Ten of The Craziest and Weirdest Traditions in The World

All of us have our own culture and beliefs. It is our way of doing something in the honor of our forefathers. We all know that every human race has different ways of living. This includes practices, social norms, and traditions. Some of these may influence others because of their uniqueness but there are some cultures that one might call “weird” or “crazy” so I have listed here the 10 weirdest traditions from all over the world. If you want to know about it, then take a closer look, who knows, your tradition is included here.

Polterabend, Germany

Polterabend, Germany

The 10th place for the weirdest tradition goes to Germany. This tradition involves of breaking dishes and other breakable materials except for mirrors and glasses. It is made before the German wedding. The relatives of the bride and the groom are gathered together during the pre-wedding day. The purpose of this habitual tradition is to symbolize the working relationship of two partners while facing different challenges and difficulties all throughout their marriage life. The groom and the bride will clean up the mess brought by their relatives.

Monkey Buffet Festival, Thailand

This habitual tradition in Thailand took the 9th spot. This is the festival in honour of the monkeys. The monkeys that have a special role in this occasion are given more than 3,000 kilograms of fresh veggies and fruits for them to savour every single of it. The purpose of this festival is to honour the entire population of monkeys at the province of Lopburi in Bangkok, Thailand. This event happens every year.

Gurning, England

Another weird tradition that took place in the 8th position is the Gurning in England. As a sort of information, Gurning is a form of distorted expression of the face. It is a rural celebration that symbolized the humorous facial grimaces that started on 1267. There are competitors who have even donned the collar of a horse and tried to produce a more exotic face as much as possible to win the World Gurning Championship held in Egremont, England. It may sound stupid and weird for everybody but for Mr. Peter Jackman who won four consecutive title of being champion who took the event earnestly. In 2000, he actually underwent a surgical procedure that removes his teeth to make it easier for him to manoeuvre his facial expression.

Camel Wrestling, Turkey

This tradition of camel wrestling is somehow similar with bullfighting in Argentina. However, the only difference is the recipient of the battle. It is very famous in the country where most of the watchers of different ages are enjoying the battle between two camels. As the camel wrestles each other, the milky saliva from their mouth is being sprayed to some watchers. Most especially if the camel is extremely agitated.

Blackening the Bride, Scotland

The 6th spot goes to the bride of Scotland who must undergo a certain tradition before her wedding. The Scottish soon-to-be bride must need to have this not-so-ordinary wedding ritual. The relatives and friends of the bride will surprise her by putting an egg, starch, powders and other yucky things on her body. The disgusted bride will go around the town. The purpose of this tradition is to help the bride overcome any difficulties that might occur in her future marital life.

Day of the Geese, Spain

The 5th spot moves to Spain’s tradition. It is known as the day of the geese where strong men should fight with all their might against other competitors to take hold of the greased geese suspended in the water. The men should ride a boat and jump for their lives in search of the geese. The man who will win the competition eventually will make them eligible for women. An additional consolation for the winner is to bring home the geese. However, this tradition is being held only once in the san Antolin festival at Lekeitio. Instead of using a live goose, they replace it with dead ones. This is because of the rallies from the animal right activist who finds it very violating.

Caganers, Spain

For the second time, Spain holds the weirdest tradition ever recorded. However, to others they don’t find this as weird. It is done during Christmas time. Adults are hiding this small figurine of person who defecates in its nativity scenes for their family and friends who will search for it. The tradition has been part of their practiced during the 1700s.

Foot Binding, China

The 3rd place goes to China. This tradition is considered as horrific and terrifying. Chinese girls must need to pass through this tradition. They need to suffer from debilitating pain and process of binding the foot. The purpose of this tradition is to maintain a petite and desirable feet for girls who belong to ages three to fourteen. Their feet should be broken and covered tightly with bandages. This is to make sure that their feet will not grow too big. However, in 1949 the communist party of china has forbidden this activity and it was enacted during that year.

Finger Cutting, Indonesia

The runner for the top spot is this frightening culture in Indonesia where women in the tribe of Dani need to suffer intense physical pain after they have suffered from emotional pain caused by the death of any family members. They need to cut one of their fingers in respect to their believed ancestral ghost. This practice has been rarely followed because of the debilitating pain and the possible occurrence of complications.

Bathroom Ban, Borneo

Taking the top spot is a tradition in Borneo. This ill-sounding culture is about their traditional marriage ritual. After the wedding, the bride and the groom are not allowed to use the bathroom. It means that they can’t urinate, defecate of take a good and warm bath (smell silly). Anyway, the relatives and friends of the groom and bride are watching them behave. They are allowed to eat a minimal amount of food to minimize the urgency. This tradition is being practised by the group of people in Borneo known as Tidong.

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