Top 10 Amazing Drilled Empty Egg Shells
Slovenian artist Franc Grom makes intricate designs by painstakingly using a pin drill to pierce patterns on to eggshells! These Easter themed art pieces made out of delicate eggshells are one of those things you have to see to be believed… Custom Search
Top 10 Themed Kit Kat Cakes
If ever there was a easy to make cake it has to be a kit-kat one. We have already seen a few unusual styles in my post “Top 10 Kit Kat Cakes” but this post is going to take things that little bit further.  The idea is simple, you take one normal kit-kat cake and theme the top of in a style of your choice, and here are ten ideas people have already come up with… Custom Search
The World’s Top 10 Best Easter Ladders
If you have never heard or indeed seen an Easter ladder before let me explain. It is thought that they are grounded in native american beliefs and it was what Indians use to climb to heaven after they die. This isn’t a real ladder of course, it is figurative. But that doesn’t stop people from making their very own real ones…. Custom Search
Top 10 Images of Animals With Easter Eggs
It is almost that time of year when people everywhere will be tucking into all those tasty Easter egg gifts. But what about animals? They should get something on Easter day! Well it turns out that animals all over the World get a nice Easter gift to not only find (via a reward and gain Easter egg hunt) but to open and eat (mostly healthy things like meat and fruit, no chocolate in sight for most of them) but they still love their eggs… Custom Search
Top 10 Amazing Examples of Easter Art
When it comes to Art at Easter time there is plenty to choose from. From fun stuff like my post “Top 10 Nerdy Painted Easter Eggs” to the art work on a Fabergé egg. But I have decided to go in the middle this year. This post features the top 10 very best Easter and egg related art installations from around the world, and some of them are nothing short of being unbelievable… Custom Search
Top 10 Best Egg Cup Gift Sets
This time last year I was also writing Easter themed post. I went for “Top 10 Novelty Egg Cups” but what I didn’t realise is that there is another side to the world of egg cup gift ideas, and that is egg cup gift sets that come with various toast (or bread) related cutters and stampers! This is not just any Easter gift idea, this is a complete breakfast package… Custom Search
Top 10 Vintage and very Awkward Easter Cards
Easter is a time that makes some people go a little crazy. Maybe it is all the sugar snacks, but it is more likely that some people simply get carried away when it comes to Easter. They make all sorts of Easter egg crafts and even sand out weird Easter cards… Custom Search
Top 10 Pictures of Angry Easter Cats
For me, this post has been a bit of a nightmare. I actually didn’t want to make this one, I wanted to do “Happy Easter Cats” but it seems that cats really don’t do Easter very well at all, in fact, it makes them quite grumpy! So, in the end, I had to give up and make this one. My only hope is if I bring you some Grumpy Easter cats it might make us cat fans smile at this Caturday at the very least. So without further ado I bring you… Custom Search
Top 10 Best Cadbury Creme Eggs Cupcakes
“I am so sorry!” I had to say that before anyone kicks off about being on a diet or how their keyboards have broken because of drool between the keys. It is Easter time after all and while it may well be a religious celebration it is also about the day when the kids (and the kids inside us adults) get to eat our own body weight in chocolate. So it is time for those on a diet or owns a “non-drool proof” keyboard to stop reading this post and close the browser, but for the rest of us let the madness commence… Custom Search
Top 10 Best (Ostereier Baum) Easter Trees
When I was just 12yrs old my family had decided to visit my Grandma for Easter (my family didn’t really get on with each other so this was in fact quite a rare thing to do) But getting back to the point of this… While visiting my Granny, her next door neighbour was using a ladder to hang brightly coloured eggs in this little bush/tree that he had in the garden! This odd tradition is mostly seen in Germany (he was indeed German) and it is done by decorating the branches of trees and bushes with eggs for Easter and it is centuries old, but sadly its origins have been lost. So why not join me as we take a …
Top 10 Obviously Fake Easter Bunnies
With Easter coming up my little boy and me, both get excited at the thought of waking up and finding out what the Easter Bunny has brought us. But the other day we were inside a supermarket when a large green Easter bunny stopped little boy and me and gave him an egg, (not me the old skinflint) all well and good you say, but upon exiting that supermarket and heading into the high street a pink Easter Bunny decided to give my little one another egg. (once again I didn’t get squat!) I thought nothing of it until we were in the car on the way home and my little boy asks “Which one was the real Easter Bunny Dad?” I …