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Top 10 Funny and Unusual Firework Names

Top 10 Funny and Unusual Firework Names

Top 10 Funny and Unusual Firework Names

Here in the UK it is Fireworks night (Otherwise known as Bonfire Night/Guy Fawkes Night) and while looking into my pathetic little box of fireworks I realised that some of them have some rather fancy names! The Boom Stick, The Power Punch, The Fire Volcano they all have some very silly names indeed. But my ones are nothing compared to this lot…

Top 10 Funny and Unusual Firework Names

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Top 10 Funny and Unusual Firework Names

The Punisher Firework

10 – The only thing “punishing” about this firework is the dodgy 80′s box art!

FACT: A sparkler burns at such a high temperature that if you hold 3 sparklers burning together they will not only generate the same heat as a blowtorch, but you can also briefly use them as one as well! (Seriously don’t try this at home)

Top 10 Funny and Unusual Firework Names

The Palm Party Firework

9 – Well I know fireworks are fun, but this is going too far!

FACT: Fireworks were invented when a Chinese cook accidentally discovered how to make explosive black powder, the cook also noticed that if that black mixture was burned when enclosed in the hollow of a bamboo shoot, there was a tremendous explosion!

Top 10 Funny and Unusual Firework Names

The Nuclear Sunrise Firework

8 – I thought Fireworks were supposed to be fun! This is kind of scary if you ask me.

FACT: 90% of the entire World’s fireworks originate from China making it the largest manufacturer and exporter of fireworks in the world.

Top 10 Funny and Unusual Firework Names

The Psyco Ex-Girlfriend Firework

7 – Who have these firework makers been dating?!?

FACT: Queen Elizabeth the first was so fascinated with fireworks that she created an honorary job title “Fire Master of England” for the individual all who created fireworks to make the biggest and best version of them! Certainly one for the CV!

Top 10 Funny and Unusual Firework Names

The Great Pretender Firework

6 – The Freddie Mercury Firework Show!

FACT: The name “Fire Works” was in fact a missed translation, the actual name for fireworks in Japanese, ‘hanabi’, actually means “Fire-Flower” and not “Fire-Work”

Top 10 Funny and Unusual Firework Names

The Haunted Fish Firework

5 – Do you get ghost fish?!? And are fish tanks ever haunted?!?

FACT: Poor old Guy Fawkes wasn’t even the main conspirator in the Gunpowder Plot to blow up the houses of parliament, in fact it was thought that he wasn’t even a middle man and didn’t even know the plot in its entirety!

Top 10 Funny and Unusual Firework Names

The Flirting With Greatness Firework

4 – Quite a claim to fame indeed, based around some flashy, flaming balls!

FACT: In St. Peter’s School, York, UK they refuse to celebrate fireworks/bonfire night because Guy Fawkes went to school there! So they don’t our of respect for their former pupil.

Top 10 Funny and Unusual Firework Names

The Migraine Firework

3 – This is sure to live up to its name if its loud enough!

FACT: Fireworks should be used and treated with much respect, as even a basic over the counter “Rocket” can reach speeds of 150mph, however if it has an inner shell explosion (a secondary explosion) that can reach speeds up to 200mph!

Top 10 Funny and Unusual Firework Names

The Golden Shower Firework

2 – Best bring an umbrella for this one!

FACT: Because static electricity from clothing can set off firecrackers in the original factory that made them the managers made their workers work naked except for some paper undergarments!

Top 10 Funny and Unusual Firework Names

The Poopy Puppy Firework

1 –  If Fireworks get any stranger than this, I don’t want to know.

FACT: Political protesters can often be seen wearing Guy Fawkes masks to protect their identities, these masks are also used in the film “V for Vendetta”, which is also based on the story of Guy Fawkes!

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  1. Reblogged this on MyNameIsEpicCupcake and commented:
    Poopy Puppy? What is up with people these days? ;)

  2. Renee Duke says:

    Oh, you can GET them. You’re just not supposed to! Leastways, not in most cities in British Columbia. The only sanctioned displays are put on by groups with permits. Come Canada Day, Halloween (& Guy Fawkes) however, they can be seen and heard around various neighbourhoods, legal or not.

  3. You have more freedom than here in the Colonies. In Ohio it is illegal to possess or shoot off anything but child’s-play fireworks: sparklers, smoke bombs, “snakes,” etc. You have to get a special permit to use fireworks at a private function.

  4. Oh of course I did. I’m surprised I didn’t just purchase one! Hehe!

  5. *LOL* So admit it, did you laugh when you saw it?

  6. I love your posts. I’ve actually saw the “Golden Shower Fountain” one in stores where I’m from. Thank you for finding humor for my late night reading!

  7. Yeah the Haunted fish is a strange one, I bet they don’t even look like fish let alone haunted ones!

  8. Haunted Fish…I love it

  9. Thank you for taking the time to read it!

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