Ten Design for Wind Turbines That Could Change the World Forever

Here in Wales, there are mountains and mountain ranges just about everywhere you look. And on a few of those said mountain ranges is something people either love or hate and it will often divide options. I am talking about wind turbines and here in Wales, there are thousands of them. Personally, I love the look of them and thought I would share with you ten of the most unusual and amazing designs for wind turbines you will ever see…


Top 10 Weird and Beautiful Wind Turbines
Sheerwind’s Bladeless Wind Turbine

10 – Blowers – Original Source Used: >> Click Here <<

This is not the last blade-less wind turbine you will see on this list, but it is the weirdest looking. While I am sure the design is revolutionary it looks most like a wonderful musical instrument!

Highway wind turbine streetlights

9 – Light your own path – Original Source Used: >> Click Here <<

Eco-design firm TAK has made this concept design of street lights not only powering themselves but also feeding back into the national grid! I think this is a great idea as street lamps are already ugly urban things anyway, so why not attach something a little more pleasing to the eye.

Wind turbine bridge concept

8 – Over Bridged – Original Source Used: >> Click Here <<

Unlike the other bridge wind turbine, you will come to see on this list this one is footbridges and smaller bridges. I would imagine the wind blows rather hard down a river or canal meaning this should generate loads of electricity.

Vertical axis wind turbines

7 – Windy Swingers – Original Source Used: >> Click Here <<

Is this the future of wind turbines? The best thing about these ones is it doesn’t matter what way the wind is coming from, it will always generate electricity.

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Wind Turbine Building – Anara Tower, Dubai

6 – Living with wind – Original Source Used: >> Click Here <<

Instead of making wind turbines to power our homes, why not turn the turbines into our homes! Well, that is what Dubai designer TAMEER thinks we should do. At 600m+ high, there is more than enough room for the 300 branded apartments, 250 key 5-star hotel, 4 sky gardens, health spa, pool and sports courts they have planned for it.

Honeycomb ‘Wind Lens’ Turbines

5 – The lens of Storms – Original Source Used: >> Click Here <<

These unusual turbines work the same way as a magnifying glass does with the sun, but it does it with the wind. Each and every Lens measures 112 meters in diameter meaning they are almost as big as the London eye, but these can rotate to face the wind for the best results.

Wind turbine bridge concept

4 – Bridge Over Windy Valleys – Original Source Used: >> Click Here <<

One designer has come up with the idea of combining our need to build bridges with our need for electricity generation. With several wind turbines built into the bridge its self, the road will be designed to channel all the wind down the valley and into the turbines! Well, it impressed me anyway.

Bladeless Wind Turbines

3 – Stalks – Original Source Used: >> Click Here <<

Just how these 1,203 “stalks,” each 180-feet high generate power is far beyond my understanding, but in terms of more unusual ways to generate electricity from wind power, this has to be right up there with the strangest of ideas thought up so far!

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Altaeros Energies’ Floating Wind Turbine

2 – Floating Winds – Original Source Used: >> Click Here <<

These giant wind turbines are 35-foot round and generate power at 350 feet off the ground! These basically blimp style wind turbines, but in the strong gusts of the wind we have blowing through the Welsh valleys, I would imagine this would not last long at all.

Tree Themed Wind Turbine

1 – Tree Power – Original Source Used: >> Click Here <<

It would have been better with a brown coloured main trunk, but this tree themed one generating over 3100 watts of electricity is something I would much prefer to see on the tops of all the mountains around here. But stuff it, I just think any form of green energy is a good start no matter what it looks like.

Author: Gus Barge

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