Ten of the Worlds Craziest and Most Unusual Flavours of Toothpaste
What sort of toothpaste do you use? Whatever one you use the chances are good that it tastes minty. But what if you don’t like mint? There really isn’t a whole lot of choice out there, but there are some other, more unusual toothpaste flavours that will have you begging for that traditional minty taste…
Ten Amazing and Unusual First-Aid Plasters to Make the Pain Go Away
It doesn’t matter what I seem to be doing, be it writing a shopping list, chopping vegetables or showing my little boy how his daddy (me) used to be a fairly good skateboarder I will end up hurting myself no matter what I do, because I am officially one of those people who are commonly called “accident prone”. So if there is one thing I use …
Ten of the Worlds Craziest Flavours of Lip Balm Money Can Buy
Here in the UK, those frosty mornings are now starting to kick in and if there is one thing you can suffer from at this time of year its chapped lips. But don’t worry! Simply apply some original lip balm to the sore sections of your lips and they will be feeling much better in no time. But choosing which …

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