3. Patient chair

Of course, a patient chair will be great for maximum comfort. Especially when they are going through an exam or procedure. You can find one for a reasonable price and it will provide your patients with the best comfort possible.

4. Dry socket paste

This will come to good use if you are treating a patient with alveolitis. This will give them the pain relief they need during the treatment. This will work effectively while saving you gauze.

5. Dental Diode Laser

This may be one of the more expensive pieces of equipment you need. This is intended to reduce the amount of blood present whenever you are working with your patient. This can help coagulate whilst you are making cuts so drainage is easy.

Top 10 Dental Products

If you are performing operative procedures, this will be useful for the post-op part of the process.

6. Electric Heating Tool

This will be used for the purpose of designing dental crowns when your patient is in the middle of the installation process. These milling units will be useful to a point where dental offices can create the crowns in-house rather than rely on third-party sources.

While this is one of the most popular tools in the United States, it can also find itself growing in popularity among dental providers in the United Kingdom.

7. Supply Bags

Thankfully, dental supply bags are not very expensive. You can get good quality options on the market and be able to store your supplies in them so patients can take it home with them. The average bag will have enough space to hold up to 500 pieces of supplies and small equipment.

8. Supply Bag Assortments

Obviously, you’ll need to purchase the items you need to put in the bag. These include but are not limited to toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash and so much more. Everything is nice, neat, and organized in their bags for the patients so they don’t have to rummage through everything.

If you are looking to provide your patients with the ultimate dental care package, then a supply bag filled with the supplies they need will be a good option.

9. Adult toothbrushes

If your patients are adults, brushing is just as important to them compared to their younger patients. So it would be ideal to provide them with a free toothbrush. They can take it home and use it for up to three months before they need to switch it up again.

This can also save them money on toothbrushes that can cost them a bit of money. But still, it helps when you want to remind them of how important dental care is (including brushing) no matter the age.

10. Dental floss

Dental floss will be great along with a toothbrush. Because the latter won’t be able to get anything between your teeth. You can floss up to twice a day (preferably morning and night).

Be sure to do this regularly to prevent any dental decay from happening. You might be brushing as much as you like, but it can happen because of your lack of flossing.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the top ten dental products you need for your practice, this list should be a huge help for you. It’s important to provide your patient with excellent care whether it’s during their visit or afterwards.

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