Top 10 Novelty, Amazing and Unusual Ice Cube Trays

All right stop! collaborate, and listen, Ice is back with my brand new invention! And it appears that this said “invention” is the ice-cube mould tray and it can make ice cubes in just about any shape you want. But we are not here today to examine all of them, we just want the top 10 that a nerd like me would love. So without further ado I bring you…

Top 10 Novelty, Amazing and Unusual Ice Cube Trays


Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Ice Cube Trays
Star Wars: Han Solo Ice Cube Mould

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With this rather impressive Han Solo ice cube tray you can make up to 6 smaller ones and 1 much larger one all at once and once the glass goes clear you do in fact get some rather impressive but yet very nerdy ice-cube moulds.

Star Wars: Death Star Ice Cube Mould
Star Wars: Death Star Ice Cube Mould

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You may well remember this from my post “Death Star Inspired Items” but it just had to be included in this because of the fact that it is one of the best nerds inspired ice-cubes you will ever see, but I do rank it low in the top 10 because they are quite large making them impractical except for use in the biggest of glasses.

Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Ice Cube Trays
Batman Ice Cube Mould

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You won’t find the answer to your problems by shining a light into the sky, you need to start looking at the bottom of a glass! (or is that the other way around?!?) Whatever way it is these Batman Ice-cubes are sure to make you feel that little bit better.

Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Ice Cube Trays
Tetris Ice Cube Mould

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For just over a fiver, you can have these rather impressive Tetris shapes in your drink. And you just know you will have to have them out on the table and play with them until they melt away.

Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Ice Cube Trays
Pacman Ice Cube Mould

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Make your favourite drinks go all 8-bit style with this great Pac-Man and Ghosts Ice-cube tray! Make up to 12 of these games classic cubes at once and you and your friends will be reliving all the glory that Pac-Man had back in his days, and be the talking point of any party with these nerdy ice-cube moulds.

Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Ice Cube Trays
AK Ice Cube Tray

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Ask yourself just how many action movies you saw last year or how much time you really spend playing Call of Duty: Black Ops2 because if you are honest with yourself this could well be the perfect Ice-Cube for you.

Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Ice Cube Trays
Android Ice Cube Tray

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If I love any gadget over all the rest it has to be my Nexus 7 and if like me you are a proud owner of Android device then you are now shouting at the screen: “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!”

Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Ice Cube Trays
Space Invaders Ice Cube Tray

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If you are anything like me you spent a good portion of your childhood blasting those awful looking 8-bit aliens until your hand went sore. Now you can freeze those precious moments in time with rather impressive Space invaders Ice-Cube tray!

Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Ice Cube Trays
Pi Symbol Silicone Ice Tray

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Why not relax with everyone’s favourite irrational number chilling in your drink! Well, now you can and if ever there was a super nerdy ice cube then this is it!

Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Ice Cube Trays
8-Mode LiteCubes

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These rather impressive Ice-Cubes are the result of the waterproof LED’s available in the link being placed inside an Ice-cube! Given the very small battery that is needed, the fact that they are waterproof and can last up to 6 hours it allows the colourful LED bulbs to be placed in some truly amazing places, with the limits being the ones in your imagination. …”stick there where?!? NO!!!…Well…maybe, but let’s have a few more drinks first!”

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  6. I imagine it has something to do with being a Star Wars fan that makes it my favorite. After all Han Solo was “frozen” in carbonite, so the ice cube would be a natural evolution. AND, I thought the detail on the mold was amazing.

  7. I want the bullet ones for myself. I’ve got a friend’s birthday coming up, I might have to get her one of these. Just have to try and decide which one now!

  8. Fun and brilliant – each one brings a smile!. Love your posts, and being on the nerdy-creative side, I especially loved this one. Look forward to catching more of your “top” posts.

  9. Great blog! I found your blog after you being the first ever to “like” my embryolnic little day old blog so diolch yn fawr for the “like” and diolch for the laugh. Once I figure out how I’ll link to this page if I may. Brilliant!

  10. First, thanks for visiting my blog, it taught me something. With that, love this post, but quite frankly I am embarrassed. I would not of known these luxury items existed until reading this post. I got to get out and just explore for the wonderment of it more often.

  11. if only it were ever hot enough here (for long enough) to warrant firstly buying all of these and then finding them in the bottom of your cupboard and waiting for the water to freeze before it starts raining again 🙂

  12. Reblogged this on A Reluctant Health Blog and commented: There aren’t any calories in ice right? 😛

  13. Excellent choices! Han Solo, the Death Star and Batman! They are all going on my wishlist as bar accessories. No need to ever have a plain drink again.

  14. yes, i am guilty… i have a samsung galaxy sII.. i much prefer it to the apple iPhone… having said that as a photographer all my editing is done on an apple mac… lol

  15. HA HA…Ice Cream Sandwedge.I know it’s not the latest,but I think it’s the Greatest.But still,it does not beat IOS.But I would like all of them.

  16. 2013 is a great year to be a nerd! It makes you feel sorry for the poor sap nerds 1,000 years ago. They had nothing! They were probably sitting around going, “Sheesh, I hope Star Wars comes out soon.”

  17. Whoa….Someone has a whole lotta time on their hands. That being said Hans Solo-hands down. It would definitely take my Bushmills to a whole new level.

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