Top 10 Zoo Animals Enjoying Christmas Trees

Do you have a real Christmas tree this year? What do you plan to do with it after Christmas? Why not ring a local zoo or farm park and ask if they would like it for their animals because some animals love playing with them, some love eating them but no matter what they do with them it is a fantastic way to recycle them. Here are ten animals that will make great use of that old tree…



Top 10 Zoo Animals Enjoying Christmas Trees
Deer Enjoying a Christmas Tree

10 – Deer

Deer add energy in winter by gnawing at needles and tree bark, so to them, your old Christmas tree is an energy bar! Although this one looks like he is attacking it.

Otter Enjoying a Christmas Tree

9 – Otter

Your old Christmas tree is a playtoy for an otter who will love finding his food inside of it that was hidden by his keeper.

Japanese Macaque Enjoying a Christmas Tree

8 – Japanese Macaque

This Macaque seems to be inspecting his new gift but apparently will eat them in the end.

Camel Enjoying a Christmas Tree

7 – Camel

Much like the elephants, later on, camels play with then eat their Christmas trees. They have not been taught to not play with their food it seems.

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Bengal Tiger Enjoying a Christmas Tree

6 – Bengal Tiger

A lot of big cats make this list because they are the ones that will enjoy that recycled Christmas tree the most.

Lama Enjoying a Christmas Tree

5 – Lama

Never open your do at Christmas to a hungry Lama, he’s only there to eat your tree.

Giraffe Enjoying a Christmas Tree

4 – Giraffe

Unlike a lot of the animals on this list Giraffes don’t play with the trees, they simply eat it.

Tiger Enjoying a Christmas Tree

3 – Tiger

Big cats love the smell of a Christmas tree and will often roll around on them getting the scent of the tree all over themselves.

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Lion Enjoying a Christmas Tree

2 – Lion

Apparently, Christmas trees are like ‘catnip’ to lions thanks to their strong smell. No wonder the smaller domestic cats attack them!

Elephant Enjoying a Christmas Tree

1 – Elephant

Elephants do something very unusual to a Christmas tree. They play with them for a while then eat them! Thanks to their thick tongues they are a tasty treat that smells amazing.

Author: Gus Barge

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