Top 10 Best Ways to Recycle a Wheelbarrow

For some reason, I think you will all relate to my little story here today: You see just yesterday my neighbour (who was moving out of his home) knocked on my door and asked me if I wanted my Wheelbarrow back. Now, this might not seem that unusual, but he had “borrowed” it for so long I had forgotten he had it and got myself a new one! And for some reason, I think most people will have had the same sort of thing happen to them. I would love to hear about those from everyone, but before that, I think I need to find a use for this now spare wheelbarrow I have, but what can I do with a spare wheelbarrow?!? It turns out that the answer is quite a lot…


Top 10 Best Ways to Recycle a Wheelbarrow


Wheelbarrow turned into a Planter
Wheelbarrow turned into a Planter

10 – From help in the garden to being a garden!

This is a good start to things and simple but cool recycling. Best of all a wheelbarrow full of plants looks rather amazing and would make a great talking point in any garden.

Wheelbarrow turned into a chair
Wheelbarrow turned into a chair

9 – After a long day in the garden why not take a seat for a while!

And what better thing to sit in than this rather odd, but also rather cool looking wheelbarrow that has been turned into what looks like a rather relaxing chair! But I just wouldn’t lean back to far as I suspect it has a rather low tipping point.

Wheelbarrow turned into a succulents garden
Wheelbarrow turned into a succulents garden

8 – Wheelbarrow does Desert-Storm

Almost the same as number 10 but not quite, as this is a Desert Garden succulents display rather than a planter and it doesn’t matter what you put succulents in (see my “Top 10 Best Cinder Block Planters” for proof) they will always look cool.

Wheelbarrow turned into a Coffee Table
Wheelbarrow turned into a Coffee Table

7 – This will go nicely with my Wheelbarrow chair!

While I have included this one in my top 10 because it is a great use of a wheelbarrow I am not so sure that I like it. Amazing recycling but just not amazing visually in my opinion.

Wheelbarrow turned into a BBQ
Wheelbarrow turned into a BBQ

6 – The Great British Wheelbarrow Cook Off

Yes, this is good recycling, yes it looks cool and yes it is kind of funny. But I didn’t include it for any of those, I included it because whoever this shows how highly practical it is by hanging the sausage tongs off the handles! It is like it was made to be a BBQ!

Wheelbarrow turned into a beer cooler
Wheelbarrow turned into a beer cooler

5 – Get on the Beers son!

Some men are childish idiots (like me), but some have those brains where what seems like a normal idea to them, is an EPIC WIN for everyone else and that is exactly where this one comes in. Some will say it is a flawed, cheap idea, but I love it!

Wheelbarrow turned into a Wall Art
Wheelbarrow turned into a Wall Art

4 –  “Somewhere Over the Wheelbarrow, skies are….hang on a sec!?!”

This is a company called “Beaver tool hire” in Isleworth/Twickenham, on 415 St Margeret’s Rd Isleworth and they are very well-known for this rather amazing piece of artwork that is installed on their Warehouse. A great idea if you have an overload of stock of wheelbarrows, but sadly I only have one of them to use, but it doesn’t stop me from thinking this is a great use of them.

Wheelbarrow turned into a Halloween Display
Wheelbarrow turned into a Halloween Display

3 – The World’s Scariest Wheelbarrow?!?

Simple but also rather cool is exactly how I would describe this Halloween Display that will be perfect for when the time come. Nothing more than some dirt and a broken old plastic skeleton stuck into the dirt! Not rocket science, just great use of a wheelbarrow!

Wheelbarrow turned into a Race Kart
Wheelbarrow turned into a Race Kart

2 – The Formula 1 of wheelbarrows.

I have now idea where to start, I have no engineering skills, I have no welding skills, but all I do have is an unrivalled need to make one of these! It would just be so much fun it’s ridiculous! Who needs seatbelts eh!

Wheelbarrow turned into a work of Art
Wheelbarrow turned into a work of Art

1 – Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

And if that said “beholder” is Cal Lane then you are in for a real treat because she is widely accredited with being one of the world’s very best metal and steel artist. And so when Car Lane turns her attention to an old wheelbarrow you end up with something beyond our wildest dreams.

140 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Ways to Recycle a Wheelbarrow”

  1. Well I kn ow what I will be doing with that old wheelbarrow in the garden shed now. Good posts.

  2. Brilliant, you helped me win an argument with my mum who said there was nothing she could do with her old wheelbarrow!

  3. Loved this list. You are so right about the practicality of #6. If you have ever had a wheel break off your grill when trying to move it to another area in the yard, you understand how much sence this makes. You can move this thing anywhere with ease and when your not grilling, throw some fake bones in it and freak out the neighbors. Done!

  4. ‘fraid not… the snow just left us to make way for rain. Spring it seems has abandoned London and I refuse to go assess the damage until the sun shows its pretty face. Call me stubborn if you will ^.^

  5. How could I have not thought of a wheelbarrow kart? I heard the greatest bit of short fiction on This American Life recently where a family of three have created a tradition for their Christmas Eve. They have a sled race down from a hill at the top of their neighbourhood back down to their own street and try to beat their best ever time. Since moving to a street on a hill, I’ve thought about recreating a (snowless) version of this fantastic tradition. Wheelbarrow tobogganing race anyone?

  6. Whilst I avoid gardening like the plague – unless a kitty comes in which case I must give it milk and use my baby voice – number 10 does exist in my garden. Oddly we grow onions in our rusty wheelbarrow. Onion flowers are quite pretty…
    Cheers for following my blog. I follow ye in return, I’m a sucker for top ten lists!

  7. Yes I actually thought of the one with the ice and drinks in it. I will incorporate that into my wedding someday.

  8. We have 2 wheel barrows at our house. Before we were married or lived together, my husband bought one for Mother’s Day. In fact at that point, we’d only been dating 9 months. He took much grief about it, but none from me. Very early on, we agreed practical gifts were best. So now that we have both in the same place, they both get used

  9. N° 7–I just cannot see me dusting a wheelbarrow. I would have to be feeling really reckless to use N°1 in the garden.

    I was quite pleased when I first got my very own wheelbarrow and somewhat dismayed when I realized they can get flat tires.

    Wonderful post, just wonderful!
    I ever loved wheelbarrows, they’re extremely useful tools, both handy and funny – I think, so fascinating in some way. Mmm, yes. FasCinAtiNg 😉

  11. The Beaver Tool Hire image is NOT in America, but in the UK, at Isleworth/Twickenham, on 415 St Margeret’s Rd Isleworth. Please correct this! Google maps image to prove is here…

  12. I rather liked the coffee table from the wheelbarrow, though I know I would forever be knocking it over. Not for my loving room, but on a porch or patio I think it would work nicely.

  13. In truth I am several weeks ahead, so I do have lots of times I get the dreaded “writers block” but I am always ahead so no-one knows. (until I have just posted this)

  14. Since the wheelchair return was just yesterday, you must have jumped right on this topic! I don’t know how you always find so many good examples to illustrate each day’s featured category.

  15. Ever played the I’m Nearly Famous game? You have to think of the most tenuous link you have to somebody who’s a bit known. So if you happen to know Beyonce’s nanny’s second cousin you get more points than if you know Beyonce herself.

  16. |These are all fun, but it has to be Cal Lane’s wheelbarrows. They’re simply gorgeous.
    Mind you, with three wheelbarrows you’ve got a beer cooler, a barbie, and somewhere to sit. Quids in.

  17. It is a good point that commercially it is kind of genius! A little DIY firm and their “art” went viral. Goes to show anyone and anything can become famous if they try.

  18. After a day without internet, thanks to a blizzard, thank gawd you posted – what happened to folks while I was offline for 12 hours?!? Thank goodness I had your uplifting post to read after so many that made me question what exactly happened in reality while I was off – line….LOL

    #5 and #6 – definitely – I may not be a fundamentalist or conservative at heart –
    But I am a Redneck Girl – – –

    Great Post!

  19. I was just browsing through thinking this is okay and then I got to #1. Cal Lane is absolutely amazing. If I had money I’d commission her to make something for me — anything!

  20. #6 – what did the guy start his barbecue with? See corner of children’s picnic table in background.
    #5 – and after the beer is drank and the ice melted, the water can be used on the garden! I say it is a real winning situation!
    My favorites are the planters.

  21. My favorite is diet Dr. Pepper. I also love to add vanilla to diet Coke and make diet vanilla Coke. Diet cherry Pepsi is also good. I like to add rum or vodka to any of the above for a great drink!

  22. I think #10 is very pretty and it is a practical way to reuse something you don’t need(or you have two of!) #5 is be far my favorite. Why waste a cooler when you have a wheelbarrow and it is easier to move if the party moves. Mine would hold pop though, i am not really a beer drinker. Hard liquor yes beer and wine no.

  23. Haha. The only reason I thought of it is because we recently bought a grill and I’m like SUPER UBER AMAZINGLY paranoid about non food stuff getting into my food. Like the sticker that was on the inside of the grill that wouldn’t come off.

  24. I’m really glad you clicked “Like” on my post yesterday.. because it lead me to your blog and the last two posts. Love the concept. Both posts made me laugh out loud. Thanks.

  25. Thanks Russell, but I will be back full force once I get this moving business behind me! Nice to know you got me bookmarked though.

  26. All the info I have is in the images, just click on them and they will take you to the source its self, take a look at the wheelbarrow artist the rest of the works are even better!

  27. Poor yo, it sound like a lot of work at the moment, and thank you for taking 5 to visit me, don’t worry about me I have your blog bookmarked so we will always be in touch somehow.

  28. Good to hear you took a look at the rest of the stuff. Can I ask you Lee: Do you prefer the links to be in a (source) link style or the checkable images like this post? (would be good to know)

  29. My favorite is #4, I love the colors and the whole idea. Then I saw the one by Cal Lane and I was blown away. I checked out her site and her work is gorgeous. What a great post!

  30. Omg the no 1 is totally amazing!!!! I want one too!!! Wow. Seriously awesome art. Would love to make it out of anything, not only a wheelbarrow! Ooo, if you’ll find out who/how/etc, let me know 😉

  31. definitely the b-b-q is so brilliant, it is a wonder everyone dont do it. and u can use it again afterwards as a wheelbarrow. and if it rains u can wheel the lot into shelter, and take it out again when the rain stops. and so easy to dump the ashes.

  32. I have missed so many of your posts lately! I’m in the middle of moving and have not been on much, but today I just had to stop by. I love #1, that is so cool looking. #4 is very eye catching which I suppose is the point of it. I like the garden one too, so nice to be able to recycle even a wheelbarrow. 🙂

  33. I visited the Cal Lane website, and all I can say is, “Whoa!!” Some people have talent and some have wishes. I might have to go buy another wheelbarrow just to be able to do some of these amazing or clever things!

  34. Amazing what can be done with one simply thing. I must say I do like the garden inside a wheelbarrow, however the last picture is truly amazing. Thanks for a another great post. Ivan

  35. K so I want one of those utterly AWESOMELY AMAZINGLY COOL wheel barrows that Cal Lane makes!!!
    I never thought about making a fire pit thingy out of a wheel barrow… Interesting… That could come in handy!! As long as there is no lead paint……

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