Ten Aspects of Online Bingo You Might Not Know

Ten Aspects of Online Bingo You Might Not Know

Bingo is a game that’s been popular for over a century, but the move to online play has led to some fascinating changes that you might not yet be aware of.

Different Types of Bingo

Bingo started as a single game but has expanded into numerous variants. The 75-ball version was traditionally popular in the US with the 90-ball game played in the UK. Online bingo sites now make it possible to play these and other versions anywhere.

You’ll Find the Games Organised by Rooms

Finding a game to play is simple when you check an online bingo site organised into rooms. These rooms are themed and given unique names, so you can quickly find the type of experience you’re looking for. Paddy’s Free Bingo offer no-cost games while Paddy’s Party and the Gold Room are among the other options.

Themed Online Versions

Interesting themes have been added to the basic bingo format. Versions like Deal or No Deal Bingo and Age of the Gods Bingo are among the popular themes that add something different to the basic type of bingo.

Slots and Instant Games on Bingo Sites

Enter an online bingo site and you’ll expect to see a variety of different ways of playing. In addition, you’ll find a varied selection of slots and other instant games to try. This variety keeps growing as new games are released regularly, each with random results on each spin made.

Free Games Online

Free games give you a chance to try and win some cash without buying your tickets. These games are usually for relatively low prizes and may be offered at certain times of day. Some sites offer their free games to new players while others are open to all members.

Big Jackpots

Big bingo jackpots can be won on some games if you get a full house before anyone else. The bigger prize is generally reflected in the price of the tickets you need to buy to take part in this type of game.

Numbers Get Marked Automatically

One of the worries for new players is how to keep up with the numbers being called out as the game progresses. In that case, you can simply choose the option for automatic daubing on your card, so that your numbers are marked without needing to keep track.

Slingo Mixes Bingo and Slots

Slingo is a relatively new type of game that mixes bingo and slots for something new. Games like Slingo Cosmic Clusters and Slingo Day of the Dab add interesting themes to a simple type of gameplay when you try to complete as many winning lines as possible.

Choose How Many Tickets to Buy

Before you play any online bingo game, one of the final steps is to decide how many tickets you want to buy. Selecting more tickets gives you more chances to win, but some games set a limit on how many tickets you can buy, and you should always stick to a responsible budget too.

Ten Aspects of Online Bingo You Might Not Know

Chat Function

The social aspect of bingo hasn’t been lost with its move online. The chat function lets you get to know the other players in each room and adds some extra fun to the game while waiting to see if your numbers are called out.

The move to online bingo has added a new dimension to this classic game while maintaining the main elements that made it popular in the first place, giving you the best of both worlds.

Author: Gus Barge

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