Top 10 Ways to Help People in Need Who Live in Other Countries

Top 10 Ways to Help People in Need Who Live in Other Countries
Top 10 Ways to Help People in Need Who Live in Other Countries

One look at the international news headlines is enough to make many people immediately wonder what they can do to ease the suffering of individuals who live abroad and are dealing with harrowing circumstances. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to pitch in and some of them don’t even involve leaving home.



1. Organize a Fundraiser


Planning a fundraiser is a great way to raise awareness about a cause that matters to you. Some people may not otherwise be aware of what’s going on, but feel eager to do what they can after you explain the situation to them. If your town has a community centre, arts venue, or popular restaurant, all those places could be the site of a productive and profitable fundraiser that supports an international need.

2. Spread the Word on Social Media


Your social media platform is another great place to give details about something that matters to you. A link to an authoritative news article could help you clarify anything that might confuse people. Even better, make sure to provide a way for individuals to donate money online.

3. Choose a Reputable Charity That’s Working for the Cause


There are many humanitarian organizations that regularly send people directly to the places that have suffered major damage or other tragedies. You may not have the means to travel to those destinations (and it may not be safe to go there), but designated organizations can use your donations for items or services that make positive differences for the people affected.

4. Give a Presentation at a Religious Facility


If you are a member of a recognized religion and meet regularly for worship services, ask the leader if it’d be possible to give a presentation about how local people can help individuals in need who live abroad. Many people who diligently follow religions feel they are commanded by a higher power to do what they can for those who are less fortunate. That means you may find that giving a presentation at a church or similar house of worship, allows you to tap into a network of people who are already in the mood to give generously.

5. Collect Necessary Items for Shipment


People who are dealing with hardships in other countries often find they need items that are easy for most of us to get. They range from underwear to bandages. After finding out which items are most in demand, you could purchase some of the requested things, pack them safely in a box, and send them to an organization that will get them to the people who can benefit from your thoughtfulness.


It’s even easier to make a big impact if you get others in your community interested in collecting items, too. You might even decide to make your house a collection point and ask neighbours to donate.


6. Offer a Listening Ear


Internet-based communication tools like Messenger and Skype bridge the gap between you and people who have gone through terrible things from far away. If you feel confident enough, consider offering emotional support after a natural disaster or another life-altering event. Even if you’re afraid of not knowing what to say, people often just appreciate that someone cares and is willing to listen.

7. Start a Charity Abroad


This idea takes quite a bit more work than the others covered so far, but it could make a huge and long-lasting impact if done right. You could even focus on people from a certain country if you feel called to do so. Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva is someone who has become dedicated to improving the lives of orphans in Uzbekistan and began a charity that uses funds to make repairs on existing orphanages or open new facilities for children who do not have parents or relatives to raise them.

8. Use a Charitable Browser Extension


Did you know you could donate to charities just by using the internet? Tab For a Cause is one such website. It gives money to charitable organizations whenever you open a new browser tab. There is no need do anything other than that to make the app contribute to good causes on your behalf.

9. Consider Volunteering in Another Country


Whether you have a month to give or just a week, there are opportunities for you to go to other countries and help less fortunate people. The good thing about this possibility is it usually links you up with a company that handles all the major parts of your experience, ranging from accommodation to the things you’ll be doing while away from home.

10. Start a Podcast About the Cause


Podcasts inform people about topics ranging from how to take better care of themselves to top events happening in the world. The latter subject is where you could make an impact. Consider creating a podcast that tells people about a cause that matters to you and why it’s so important. Your words and the reach offered by the internet could raise much-needed awareness.


This list will get you off to a good start as you explore ways to help people in need from other countries. Good luck!

Author: Gus Barge

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