Ten of The Very Best Accessories for Wine Lovers

Giving a bottle of wine as a gift for any occasion or event or as a “thank you” is appreciated much more than another type of ordinary present. The recipient will know that he or she is considered to be special in the eye of the giver. If you want to be even more unique, you can add wine accessories.

Following are some of those accessories that are not only popular and fun but will also be helpful for future uses long after this bottle of wine is long gone:


Personalized Wine Set

Personalized Wine Set

What would be special for a couple who recently got married or someone who has moved into their first or new home? Have a decanter and wine glasses personalized with their names or monograms. When not holding wine, the set can be a decorative centrepiece.

Wine Chiller Bucket

This stainless steel insulated wine bucket keeps bottles cool for as much as two hours. It is the perfect way to present champagne, white wine, or sparkling wine in a classy manner.

Electric Wine Chiller

If the receiver of your gift prefers indoor parties with an electric outlet handy, consider this wine chiller for rosé, white, and sparkling wine. It can take a warm bottle of wine to its optimum serving temperature and, for example, can chill a bottle in just six minutes. It is great to know that a glass of wine does not have to be watered down with ice cubes or that the bottle has to be placed in the freezer to hopefully quickly chill.

Hand Blown Wine Decanter

A crystal decanter is elegant to look at and is extremely functional as well because (l) it is large enough to contain a whole bottle of red wine, (2) avoids drips and spills, (3) opens up the aromas when decanted for the recommended 30 minutes or one or two hours depending on the wine, and (4) improves the flavour of the wine.

Washable Wine Glass Markers

Enable guests to keep track of their wine glasses by giving each one a different marker. The additional fun with these washable ones is that you can have each person draw their own artistic picture and have everyone admire their efforts. Once the party is over, you just wash off their designs and put the markers away to use at the next party.

Wine Carrier Basket

If your recipient is the type who loves to go to other parties or picnics and take wine as their “offering,” they can transport as many as six bottles of wine safely with this handy basket that can become an interesting piece of kitchen décor as it holds other items in between wine outings.

Wine Stakes

Perfect for a trip to the beach or an outdoor picnic, these stainless steel holders are for a wine bottle and glasses. Lightweight, portable, and stable, the stakes keep glasses propped up safely and keep them out of harm’s way.

Gift Basket

If you know that the recipient will be doing this beach or picnic trip very soon, you can add a basket with a selection of meats, cheeses, spreads, fruit, chocolates, and more.

Bottle Protector Sleeves

For the person who travels and likes to bring back wine from a trip, these reusable “wine wings” or “bottle protectors” or “sleeves” can keep those bottles protected during a long-distance trip. The “bottle travel bags” have a leak-proof seal that will help to protect other packed valuables.

Bottle Stopper Garden Kit

What should you suggest to the wine lover who is also a home gardener? Give this unusual Garden Kit and tell that, once the wine is gone, to place it inside the bottle and convert the bottle into a place to grow seedlings! That will give a pretty nature-style look to the kitchen window or on top of a desk or a table until the seedlings get too big and need to be removed and planted in the garden.

Whether your impressive gift of wine and accessories is for someone who considers himself or herself to be an “expert” and often attends wine tastings and/or belongs to a wine club, or whether the recipient just enjoys a glass of wine on occasion, they are sure to be delighted with your choices as a way of celebrating the event or holiday in a deluxe style. Find the perfect gift every time you decide to go shopping.

Author: Gus Barge

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