Ten Animals Waving Who Just Want to Say Hello or Goodbye

It’s official! I am going as crazy as a bag of racoons! You see, today I came home from work, got in the house and instead of the dog jumping up at me and going nuts in a “Yeah your home!” kind of way, the dog just laid there (and I swear this is true) just waved at me! Lifted up his paw and waved!!! Am I going nuts or are all animals as “casually” friendly as my dog. So to prove I am not going insane in the membrane I have decided to look at…

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Baby Panda Waving Hello
Baby Panda Waving Hello

10 – “Oh hi, and welcome to our blog post! We are all just animals trying to be friendly!”

Jimi Hendrix once said: ”The story of life is quicker than the blink of an eye, the story of love is hello, goodbye.”

Dog Waving Hello

9 – “Oh I am not trying to wave at you, I just really need to stop for a pee!”

Bill Cosby once said: ”I don’t have a problem believing in God and Jesus. But in Genesis, one has to wonder about these sentences that just go on and end without finishing. The thought is unfinished. Where did Adam go? What is he doing? Hello? There have to be some pages missing.”

Brown Woodland Bear Waving Hello

8 – “Oh, hi! Yeah, the picnic basket inspection centre is right this way.”

Ernie Harwell once said: ”It’s time to say goodbye, but I think goodbyes are sad and I’d much rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure.”

lined June beetle Waving Hello

7 – “HEY! Check me out Mr photographer I have had my hair done just for you!”

Dean Martin once said: ”I’ve got seven kids. The three words you hear most around my house are ‘hello,’ ‘goodbye,’ and ‘I’m pregnant’.”

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Mouse Waving Hello

6 – “Hello good sir, I don’t suppose you have thought of the power of cheese have you?”

Cher once said: ”I’m learning English at the moment. I can say ‘Big Ben’, ‘Hello Rodney’, ‘Tower Bridge’ and ‘Loo’.”

Darren the goat Waving Hello

5 – “Oh hey kid! Is that thing in your hair edible?!?”

Ashton Kutcher once said: ”I think we’ve all been in the middle of doing something we cared about when someone coming in the room and saying ‘hello’ was annoying. I personally can understand that, as someone who tries to create.”

Duck Waving Hello

4 – “Hey you! Yeah you with the bag of stale bread, come over here!”

Jimmy Fallon once said: ” Thank you… motion sensor hand towel machine. You never work, so I just end up looking like I’m waving hello to a wall robot.”

Crocodile Waving Hello

3 – Dave? Hey, Dave is that you?! …hang on, you’re not Dave!”

Florence Welch once said: ”I think I should get a bigger between-the-song persona, so then I’m not wandering around the stage like some mad old auntie that’s saying hello to people and falling over.”

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Cat Waving Hello

2 – “Oh hey! Before you go can you fill my food bowl you might be gone for minutes!”

Hulk Hogan once said: ”The only time I’m not Hulk Hogan is when I’m behind closed doors because as soon as I walk out the front door, and somebody says hello to me, I can’t just say ‘hello’ like Terry. When they see me, they see the blond hair, the moustache, and the bald head, they instantly think Hulk Hogan.”

Frog Waving Hello

1 – “Hello there good sir! Are you here for the wildlife documentary?”

Britney Spears once said: ”I like meeting all my fans and signing autographs, although it can all get a bit crazy. Yesterday, for example, a boy just came over and planted a big kiss on my face! I was like, ‘Hello?’”

Author: Gus Barge

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