Top 10 Things To Make With Cassette Tapes

Today I am feeling a little nostalgic and have been remembering the days when I used to have a load of cassette tapes to play in the car, now I have CD’s and my Nexus 7 to play my music on. But people who only know CD’s and I-Pods will never know what it was like to have to rewind a cassette with a pencil, use that same pencil to pull the tape back in after the player has tried to eat it, and the mental art of pressing record at the exact time that favourites song is played on the radio. But what am I supposed to do with all these old cassettes I have found? Well, it seems there are loads of ideas out there, but I only want the 10 very best of them…

Top 10 Things To Make With Cassette Tapes

iPod Touch Case Made From Cassette Tapes
iPod Touch Case Made From Cassette Tapes

10 – The Old & The New

As someone who does indeed remember using cassette tapes this 60 minute tape Nano Cases are a joy to look at, but then again I would have been more impressed if it was a stand-alone player, but still great recycling of tapes none the less.

Deck Chair Made From Cassette Tapes
Deck Chair Made From Cassette Tapes

9 – No Chair-leaders required!

Chairs do not get any more retro than this one. Made with upcycled neon covered cassettes tapes it is a joy to look at. Sadly you will need to make your own if you want one of them, but it just might be worth a go.

Lamp Made From Cassette Tapes
Lamp Made From Cassette Tapes

8 – Light up my World

If you fancy a little touch of the 80’s in your home then you could do far worst than this rather beautiful, eco-friendly lamp made from old cassette tapes. I think this looks great and might have to have a go at making one myself.

Purse Made From Cassette Tapes
Purse Made From Cassette Tapes

7 – Keeping my memories and money!

Nothing too complicated here, just a great recycling idea was done with a recycled cassette tape. I kind of like it because it would make a great talking point out of a normal everyday object.

Stationary Holder Made From Cassette Tapes
Stationary Holder Made From Cassette Tapes

6 – Keep calm and remain stationary!

Now here is one that even I can have a go at making! And while I am sure that no-one would need it, there is a great step-by-step making guide in the link.

CD Holder Made From Cassette Tapes
CD Holder Made From Cassette Tapes

5 – The old holding up the new

This CD rack that is made from old cassette tapes is in fact quite easy to make, you see tapes have several holes in them that were originally used to keep it in place in the cassette player so all you need is a few screw bars, bits and screw nuts on the ends!

Jewellery Box Made From Cassette Tapes
Jewellery Box Made From Cassette Tapes

4 – Keep those sweat bands safe!

What better way to keep your Jewellery safe than a cool, retro-looking jewellery box this is made using upcycled cassette tapes! Not a bad thing to make with tapes at all.

Note Book Made From Cassette Tapes
Note Book Made From Cassette Tapes

3 – “Dear Diary, today I upcycled some cassette tapes!”

What I like about this idea is that it uses the holes that secured the tape in the player with great effect. So if you are the type of person who still writes a shopping list down or like me needs to write your blog ideas down A.S.A.P because otherwise your forget them, this is the perfect gift for you.

Skull Made From Cassette Tapes
Skull Made From Cassette Tapes

2 – Scary Art

While this is well above my own skill level it isn’t for the artist Brian Dettmer. You see, he makes amazing skeletons out of old cassette tapes! For some reason, the tapes colours and shapes are seen to make some of his works very life-like indeed.

Breakfast bar Made From Cassette Tapes
Breakfast bar Made From Cassette Tapes

1 – Retro furniture at its finest.

Recycling old tapes just don’t get any grander than this cupboard made from just under 1000 old cassettes! Done by Dutch designer Patrick Schuur it is nothing short of incredible and really doesn’t look that hard to make ourselves.

146 thoughts on “Top 10 Things To Make With Cassette Tapes”

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  11. Dear Russell,
    Yes. I had been out of town for the last 3 weeks. I’m playing “catch up” with my emails and the Blogger’s that I follow. Don’t be surprised if you receive a comment on an older posting.

  12. The Fall Guy! Awesome! I used to live only two houses away from a home Lee Majors and Farah Fawcett-Majors shared decades ago. Unfortunately, when I lived nearby the neighbor was a cranky broad with a grudge against smiling, but it was still an interesting house and a fun factoid to share with out of town guests.

  13. I once recorded (audio only, obviously) an hour-long episode of “CHiPs”, with one of those old rectangular shaped black tape recorders. I paused during commercials, because, you know, a girl’s gotta take her craft seriously. (*eye roll.) I listened to the entire episode again that very night. Top 10 most pathetic childhood endeavors? :p

  14. This post definitely made me reminisce about the good old days. I’m looking forward to your future posts. Thank you for your follow, I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I know I will enjoy yours.

  15. Thanks for bringing back the old stuffs back to life. Is kinda sad that cassettes are just not used anymore and thumb drive are used in the car nowadays.

  16. Yes ,you would think after Pinterest everything would be used up. I saw another comment you made about your fb page . I went on there and liked it. Trying to make contacts in all manner of ways, just never enough time. UGH

  17. We have several actually, but we don’t use them much. I also have one in my classroom at school and the children like to listen to story tapes that belonged to my girls when they were little. Interestingly I was reading a book about music with one of my reading groups not long ago and we got to talking about how music could be recorded. They all knew about records and said their parents had some, but they had no idea what cassettes were until I got one out of the box. They just didn’t know the name.

  18. I find myself feeling sad for cassette tapes, even though they have no emotions. How will this current generation understand the level of achievement you felt, knowing at which point on one side of the tape, you could flip it over and your favorite song would start on the other side? I still hear songs finish on the radio and expect the next song that was on the tape to start. 🙁 These are great pictures.

  19. Laughing, in a wheelchair, must watch what I eat, no exercise. If I can’t eat, at least I can live sinfully through posts, grin. I don’t know what you know of me, if anything at all. To explain, you can read A day in the life: when you are trapped in your body. Have a fantastic day!!!

  20. I love responding to comments, as it is my reward for all the hard work I put into the blog. So thank you very much as it is comments like yours that make it all worth while.

  21. I wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I enjoy your site. I know you likely get very busy trying to post, experience life and answer messages, so I don’t need a response. I just felt it important to voice a thanks for your contributions. Have a great day. Belinda

  22. *LOL*I often think that when I see my own posts, I just wish I was a bit more creative and could make things like that lamp or the chair. But I can’t but I can at the very least knock up a top 10 blog post of them. Maybe we both need to learn how to make things like that.

  23. Well I thought it might not be that hard to make, because the artist himself says that he just used a glue polymer and stuck the tapes on! So might not be as hard as it looks, because we must remember that the breakfast bar was made for the tapes, not the other way around. (not that I could make a breakfast bar anyway) but I would be willing to give it a go.

  24. You are very welcome Russell! Always great to visit your lovely blog and interesting posts. I also appreciate all your hard work and the time you always take to answer the comments with a smile and appreciation. 😀 *hugs*

  25. Now I know what I can do with my old cassettes. The lamp and the pencil holder are my favorites. I guess I am practical by nature. I am almost afraid of what you will come up with next. You really keep us readers on our toes. Keep it up. 🙂

  26. OMG! Really? This is the best ever human creation from tapes! I thrown away all my tapes , how stupid I was:) haha, especially those chair – its not just DIY anymore. it’s art object! Fascinated!!!!

  27. People are so clever. I suppose I’m just too focused on the moment! I can’t imagine how many cassette tapes I have somewhere in a box (or two) probably in the garage. I like the chair but not sure how comfy it might be. I like the little table lamp, too. But please forgive me because I actually had to laugh when you said the cabinet might not be that hard to make!! I do like it. Cool for media storage. Although I believe all are above my patience level! 🙂

  28. I think the lamp is the best one, though you have to give a lot of credit to the one who made the skeleton. Not my cup of tea, but the best part about the posts of recycling is how clever and unique they are. Well, that can be said of all of your post, always make me think when I see them – I tend to think “I would not have thought of that”.

  29. Thank you so much decojenn, I just like to bring things to people to make them smile that is all. So it is always nice to read that people like yourself enjoy them.

  30. What out of that don’t I like… Nothing. They’re all great, and a great way to re use them when you’ve moved them to digital or just don’t like them anymore.

  31. Awesome post. I really wonder how people think of these things!

    Love your blog too ^_^ Lot of fun content! Will be a regular reader 😛

    Have a nice day ~(=^‥^)ノ

  32. That chair, while looking cool, also looks uncomfortable, and as previously mentioned, may not actually hold a person’s weight.

    The skull wins the overall competition in my mind. Nice article Russell.

  33. In my case it’s classical albums. A philharmonic orchestra just sounds different on vinyl than it does digital. I’ve quite a collection, so it’s a bit hard to pick a favourite. And Neil Diamond’s Hot August Night. The original recording.

  34. I actually have nothing against turning old LPs into art (or salad bowls), but I also enjoy listening to them, so if they’re unscratched and with music I like I cherish them (just bought two earlier today that look as if they’ve never even been taken from the box). But there are some that can only be improved by re-purposing them.

  35. The lamp is really cool… the breakfast bar would look great in a retro cafe! I love the CD rack, I think it’s a brilliant idea and so easy to make! Think I might give it a go… if I haven’t thrown out all my old cassette tapes 🙁

  36. Did I see a flower pot made from an LP in the pic with the pencil-holder? Those are also quite easy to make, but please make sure the LP doesn’t contain some decent music before you destroy it.

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