Ten Baked Potato Recipes That Make Any Old Spud Amazing

During the cold, skint, winter months it is best to cook a meal that is warming and going to fill you up on the cheap. For me, that is jacket potato. With so many fillings, styles and options it is a meal that can take any flavour you want it to! So today I thought I would take a look at what I think is…



Chicken and Tomato Jacket Potato with Greek Yogurt
Chicken and Tomato Jacket Potato with Greek Yogurt

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We start off with this rather healthy and dare I say “summer” tasting spud! With a nice rich creamy yoghurt and some tasty fruits and vegetables, this is a quick and easy meal idea.

Broccoli Cheddar Stuffed Baked Potatoes

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Simple to make, great to taste, warm to the belly and filling as all ways to describe this recipe that is basically jacket potato and cheese.

Tuna and sweetcorn topped baked potato

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Here we have the much-loved and classic meal of tuna and sweetcorn! Very healthy, very simple and very tasty indeed. Having tried it myself many times, I know this is very nice indeed.

Jacket potato with mushrooms filling

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This picture looks like a taste sensation. With a tasty jacket spud with mushroom filling, beef, Yorkshire puddings and what looks like some coleslaw it is a very hearty all round meal. But we are here for the spud only and while I have not tried a jacket potato with mushrooms I would be willing to try this one.

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Jacket potatoes with chickpeas & red onion filling

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Chickpeas go well with whatever they are placed with, so when they are placed with some red onions and a baked spud it creates a very healthy and hearty meal.

Jacket Potatoes with King Prawns

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Prawns and jacket spud sounds like an odd combination, but one that I would be willing to try. Probably best of in the summer it is a simple and quick recipe to try.

Jacket Potato with Cajun Salmon Dressing

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Once again we are on the seafood path with this rather interesting mix of salmon and cajun! Do they work well together?!? I am not so sure, but it does sound interesting.

Sticky hot dog jackets

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This is a fantastic spin on the traditional way to eat jacket potatoes. Instead of eating it like a spud-filled with something like the rest of them here, eat it like a potato bun hot dog!

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Jacket potato with spinach curry sauce

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There are several curry and jacket spud recipes out there to choose from, but I thought this one sounds like the very best of them. Quite a complicated recipe to make, but I think it would be well worth the effort.

Jacket Potato with Posh Sausage, Beans & Red Onion

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This is my all-time favourite way to eat jacket potato. Growing up this is what I would eat the most of and as an adult, I enjoy it even more.

Author: Gus Barge

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