Ten Things You Should Know Before Bringing Home a New Puppy

Ten Things You Should Know Before Bringing Home a New Puppy
Adopting a new puppy into the family can be a moment of joy – or irritation. Puppies are, without a doubt, balls of fluffy joy, but they can also be very irritating, and quite chaotic. Introducing a puppy into your home requires a degree of preparation and caution, and you must ensure that you are not unprepared when you begin to introduce a puppy into your home. Puppies can be messy, destroy furniture, and be all-around nuisances. Thankfully, however, this page will tell you how you can welcome your newly adopted puppy into the family, how you can prepare, and what to expect.


Locating a Puppy

Finding a puppy is not as simple as going to a search engine and keying in puppies for sale. You must find your puppy from a responsible breeder, and one with certificates and documents to verify that they legitimately came across the puppy. The illegal puppy trade thrives with animals who are stolen and sold on to new owners. That is why you must always opt for ethical breeders and those trusted by regulatory dog breeding authorities. Another thing to consider according to the professional dog rehomers from yourpuppyfl.com is that you must find a puppy that best fits your home and one that suits your lifestyle. Some puppies need extra care, so you must know what breed to look for and how to take care of it.

Other Pets

You may have other pets in your home that pre-date the arrival of your new pet. If you do, you will need to introduce your new pet so that they get along. If you forcibly bring your new pet into the home, you may create conflict with the pets that are already there. Introducing your new puppy into your home must be a staged process. Professional dog breeders recommend that you gradually introduce them through stages. At first, have them smell one another [your puppy and the pre-existing pets, whether dogs or cats], then introduce them through a glass door or panel. The next stage is to introduce them physically – if any signs of conflict arise, you should split them up immediately and start from the beginning. Gradually, your pre-existing pets will begin to accept your new puppy, and they will forge a friendship.

Puppy Essentials

Have you got all the puppy essentials you need? Sure, you might have a bowl, bed and even a collar, but have you got puppy pads, a heat mat for those cold nights and maybe even some chew toys for them to play with? There is no such thing as too much with a puppy as even if you don’t use them you can always keep them as a memento for the day you got your new puppy!

Indoor Security

It’s not simply a matter of bringing home a puppy and letting them explore their new home, you need to consider dangers that the puppy might face. Things like stairs, wires and even small gaps that they might squeeze into. Sure, you can always keep an eye on them while they are out of their cage, but you can’t watch them 24/7. Just try and think through the eyes of a puppy and imagine what dangers you might get up to.

Outdoor Security

So you have the indoor sorted, what about the outdoor? Things like checking for holes in the fence, checking nothing else can get into your garden and if you have a high-priced pedigree puppy you might want to think about some camera-based security.

Ten Things You Should Know Before Bringing Home a New Puppy


If you are a bit of a geek like me why not consider getting some puppy related tech to keep them happy and safe. Things like pet trackers, pet chips and maybe a home pet rover to keep an eye on your new puppy while you are at work or just out the house. There are loads of great toys and devices these days all based around your new pup.

Cleaning Products

While most homes already have plenty of cleaning products you will be surprised at how quickly you will go through them. Things like bleach, carpet spray, floor spray, rubber gloves and maybe even a cordless carpet cleaner. As the saying goes “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Bonding Time

It is essential that you take some time to get to know your new puppy and vice-versa. Have a week off work, maybe work from home for a while (not hard these days) and let your puppy get used to you and you used to your puppy. By being home for the first week or so will help your puppy relax and acknowledge that you are their new owner.

Give Them Time

You might need to give your new puppy months to get used to your life pattern. Things like you going to work, or when you sleep, do try and see at from the puppies POV that you will be carrying on with your normal life and they have to get used to that. So give them time to become the loving pet you know they can be.

Preparing Your Home

Preparing your home is very important. You can never just bring a puppy into your home without adequate preparations, such as water bowls, food bowls, a dog bed, and an area for the dog to go to the bathroom. You must prepare yourself too, or you will suffer. Puppies will not be litter trained at first, so you must train your puppy properly and through the correct and recommended methods. You should begin training your puppy in the garden with puppy pads – this is so that your puppy realizes it must always go outside, and if it goes indoors, that it must go on a puppy pad. Your dog should never be allowed to think it is okay to go to the bathroom indoors.

The ten stages recommended are the best ways to get started. Follow this guide carefully – never rush the process. Now you’re ready to bring your new pup home!

Author: Gus Barge

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