Ten of The Most Dangerous Animals in Africa

The world has always been occupied by many dangerous animals which are sufficient to take one’s breath away while just reading a bit of detail about them. Africa is considered to be the most dangerous continent of the world when it comes to talking about the most dangerous species of animals existing on earth. People from all over the world specially visit Africa due to this main reason. They find surprising pleasure while visiting such places where many dangerous animals do live in Africa it is still well worth booking a holiday to Africa online

Desert Locusts

10. Desert Locusts

Desert Locusts, having a real scientific name of Schistocerca Gergaria, are a type of insect found all over Africa and are the least dangerous amongst the 10 most dangerous animals in Africa. This insect has somehow ruined the life of Africans. They have to face so many problems due to the existence of this tiny animal. According to some researchers, Desert locusts have been the main reason for the occurrence of Famine in several parts of Africa. They eat up all the food needed for the life of residents of Africa. Moreover, the food left behind is either not healthy or is not sufficient for a huge number of people who live in Africa.

Great White Shark

9. Great White Shark

Another huge and dangerous animal found in almost every ocean of the continent of Africa is The Great White Shark. Known by its other names too like a white pointer, white death and white shark, this giant sea creature has been the cause of the death of many other animals which live with it in the ocean. The reason for the white shark being this much gigantic is mainly its large size which is also found to be 6 meters in length for some of them and the massive weight of almost 2250 kilograms.

Puff Adder

8. Puff Adder

Puff Adder is an extremely dangerous type of snake and is found in Africa. It has caused many people in Africa to suffer from death as its venom is highly toxic in nature. The poison flows through the blood of its victim so rapidly that it is most of the time impossible to survive. The average length of a Puff Adder is 1 meter and the average weight is 13.2 lbs. Due to its deadly nature and assurance for killing its victim in most cases, Bitis arietans (scientific name of Puff Adder) has secured the rank of 8th Most Dangerous African Animal

African Buffalo

7. African Buffalo

African buffaloes go by many names: mbogo, nyati and affalo and they even have the scientific name of Syncerus caffer. This huge animal found in several parts of Africa has an average height of 1.7 meters and an average weight of 2000 lbs. It has another name as Savanna Buffalo. Known by its wild nature, it is considered as the 7th Most Dangerous African Animal. It has a different type of horns on its head which make it wilder in appearance.


6. Lion

Lions are one of the most dangerous animals found in Africa and due to their wild nature, they’ve been put at number 6 in the list. Over the past few years, the number of lions has decreased rapidly in Africa as many hunters and poachers have killed them illegally. These lions have an average weight of 250 kilograms and the highest recorded speed for them is 36 miles per hour. The biological name of an African lion is Panthera Leo. These lions are very dangerous in attitude and once they focus on their victim, they cannot escape through death.

Black Mamba

5. Black Mamba

The black mamba is also one of the Most Dangerous African Animals and is ranked at number 5 in the list being discussed. The black mamba has the word ‘black’ in its name because of the colour of the inside area of its mouth which is generally black. The poison of black mamba is too very dangerous that it can take the breath of its victim away within seconds. It is generally large in length which can be up to 14 meters. Moreover, it can run very fast in comparison to snakes. The highest speed recorded by this type of snake is 19 kilometres per hour.

Nile Crocodiles

4. Nile Crocodiles

The crocodiles found all over Africa are named Nile Crocodiles having the scientific name of Crocodylus niloticus. These are highly dangerous to any type of life existing nearby. Once their victim gets into their trap, it cannot escape from the jaws of this wild huge animal. They are very large in size having an average weight of 500 kilograms. Moreover, they have an ultimately high running speed of 14 kilometres per hour. The extent of their dangerous and wild nature can be determined by the fact that they have the ability to swallow their victim whole.


3. Mosquito

Mosquitoes are a tiny insect, but it can kill many lives through various fatal diseases it is a cause of. Especially, when it comes to an African mosquito, they are worth enough to be put in the list as the 3rd most dangerous animal in Africa. The biological name of an African mosquito is Aedes aegypti. It is also known as the yellow fever mosquito. It is extremely dangerous for life and Africans have to struggle to stay safe from this mosquito.

African Elephant

2. African Elephant

African elephants are the 2nd most dangerous animals in Africa as they are huge in size and very heavy in weight. The average height of an African elephant varies from 10 to 13 feet and the average weight varies from 4700 to 6048 kilograms. The large structure of an African elephant makes it even more dangerous. As they have larger tusks than an average elephant in the major world, they have always been one of the favourite victims of hunters and poachers.


1. Hippopotamus

The highest rank amongst the Top 10 Most Dangerous African Animals has been allotted to the huge animal named Hippopotamus. They are large in size, heavy in weight, wildly Nature and so Africa’s most dangerous animal. The weight of an average Hippopotamus varies between 1800 and 3600 kilograms having an average height of 1.52 meters. Their existence in Africa is found from very old times.

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