Top Ten Anniversary Destinations

Celebrating you and your loved one’s anniversary is a momentous occasion that should be special and romantic. One of the best ways to make sure this happens is by taking a trip somewhere. Here are some of the top places you should think about travelling to for your anniversary.


Anniversary Destinations - Italy


There is no denying the fact that Italy is filled with places that are perfect for those looking to celebrate anniversaries. The atmosphere found across the country is filled with love and thoughts of cupid. It seems that everywhere you travel speaks a love language universally known and understand. Italy should be top of your travel list when trying to find the perfect romantic destination.

Anniversary Destinations - Australia


Although small, Australia offers a variety of different things one can do on their anniversary getaway. You could stroll the beaches, taste test some vineyards, or travel on cruises from Melbourne. You are almost guaranteed to find something that will help remind you both of the reason why you are there. Rekindle your love and hold each other tight while exploring the Land Down Under.

Anniversary Destinations - Iceland


One of the main attractions for going to Iceland is the once in a lifetime experience of seeing the Northern Lights. You can cosy up in a hot tub and watch the sky as it magically transforms above you. Iceland is filled with several natural sights that display the beauty of nature, which can help inspire any couple to remember the beauty of their relationship.

Anniversary Destinations - France


France has been known to be the most romantic country in all the earth. It has a way of showing people that love is more than just physical attraction and activities, it’s a deeply bonded togetherness and relationship. There is beauty to be seen everywhere, but there is also an overwhelming sense of passion. Let down your guard and be that couple everyone knows is in love.

Anniversary Destinations - Mexico


For Americans especially, travelling to Mexico is an easy place to go for their special anniversary trip. It’s often cheaper than other places would be and isn’t as much of a hassle to get to like other locations are. There are several excursions couples can do there, not to mention the outstanding food for each of them to enjoy.

Anniversary Destinations - Alaska


If you’re looking for a getaway that will be quiet, yet adventurous, Alaska is the place to go. You can find you and your loved one secluded in a cabin with a chance to catch up and restate your love for one another with no distractions. There’s nature to be enthralled by, cruises to enjoy, and several other adventures you can experience when travelling there.

Anniversary Destinations - Greece


Filled with a rich history of gods and goddesses, Greece is one of the ultimate romantic destinations for any couple. It’s filled with beautiful views, love-encompassed stories, and dreamy places to stay. You’re sure to feel the love when you and your loved one travel to this country.

Anniversary Destinations - Hawaii


Hawaii offers couples the chance to explore nature, history, and feelings of love when visiting there. It’s a hot spot for couples, so it’s also a good place for those who like to meet new people and make friends while away. Several different types of nature can be found, as well as clear water with sandy beaches.

Anniversary Destinations - New York City

New York City

Although busy, New Your City, New York is one of the most beloved romantic places to go visit. The wonder and awe of attending a Broadway show is something that this city capitalizes on. The views from The Empire State Building are also a must-see when staying there. Filled with shopping and historical museums as well, this city offers couples several different romantic experiences.

Anniversary Destinations - Maldives


Couples who enjoy the water and the experiences found within it should consider going to the Maldives for their anniversary. It is comprised of over a thousand coral islands, making it one of the most perfect spots for snorkelling. The bungalows and hotels there also scream romance and seclusion. You can find yourself getting pampered at almost any place here as well.

Any of these places are sure to give you and your loved one an amazing anniversary trip. You can enjoy some time away, all while celebrating the love shared between the two of you.

Author: Gus Barge

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