Is Artisan Flat Roofing with Mastic Asphalt Worth the Money

Ten Reasons Artisan Flat Roofing with Mastic Asphalt is Worth the Money
Mastic asphalt roofing as a roofing material has many characteristics. This material has outdone others for roofing needs with its polymer formation. It is flexible in both low temperatures and high temperatures and lasts longer. With the asphalt component, this roofing material has high fire performance ratings, improved acoustic performance, and performs best in thermal insulation materials.

Is it worth the money? With its many benefits, this flat roofing material is worth every penny. Here are the reasons.



1. It is durable

Without any doubt, mastic asphalt roofing material is the most rigid and most long-lasting roofing material made for architects, property owners, and other property merchants. With its artisan flat roofing design, its roofing can last for over 50 years. According to roofing experts from, its longevity has made the material build high-profile projects in the United States and other areas.

2. It is Better Than Many Other Materials

Mastic asphalt has outdone many materials, including waterproof materials. That’s why it builds car parks, highly used bridges, and other open structures. In most cases, most architects use this material to enhance waterproofing in flat roof houses that comprise green roofing. If you plan to include greenery, it’s the best material to protect your home from the rooftop garden.

3. It Can Create Many Other Designs

Leave alone the flat roof design. Mastic asphalt roofing material can accommodate other designs comfortably. The material offers the architecture an opportunity to create so many designs with the material, making you have many options to choose from. Since it’s seamless, the material can carve out roof gardens, leisure complexes, paved areas, or other places requiring good roofing. Other than this, the material is versatile, meaning you can mould and shape it in any design, depending on your structure.

4. Its Resistance to Foot Traffic and Loading

Many people build flat roofs for a reason. Some build it to create rooftop gardens, others a rooftop resting place with the most using it as a storage area. Mastic asphalt material can withstand pressure and its resistance to human traffic and any load, as long as your house supports it. You can use it to put overhead tanks, installations, and other operations, as long as its thickness and surface operation gets reinforced. You can have a rooftop garden without worrying about your house carving in or leaking.

5. Has Zero Carbon Emissions

The world is moving to better roofing materials that have zero carbon content to preserve the environment. Of all materials, Mastic asphalt is the first to achieve the Carbon Zero status approved by the relevant bodies. With so many other options running to achieve this effect, experts have confirmed building your house with this material will guarantee you a 100% CO2 neutral solution, an accreditation showing you are way forward in conserving the environment. You have to get an approved artisan and install this carbon-free material, which will add you some health benefits.
Ten Reasons Artisan Flat Roofing with Mastic Asphalt is Worth the Money

6. It Can Handle The Weather

While most roofs can handle normal weather for the given area it was laid in, you can not always rely on it when things get a little crazy weather-wise. Things like mild tornadoes, or larger hail storms can cause other types of roofing problems, but not so much when it comes to properly installed Asphalt.

7. It looks Cleaner For Longer

Using wood roofing or other less durable materials means the roof (especially the edging) can look old and weathered rather quickly, but well-maintained Asphalt doesn’t and looks cleaner for a lot longer

8. Perfect Roofing

One of the remain reasons roofs leak is small gaps that are most commonly found on the edges of the roof. Thanks to the hot molten liquid of mastic asphalt it can be applied to tight awkward spaces making it much less likely to leak than many other materials.

9. Safer Texturing

If the roof you are having is one you might be standing on to clean the windows or attend to a roof garden the last thing you want is a slippery surface. The good news is aggregates can be added to asphalt roofing which gives you much better traction which will prevent slipping in wet conditions.

10. You Nearly Always Get an Expert

Getting artisan flat roofing installed can be a costly purchase, so the last thing you would want it someone who isn’t qualified laying it down. The good news is asphalt roofing spreaders are required to complete a minimum of a 2 year NVQ making them much more qualified to do the job as they have studied for far longer than other material specialists.

There are so many benefits of mastic asphalt, which will make you get the value of your money upon using it for your roofing needs. It would be best to get a mastic asphalt installation company to craft this roofing material into a design you will want for your house. This installation will enable you to get the highlighted benefits and much more.

Author: Gus Barge

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