Ten of the Most Common Causes Of Early Age Wrinkles

Ten of the Most Common Causes Of Early Age Wrinkles

Wrinkles also known as rhytide is a ridge fold or crease on the skin that typically appears on the skin due to the ageing process and is promoted by many others factors. Having wrinkles on the skin is the commonest problem that almost all people face at any point in their life. The older we get, the more wrinkles we have on our skin but with the advancement, in modern technologies, many methods have been introduced that sort you out of this issue and make this problem less of a serious one. But keep one thing in mind prevention is better than cure, instead of thinking about what to do to get rid of them, your main focus should be on what to do to avoid them. Always aim to avoid the reasons that lead to wrinkles on the face and these reasons are properly mentioned in this list. Here is the list of the most common causes of early-age wrinkles…

10. Free Radicals

Free radical is known to be as atoms or molecule having a single unpaired electron in their outermost shell and makes an attempt to search out their spouse through a chain reaction in order to become stable. Unluckily, the free radicals are not very selective and will attack numerous molecules involving the DNA, proteins and lipids in our skin, therefore causing wrinkles and the breakdown of collagen. We can not slow down our ageing process but we can limit our exposure to unwanted free radicals by having a diet rich in antioxidants.

9. Hormones

Another problem that is associated with ageing and wrinkled skin is a change in hormones. Due to hormonal effects, there are different changes that appear on the skin, the decreased estrogen production or decreased sex hormone production will cause debilitated scleroprotein and cutting skin. Hormonal ageing quickens collagen loss and increases the appearance of wrinkles on the skin including the face and neck.


8. Smoking

Smoking is not a good habit and causes several health issues, you might be on the road to hell if you are smoking. Irrespective of the other health issues, it has also hazardous effects on our skin. If you want to look and feel younger you should have to quit this habit. There are assorted ways in which smoking can cause wrinkles. Smoking can speed up the ageing process of the skin, the more you smoke then the more wrinkles you have. Cigarette smoke is a direct irritant to the skin, the nicotinic contents present in the cigarette causes the blood vessels to be narrowed in the outermost layers of the skin, resulting in impaired blood flow that will make your skin deprived of important nutrients and oxygen. Other chemicals in smoke destroy the elastin and collagen fibres of the skin and therefore resulting in depressed and wrinkled skin.

7. Facial Expressions

The expressions we show repeatedly leave their impressions on our skin. Sometimes we might be hearing from our elders don’t make silly faces repeatedly, it will leave its mark on your skin and we just ignore their advice. But it is true there are different expression lines on our skin including frown lines that are present on our forehead, Laugh lines around our mouth and crow’s feet around our eyes. Each time you make a facial expression, it causes the muscles below the skin surface to contract and pulls down and whenever the skin loses its tendency to return to perfect smoothness and causes the formation of expression lines that are the deepest type of wrinkle and hardest to treat.


6. Gender

Females are more prone to get wrinkles as compared to males. The men have won this war as these are the women who easily get wrinkles, having fewer sebaceous and sweat glands as compared to men. Women look younger and more beautiful than men but their less oily skin can be a great problem for them as it easily gets wrinkles as compared to the skin that is saturated because of secretions. Women have different muscle structure and fewer blood vessels which lead to the increased formation of wrinkles. Men do not possess wrinkles around their mouths as they contain increased blood vessels in their skin and therefore undergo fewer procedures to treat their wrinkles.

5. Sun Exposure

One of the reasons for wrinkles is sun exposure, during teenage getting sunlight exposure may cause a slight change in your skin complexion, but once you mature any excessive sunlight exposure will make you look older and dull as compared to your real age. The ultraviolet rays of the skin are harmful to the skin as they destruct the albuminoid and scleroprotein in the skin. Once the supporting tissues in the endoderm are broken down, the skin starts becoming rough and wrinkled. Almost 90% of wrinkles are reported by sun exposure and if you had more sun exposure even in your childhood then you may get more chance to get wrinkles in your early twenties. Therefore there are several sunblocks, moisturizers and wrinkle creams are available in the market that has a soothing effect on our skin and contain emollient.

4. Age

Ageing is a continuously going process that never stops and is the most authentic reason for wrinkles and no one can deny this fact. The ageing process is intrinsic and extrinsic; the natural ageing process is intrinsic while extrinsic ageing is due to environmental factors it. With the process of ageing the natural skin becomes less elastic and frailer. The albuminoid and scleroprotein that give support to your skin start breaking down and the fat that is present in deep layers of skin and gives the skin a chunky appearance starts to reduce. All these factors result in loose, droopy and more creased skin and cause age-related wrinkling. Intrinsic ageing with extrinsic ageing will make you look older and wrinkled than your actual age.

3. Gravity

Wrinkles are not caused by just gravity itself but the skin that is already saggy is aided by it. Gravity has a pulling effect on your skin and when there is a breakdown of elastin production in late ages like in 50’s the effects of gravity on your skin become more prominent. Its most evident effect on the skin is drooping of the skin on your face and increased depth of wrinkles. Gravity exaggerates the age-related breaking of skin and lax resulting in drooping of eyelids and deeper creases.

Sleeping Position

2. Sleeping Position

Your sleeping position can also be a contributing factor in getting wrinkles. It sounds strange but burrowing the face into the pillow consistently for many years makes the lines prominent and permanent. Those people who are used to lying or sleeping on one side get a lot of wrinkles around their cheeks and mouth, while the people who sleep prone with their face down possess a lot of wrinkles on their forehead. Every night you sleep in this way the wrinkles are reinforced. The only solution to avoid this issue is to maintain a distance between your face and pillow and sleep on your back.

1. Poor Nutrition

The most important cause of wrinkles is poor nutrition. Proper nutrition or a healthy diet is very important to remain healthy. Eating a good nutrition diet may not give a guarantee of your skin’s complete health but it is sure poor nutrition will lead to a lot of wrinkles on your face. Sugar definitely taste good but if taken in excessive amount cause the breakdown of scleroprotein. Sugar in the blood causes the lock of protein passage and forms AGE which is an advanced glycation end product. These end products start damaging the proteins involving elastin and collagen and therefore resulting in saggy and more wrinkled skin. Eating foods that are rich in antioxidants will help in avoiding wrinkles by combating free radicals.

Do you have any other tips for reducing wrinkles in early age? Do you know what else causes them? Do let us know in the comments below.

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