Top 10 Recipes and Designs of Kit Kat Cakes

Not so long ago, while at a party for my friend, his girlfriend had decided to make him a cake. Nothing unusual about that you say! We this is not meant to disrespect her in anyway but it was public knowledge that she was a terrible cook. It was always my friend that cooked all the meals and so for her to tell us she had “hand made the cake from scratch” We did not expect much. But what she had made that day was actually a commonly made cake with it’s images going viral whenever a new one was made! Enough of the talk, because it brings me the greatest pleasure to bring you…

Top 10 Recipes and Designs of Kit Kat Cakes


Little Piggies Swimming in Nutella in a Kit Kat cake
Little Piggies Swimming in Nutella in a Kit Kat cake

10 –

This little piggy Kit Kat cake is one of the newest one the scene! With pigs bathing in mud theme on the top and the outside of the cake surrounded by Kit-Kats it looks rather complicated to make, but a winner for sure. If you liked this style and want to see more designs do check out my post “Top 10 Pigs in mud Cakes“.

Kit Kat Cheesecake
Kit Kat Cheesecake

9 –

When is a cake not a cake? When it’s a cheesecake! And this looks like one very tasty cheesecake indeed. I would only take one slice from this, then the rest is mine!

Reindeer Kit Kat and M&M Cake
Reindeer Kit Kat and M&M Cake

8 –

Do you hate Christmas pudding? Well, why not try something slightly different with this very festive Kit-Kat cake! With green and red coloured M&Ms and a nice snowman ribbon it is sure to go down a lot better with the whole family than some sill traditional fruit and spicy pud!

Strawberry Kit Kat cake
Strawberry Kit Kat cake

7 –

While it can be done, making the KitKat bars stick to the side of the cake is not easy at all and is best done with a ribbon. Or maybe some quick freezing would do the trick.

Kit Kat and M&M Rainbow Cake
Kit Kat and M&M Rainbow Cake

6 –

Talk about taste the rainbow! What about tasting double the rainbow, with this rather sugar coma inducing 2 tier cake!  I do have to be fair and say that this is one very impressive Kit Kat cake indeed.

Circle Layered Kit Kat Cake
Circle Layered Kit Kat Cake

5 –

With the M&M’s perfectly arranged, this one stands out from the crowd and will make anyone with OCD very happy indeed. That is what I love most about these cakes, the sheer number of layouts and designs. Everyone seems to have their own way of making them.

Ice cream cake with Kit Kat candy bars
Ice cream cake with Kit Kat candy bars

4 – The Devils Kit Kat cake

Just when you thought a Kit Kat cake was sweet and sugary enough, along come this bad boy. Made with Nothing more than layers of Ice-Cream and layers of Kit Kat cakes it sounds just too good to be true.  Just pass me this and a spoon and stand well back!

KitKat and Maltesers cake
KitKat and Maltesers cake

3 –

It does have to be said that this one is rather beautiful! With pretty white ribbon bow to finish it off, this would be perfect for an anniversary party or happy event other than a wedding. The only problem with this style is as soon as you cut a slice of cake out, there is then an avalanche of Maltesers to deal with!

Chocolate cake with kit kat and rolos
Chocolate cake with kit kat and rolos

2 –

Chocolate cake, covered in Chocolate cream, surrounded by Chocolate Kit Kats and all finished off with Chocolate Rolos! I would have liked to have seen more rolos on this cake, but I suppose beggers can’t be choosers and besides, it looks classier that way.

KitKat Cupcakes
KitKat Cupcakes

1 –

Not so much a  full on a Birthday cake, more party snack cupcakes, but that doesn’t stop these Kit Kat cupcakes from being epic! I will tell you now, getting hold of the mini cupcakes is not easy. But the good news is, there is now a KitKat bar that is made up from the little KitKats! That or the party ones will be perfect.

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  2. I liked them all, the more I looked them more I wanted a kit kat, thanks for giving me a reason to eat some chocolate.haha..

  3. it would be nice if it had more and more m&m’s and that thick cream looked so nice i just want to grab that and eat it.

  4. Thanks for taking a looking at my blog! I adore this mouth-watering post (and your blog too!). So many artfully decorated cakes! If only I had the time or talent to make one of these babies…

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    So many mouth-watering and artfully decorated Kit Kat cakes! I wish i had the time or energy to make one of these babies (see the the piglests bathing in a swamp of Nutella surrounded by Kit Kats?). Mmm,

  6. Brilliant! I need to make a birthday cake for my daughter so I’ll make a gluten free version of the “Little Piggies Swimming in Nutella in a Kit Kat cake”. I’ll use Marks and Spencer Percy Pigs though and it will be shop bought gluten free kit-kats. Good find!

  7. I hate you! I love Kit Kats and I’d sooooo have one of these cakes, or at least just a little simple Kit Kat, right now! But I haven’t got any at home and I’m KIt-Kat-starving! ggggrrrrrr!!!!!!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog. The cakes are amazing. I love cake decorating. My son’s birthday is coming up and I might actually try a Kit Kat cake. It’s his favorite candy.

  9. You are hilarious! I have an image of you searching out these fantastic photos to share with us. Thanks. I had to make one of these cakes too. The best part is the excess Kit-Kats that you can keep for your own personal use.

  10. the cake with pigs on the mud, nutella rather, looks soo cute. I just find these pictures from tumblr, and whenever i see one im craving for chocolates. have a good life 🙂

  11. stunning. i love top 10s, and the more over the top the better. i look forward to reading more of your 10s. thanks for reading my stuff too ) beth

  12. Hey, Thank you very much, for linking my post.
    Baking is a passion, but I’ve only recently started decorating cakes. Long way to go.

  13. I have been decorating cakes since the 70’s (I took beginner and advanced cake decorating classes). I have made everything from small birthday cakes to large, several tier wedding cakes. I thought these cakes were cool–especially the one with the adorable pigs!

  14. I love all your top cake lists. I pinned everything on Pinterest. haha. keep ’em coming please

  15. WOW!!! This is the best thing I’ve seen all day! Granted,I’ve only just peeled myself out of bed, but nevertheless.
    The Nutella cake is MINE, hands off!

  16. What closet have I been hiding in that I have never seen the likes of these before?!? I am a new fan! and a great cook! and you had better believe I am going to make one of these. This is fantastic!! Being an artist, I keep staring at the first cake and imagining how lucky you are to have just enough space in each color line to fit just one more M&M perfectly.
    LOL….Love this blog!-Loretta

  17. Thanks for following my blog. Great top 10 lists. Kit Kat is one of my favorites. This makes them too tempting! Hope my blog can be as inspiring as yours.

  18. I think your number 10 should be number one but that’s just my opinion. Who could have ever guessed there would be more than ten versions of kit kat cake glad I’m in the know now 🙂

  19. Hi Russell, thanks for coming by my blog & for the like & follow, much appreciated 🙂 I’m just loving the Kit Kat cakes!!

  20. Bloody hell, as a died in the wool chocoholic, I salute you! That said, just looking at your photographs has increased my cholesterol level. Cheers!

  21. It can’t be a coincidence that I stumbled on this post a few days before my birthday, it just can’t 🙂 Every single one looks worth a try…

  22. HI Russell, thanks for following the humble beginnings of my blog! I LOVE THIS POST OF YOURS, I think it just gave me a chocolate orgasm. Looking forward to checking out more of your top tens (and revisiting this page whenever I need a “fix”…)

  23. Hey thanks for stopping by and subscribing to my blog! I made another kit kat cake that you may like! Search kit kat on my blog and you’ll find it!

  24. hey thanks for fallowing me at Mountainmama and I have to say that I love the kitkat cakes and the wild easter eggs… I hope to get some of you tips and use them soon thanks Jolynn

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  26. I LOVE this post. Can’t wait to make the cake with the little piggies swimming in a sea of Nutella for my dad’s Father’s Day present!

  27. Hey, great post! And thanks for liking my post.

    But I am not sure I understood everything right here. Are you saying these pictures are all from the cakes your friend’s girl friend was making? I am asking because I have seen the picture with the pigs in Nutella under a Dutch title long ago. This cannot possibly be a picture from your friend. Or have I found the original source of the picture now?

  28. Gad, I really want one of these. Preferably number 4. They remind me of when I made a cake castle in school and got only a C+ or B- (I forget which). I was seething.

  29. The kitkat cakes are beautiful. I got a few cavities looking at them. Glad you re-found my blog sharkcutjewelrybox Thanks! I’m a beginner at this, and I thought I was changing the name of my blog, but like a numbskull, I deleted the whole thing by accident! Slow and sure I’ll figure it all out.

  30. I got cavities just looking at these beautiful sugary cakes. Glad you re-found my blog at sharkcutjewelrybox!! Thanks! I’m a beginner at this, and I tried to change the title of my blog and like a numbskull I deleted the whole thing by accident!

  31. I’m with Ruth on this one…trying to eat healthy was never so depressing = ( Perhaps you could do a post on calorie free cakes?!? In my dreams….

  32. Well, I think seeing this post may have just spelled the end of my ‘clean eating’ idea. I hold you fully responsible! Great photos though – yum!

  33. It does seem there is a lot, this 1 post brings in about 10 people to my site each and everyday! Might not sounds like a lot but that is 70 new people every week!

  34. I would never have thought of using KitKats in this way. I’m going to have a go at one of my own. Thanks. And thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂

  35. Reblogged this on blueribbonfair and commented:
    Now I do know you all like when I post my own stuff, but right now I am without a camera. And who can resist suck cakes? Here is 2 hoping you do not have a sugar allergy. If you do and like me it is the higher calorie load that makes you abstain. Still an eye feast.

  36. Wow! Those are amazing! I’ve never seen a KitKat Cake before, and now I’m sitting here wondering if I’ve been living in the dark ages or something — ha, ha! I feel the urge to research these and figure out how to make one myself.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, for the “likes” on my recent posts, and for deciding to follow my blog, too! I am happy you enjoyed your visit enough to follow the blog, and I appreciate your visit to my site.

    Your blog is super fun! I am looking forward to following it and reading more neat posts!

  37. Yu-um! Maybe if I send my granddaughter this link, she’ll make one and I can help eat it. 🙂
    Thanks for the follow! i’m enjoying getting acquainted with your blog.

  38. Hey Russell, Thanks for visiting my brothers “His Moments” blog and reading my post. Very sweet post you have here, son. Judi

  39. I do actually have a pic. Several have asked me about posting the kitkat cake…. I think I will. Do you mind if I link it back to your post? That way my readers can see other awesome ways to make the cake.

  40. So cool! Do you have any pictures of it? I only ask because although they all seem the same each and everyone of them has a little bit of the makers uniqueness about it.

  41. This is awesome! Thanks for stopping by my site so I could find yours. Actually the kitkat cake has been a favorite of our family since my sis in law made one for my youngest b-day. It was filled with mini m&m’s…totally death by chocolate.. but we loved it. Thanks for all the other awesome ideas! 🙂

  42. Now you have seen this Kitkat post you life will never be the same you will be forever judging cakes solely on this post! *LOL* But it’s good to hear you liked them.

  43. Mmmmm it has now made me very hungry for chocolate! I like the little piggy one but the fresh strawberry one I think is my favorite! I will be sharing on facebook too so my gf’s can also become very hungry. I am so mean lol Thanks for the follow too

  44. Well that is good to hear, maybe we can detect each other and that is why I found your blog! *LOL* Anyway it was all my pleasure and I will take a good look at the post.

  45. Now Bought I mean, But the strawberries, Bought, perhaps I will be buying some after seeing this, its subliminal, I see… NIce post.

  46. I liked the pigs in the mud, myself, Bought the Strawberries,mmmmmm, Now I would like some chocolate, thanks alot….lol…..Very nice, very creative.

  47. Yummy! KitKat cheesecake for me. Oh wish I could! This was fun and delicious. Enjoyed. I will be passing these yummies along. Thanks for sharing!

  48. Fab cakes! Thanks for visiting my blog – theghostwhoshops – I have added your blog to my google reader.


  49. I never even heard of a Kit Kat cake and now I want one. BTW thanks for following me at and even more so for giving me a reason to check out your blog. The work that must go into this blog—very impressive.

  50. Who knew KitKats could be a cake decorating asset? Great post and thanks for liking the Bits-N-2-Better post on the HAH blog too. You rock!

  51. omg yum! I’m a chocoholic from way back. The one with the stawberries looked great and would have been a taste sensation, I bet. I too, am a terrible cook but my husband isn’t 🙂 So I might have to beg 🙂

  52. It has taken me a while to return and thank you for following my blog for which I apologize. This post is amazing, the little pig cake is by far my favourite!

  53. Hi Russell – great photos! I don’t think I’d turn down any of these. Thanks for checking out my blog as well. 🙂

  54. Russell, SoundEagle will have to consciously supress its overactive saliver gland and vigilently watch its bulging waistline if you continue to post like that . . . . Have mercy!!

  55. Greetings from newbie on the block! This articles catch my eyes minute I visit, I might making one of this with my own style, I’ll be come back to see more of Ur Blog for sure 🙂

  56. Oh, dear! I’ve been avoiding this post so much, but I gave in at last. My next bday cake will definitely be a Kitkat cake. Thanks to u 😉 Luv it!!

  57. Sorry Russell, still not sure where the palm oil is coming from, I for one do NOT eat KitKat. The rainforest is our habitat’s lung and if it ends up one huge monoculture of palms, we will become extinct and that will be the end of the scent of a rose, the hairs on the back of a dogs neck, roots of a fungi, and even rainbows, because there will be no one left to call them rainbows. Just saying Russell, just saying. 🙂

  58. Yum Yum Pigs Bum! (adorable Aussie Slang saying) which means “that looks good enough to eat!!
    makes me ashamed and secretly proud of our crass Aussie ways….don’t know of it’s origin, but I’m off to google now!

  59. Wowsa. I love KitKats almost as much as chocolate maltballs. What’s wrong with me that I never thought to make a cake with both! Too too divine, thanks for lunch.

  60. For me the cheese cake one wins hands down. If I could eat it, but I can’t. 🙁 But it looks so good, it is worth all the drool on my computer. 🙂

  61. Woah! Those cakes are awesome, I especially like the strawberry kit Kat cake,
    I may just try and bake one of these myself, and I’m completely prepared for it to go horribly wrong XD

  62. I’m very happy with this post! Love them all, but given my slightly OCD tendencies and need for order (except for when the kitchen drawers are concerned), my vote goes to number 5 🙂

  63. Vegetable based, my foot! 🙂 I love the Kit Kat cake idea! I actually have the Kit Kat Round Cake recipe, and upon seeing today’s post, I have decided that when I return to employment, I am making that baby for myself!!! And adding some wine to go with it! Kit Kat cake far outwieghs the Junk Food Cake.

  64. Omg they look so YUM!! I am having a controlled diet at present, so thank you for the pictures. They served as food for my eyes. 😀

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