Top 10 Tips for Choosing Healthier Food

Top 10 Tips for Choosing Healthier Food

When you go to the store, you must have in mind a guide on what you should buy or not for your weekly menu. We tell you what you should pay attention to when purchasing to carry out a healthy diet. Choosing more nutritious foods can be a headache when we don’t keep a series of tips that can help us. It is necessary to consider that an adequate and balanced diet is the basis for the prevention of diseases in the medium and long term. This aspect must not be neglected to guarantee the correct functioning of the organism. In any case, we are aware that you may have certain doubts about it.

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1. Choose fresh foods

Your first choice when shopping for food should be fresh. Vegetables and fruits provide an infinity of nutrients, mainly minerals and vitamins, and, therefore, they should occupy a good portion of the shopping cart.

Don’t leave the fresh ones for last. Instead, go to that supermarket section when you enter, when you still have energy and enjoy the activity. This way, you’ll probably pick up more vegetables and fruits than when you’re itching to leave.

2. Best local and seasonal food

When choosing fresh foods, opt for those from your region harvested at that time of year. Keep in mind that vegetables and fruits that travel long distances to the supermarket are usually harvested green and ripened in boxes, ultimately providing fewer nutrients than those ripened on the plant.

3. Buy foods made with whole grains

Whole grain cereals retain the bran, germ, and endosperm. While the bran provides fibre, iron, magnesium and B vitamins, the embryo is rich in vitamin E and healthy fats. The endosperm provides carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals for its part.

These nutrients are essential, among other things, to ensure the correct state of health of the digestive system. This is confirmed by research published in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, where regular fibre intake is associated with a lower risk of colon cancer. Unlike refined cereals, whole grains provide more nutrients. All these components are beneficial
for the body, so don’t hesitate and choose whole grains!

Top 10 Tips for Choosing Healthier Food

4. If your budget allows it, choose organic food

They mainly stand out because they do not have synthetic traces. That is, they have not been treated with preservatives, dyes, or any antibiotics or pesticides. In this way, you make sure you avoid the toxic waste that could harm your health. If you have a farm or orchard nearby, come closer. There you will get healthy food.

5. Look at the labels

When we go shopping, we have to put in the cart the foods that, at first glance, we consider better, but have you ever stopped to read the labels? And we are not referring to the leading brand where empty phrases such as “light” or “sugar-free” appear, but to the back where you can verify its actual ingredients. The first step in choosing healthier foods is to understand the labels.

You should know that its ingredients are ordered by weight; that is, the element that makes up the majority of that food will appear first, and from then on, they will be listed in decreasing order.

6. Do not prefer low-fat foods

Fat has been one of the most demonized nutrients in recent years. Not all lipids are bad, indeed, many of them are essential and necessary. You should only run away from trans-type fats, the rest must be included regularly in the diet.

7. Avoid precooked dishes

Ready meals often include a large number of preservatives and sodium. It is better to buy fresh food and prepare the food at home: it will be more tasty and nutritious.

Top 10 Tips for Choosing Healthier Food

8. Don’t buy trinkets

We know it can be difficult but try it! Candy and sweets, in general, do not provide nutrients to the body, but only the so-called “empty calories”. Instead of buying them, opt for a bar of dark chocolate to satisfy your desire to treat yourself.

9. Do not be fooled by advertising

This last point for choosing healthier foods goes hand in hand with reading labels. Do not be influenced by advertising and check the ingredients of what you plan to buy. Some supposedly “light” foods contain a large amount of sugar.

10. Make a list

It sounds silly, but making a list and sticking to it will prevent (or minimize) the compulsive shopping that is often done with higher-calorie, less-healthy foods. Choosing healthier foods requires your awareness. Think at home what dishes you want to prepare during the week, prepare your list and leave room only for one or two whims. In this way, you will spend less and buy. You will also be able to improve the function of the organism and prevent the appearance of diseases in the medium and long term.

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