Top 10 Images of Animals In Pajamas

Top 10 Images of Animals In Pajamas

Top 10 Images of Animals In Pajamas

People often ask me how I come up with these seemingly random top 10’s. Well most of them come about because of a single image or blog post, some get done because someone else suggested it, and others come about because of a previous post I had done. That is where this one comes into it because after seeing how much people enjoyed my post “Top 10 Best Images of Cats In Pajamas“I decided to see if other animals wear Pajamas and it seems they do and here are the very best ones I could find….

Top 10 Images of Animals In Pajamas

BONUS CONTENT: Top 10 Facts About Sleep


Top 10 Images of Animals In Pajamas

Kangaroo in Pajamas

10 – “All that jumping around made me sleepy!”

FACT: People who stay up late and sleep late, even if they get adequate sleep, exhibit a marked increase in psychopathology, i.e. mental disorders. Early birds, or morning types, also tend to have healthier lifestyles.

Top 10 Images of Animals In Pajamas

Baby sloth in Pajamas

9 – “Of course I am in my pajamas because I am a sloth, we are always sleepy!”

FACT: Satoshi Kanazawa examined ethnographies of hunter-gatherer groups, and found that nocturnal activities were relatively rare in these societies. Since smart people are more likely to behave evolutionary novel ways, he theorized that higher IQ individuals were more likely to be night owls.

Top 10 Images of Animals In Pajamas

Dog in Pajamas

8 – “You need to have a baby or something because this is getting ridiculous!”

FACT: A cross-cultural study of 2.4 million users of social media showed that people post the most positive messages on twitter around two hours after waking. Since a positive mood is important for “physical and emotional well-being, working memory, creativity, decision-making, and immune response” it’s probably best to schedule difficult tasks around this time.

Top 10 Images of Animals In Pajamas

Sheep in Pajamas

7 – “I can’t sleep, should I start counting myself jumping?!?”

FACT: A 1988 study of 200 paid volunteers showed that political radicalism and anxiety were both positively correlated with staying up late.

Top 10 Images of Animals In Pajamas

Horse in Pajamas

6 – “My throat is a little horse, can I say at home in my PJ’s?”

FACT: Humans “develop diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and severe depression on anything less than 9.5 hours of sleep a night for at least seven months out of the year.” Yes, you read that right.  Nine and a half!!!

Top 10 Images of Animals In Pajamas

Monkey in Pajamas

5 – “Who brought me?…Justin Bieber?!? Never heard of her.”

FACT: When it’s time to sleep, your body produces a hormone called melatonin.  While all forms of artificial light damage melatonin production, the blue light of your computer screen or plasma television has a particularly large negative impact.  Staying off the web in the hours before bed is a smart move.

Top 10 Images of Animals In Pajamas

Cow in Pajamas

4 – “I little bedtime snack and a glass of milk, then off to bed!”

FACT: When you sleep, blood flows from the abdomen into your extremities, bringing down your overall body temperature. The water evaporating from your skin after a shower mimics this effect, leading to drowsiness. You can also mimic the heat flow to your extremities by placing a hot water bottle at your feet.

Top 10 Images of Animals In Pajamas

llama in pajamas

3 – llamas in pyjamas, are chasing teddy bears!

FACT:Cooler ambient air temperature makes falling asleep easier

Top 10 Images of Animals In Pajamas

Pig in Pajamas

2 – “where is my mummy? I hope she isn’t late because it is a roast dinner tomorrow!”

FACT: If you’ve tried any of the diet fads you know how bad the carbohydrate cravings are. Sleep will help you through to the first few weeks and onto success.

Top 10 Images of Animals In Pajamas

Goat in Pajamas

1 –  “You treat me like a kid! STOP LAUGHING, I meant a human one!”

FACT: Sleep debt causes your cortisol levels to rise. Cortisol levels are a primary determinant in male facial symmetry and oxidative stress, both of which are profoundly correlated with perceived attractiveness.

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