Top 10 Amazing Animals In Spiderman Costumes

For this post, we will be talking about comic book style, super heroes. Because I myself love Bat-Man the dark crusader delivering justice to those too weak to defend themselves. But for whatever reason, it seems animals favourite superhero is Spider-Man! Maybe they love his web slinging, his acts of good deeds, or maybe they just love dressing up as him…


Top 10 Amazing Animals In Spiderman Costumes

BONUS CONTENT: Top 10 Facts About Spiderman


Cow Looks like Spider-Man
Cow Looks like Spider-Man

10 – “With tasty milky webs!”

FACT: Spider-man first appeared in the last issue of a cancelled magazine called Amazing Fantasy.

Sheep Looks like Spider-Man
Sheep Looks like Spider-Man

9 – The Wooly Web Slinger

FACT: Spidey breaks a lot of rules about superheroes. He isn’t rich, doesn’t have a lair, and at first he tried to use his powers to earn money!

Camel Looks like Spider-Man
Camel Looks like Spider-Man

8 – “Sadly there are no tall buildings to swing from in the desert, so I loved to Dubai”

FACT: Unlike most other superhero background stories spider-man was motivated by guilt rather than altruism or revenge and is often hunted by the same people he helped!

Horse Looks like Spider-Man
Horse Looks like Spider-Man

7 – “Why the long face Spiderman?

FACT: Created in 1962 by Steve Ditko and Stan Lee, Peter Parker was a teenager that wasn’t funny or handsome, in fact, his studies in science rather than sports made him a superhero nerd.

Frog Looks like Spider-Man
Frog Looks like Spider-Man

6 – The Tongue Slinger!

FACT: The comic story said that it took only a few hours for the spider’s radically altered venom bite to coursed through his bloodstream, altering his biology. This is unlike the film that said it took days!

Squirrel Looks like Spider-Man
Squirrel Looks like Spider-Man

5 – The Nut Slinger!

FACT: Spider-man is incredibly strong and in the comics, it was said he could bench press several tonnes with his bare hands, no webs involved.

Pig Looks like Spider-Man
Pig Looks like Spider-Man

4 – Spider Pig, Spider Pig, Does whatever a spider pig does!

FACT: Spider-mans reflexes actually let him dodge bullets with enough distance between the gun and himself and he is agile enough to even balance on a single finger.

Cat Looks like Spider-Man
Cat Looks like Spider-Man

3 – “They will pick me next because it makes sense: Andrew Garfield/ I look like Garfield!”

FACT: In the comics Spider-man was said to have gained incredible speed, but strangely it was not a trait of the spider that bit him.

Dog Looks like Spider-Man
Dog Looks like Spider-Man

2 – “I have heard of the Spider bloke, but I wouldn’t say I was a big fan.”

FACT: It is said that Spider-Man always made a point to patrol the streets every day, hunting down thieves, gangsters, killers, rapists and anyone else that tried to escape the law.

Red Headed Agama Looks like Spider-Man
Red Headed Agama Looks like Spider-Man

1 –  “Who is the Spider-Man? I do like spiders….for lunch anyway.”

FACT: Andrew Garfield was, in fact, a lifelong fan of Spider-Man and even has an old snapshot of himself at age 3 dressed as Spider-Man for Halloween!


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