Ten Character Themed Christmas Trees With Festive Personality

I love my Christmas tree. It doesn’t have too little hanging on it, and it doesn’t have too much. It also makes me smile every time I walk into the house and see it. But if I had one of these Christmas trees I would definitely smile lot more…



Top 10 Character Themed Christmas Trees
Yeti Themed Christmas Tree

10 – Yeti

There is nothing abominable about this Yeti, mountain man themed Christmas tree. It is sure to give the odd little one nightmares, but in the office, it would be a great talking point both in-house and on the social media channels.

Cookie Monster Themed Christmas Tree
Cookie Monster Themed Christmas Tree

9 – Cookie

If this Cookie monster themed Christmas tree doesn’t make you smile not a lot will. Not only do I love the blue colour of the tree, but the letter “C” on top of the tree is worth a laugh as well. Well done to this person who made it, well done indeed.

Top 10 Character Themed Christmas Trees
Godzilla Themed Christmas Tree

8 – Godzilla

If you are going to have a big Christmas tree why not have one that is themed to look like the giant fighting monster Godzilla? Located in what looks like a shopping mall it is a Japanese monster film fan-feast.

Top 10 Character Themed Christmas Trees
Hello Kitty Themed Christmas Tree

7 – Hello Kitty

If you love the little pink Hello Kitty character you are in for a real treat here. With loads of plush toys and pink coloured decorations going up the tree all leading to an even larger plush Hello Kitty it is almost too much pink to handle!

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Top 10 Character Themed Christmas Trees
Grinch Themed Christmas Tree

6 – Grinch

With a simple green netting thrown on the top of the tree and some cardboard facial features added this person has very cleverly turned their Christmas tree into a rather impressive Grinch! Let’s just hope he doesn’t try to steal Christmas again.

Top 10 Character Themed Christmas Trees
Cthulhu Themed Christmas Tree

5 – Cthulhu

Cthulhu is a fictional character who was created by writer H. P. Lovecraft for his short story called “The Call of Cthulhu” he is described it as part man, part dragon, part octopus and going by this image it seems someone thinks he was part Christmas tree as well!

Super Mario Themed Christmas Tree
Super Mario Themed Christmas Tree

4 – Super Mario

Just the fact that they have a super Mario star on the top gets my seal of approval, let alone all the correct themed colours and decorations. If ever there was a tree I would love to have in the home this has to be the one for me.

Top 10 Character Themed Christmas Trees
Snowman Themed Christmas Tree

3 – Snowman

With global warming getting worse the chances are good that future generations will never experience a white Christmas, so let’s make sure that we can all make a good Snowman themed Christmas tree so their memory is never forgotten.

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Top 10 Character Themed Christmas Trees
Dalek Themed Christmas Tree

2 – Dalek

Those of you will a good memory will remember this Christmas tree from my post “Top 10 Funny and Unusual Daleks” and for those who don’t you get to see this intergalactic beast in all its glory. It’s slightly weird if you ask me, but still cool in an odd way.

Top 10 Character Themed Christmas Trees
Minions Themed Christmas Tree

1 – Minions

Now, this is pure genius. With a simple eye and clothed added this Christmas tree has become something amazing. In fact, it is so cool, I might try and make one myself!

Author: Gus Barge

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